MassRoots is actively exploring expansion in California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Washington, Florida and Arizona. New Frontier Financial estimates there are approximately 2,700 regulated dispensaries in the United States.

Some of our 100+ clients include:

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MassRoots Connects Cannabis Enthusiasts with Dispensaries

Our business model is based on monthly listing fees for dispensaries, as well as fees for our WeedPass Rewards program. We believe our platform could help drive revenue to 2,700+ regulated dispensaries in the United States.

The MassRoots Mobile Application

With over one million registered users, the MassRoots mobile application enables consumers to rate and review thousands of cannabis products, find regulated dispensaries in their local area, and earn rewards on their purchases through WeedPass.

MassRoots for Business

With over one hundred dispensary accounts, MassRoots' Business Portal enables dispensaries to manage their location profile, view analytics on their customers and local market, communicate with consumers, and in the coming weeks, manage their WeedPass reward specials.

WeedPass Rewards Program

Fully integrated with MassRoots' mobile applications and business portal, the WeedPass rewards program enables consumers to earn rewards for their purchases at dispensaries, including tickets to concerts, festivals, movies, and sporting events.

MassRoots' business model is positioned to capitalize from the trend of states creating and expanding regulated cannabis markets. When a state passes a medical or recreational cannabis law, MassRoots can register users and businesses in that state with minimal marginal cost. Because the Company is not involved in the production or sale of cannabis, it does not have to build grow operations, open retail stores, or have a physical presence in the state to generate revenue. As the MassRoots financial model is not tied to the success of a particular location or brand, the Company believes it can have a significant percentage of all dispensaries and brands on its platform, making it a play on the entire cannabis industry.

Company Timeline

MassRoots Launches
In the apple app store
july 16


massroots pitches
at denver arcview
metting with 6,500

februaryMassRoots Relocates
to colorado

april 17

"money is flowing
to a new social network
for weed smokers"

april 25

"rocky mountain high"

november 4apple bans
massroots from the
app store


april 2Massroots crosses
100,000 users

april 23Massroots files
an s-1 with the securities
and exchange commission to
become a publicly traded company

july 18

"next gold rush:
legal marijuana feeds entrepreneurs' dreams"

january 5over 10,000 users
send personal emails
to apple on massroots
behald in 72 hours

febuary 13

"apple's ban on
this marijuana social
networking app
goes up in smoke"

april 17

primetime segment
on national tv;
closes $575,000
private placement

july 9isaac dietrich pitches
kevin o'leary on cnbc's
elevator pitch;
massroots crosses
420,000 users

september 1

"Massroots applies
to be first cannabis
company on nasdaq"


february 12apple reverses
cannabis app
policy, massroots
returns to the app store

april 9Massroots stock
start tranding under
the ticker "MSRT"

june 14 twitter verifies
massroots, one of the first
cannabis related brands
to be verified

august 31

massroots announces
it has applied
to the nasdaq

january 9massroots presents
on stage at ces as
part of the top 10 in
the extreme tech

febuary 10Massroots ceo
isaac dietrich meets sir
richard brandson on
neckar island

june 30massroots generates
$475,000 in q2 2016

december 14entered definitive agreement to
acquire whaxy (a menu management
& online ordering platform
for licensed cannabis business)
for cash and stock; reverse triangle
merger effectuated january 25,2017.
see current report filed
on 8-k january 25,2017.


january 11

"the marijuana revolution"

may 23nasdaq rejects
Massroots' application
to uplist

november 8seven states
with 22.9% of the u.s.
population vote in favor
of adult-use and medicinal
cannabis laws.

february 20

made strategic
investment in high
times holding corporation

april 10

partnered with new
frontierdata to develop
first cannabis consumer
sentiment report

july 13

acquired odava,
a leading compliance
and point-of-sale system

july 20

made strategic
investment in


march 20reaches 1 million
registered users

may 5

partnered with grownetics
to correlate cultivation
data and consumer data

december 29

forms massroots

feb 21appointed glass house
farms founder graham farrar
to board of directions

june 20

massroots launches
revamped business


march 27

massroots launches
revamped mobile apps

august 1

massroots relocates
headquarters to los

september 25



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