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No where does it say joints have to be boring! Creative rolling is as simple as just trying something new while rolling. The braided joint is yet another simple creative joint that is just great for social gatherings or just smoking with a couple friends. This joint can easily be rolled up in almost no time, with only a small amount of weed and is always amazing to watch burn!

Step 1: Supplies & Preparation 

IMG_5921 File_004


  • Cannabis
  • 3 King-Sized Papers
  • Filters (optional but highly recommended)
  • Grinder or another device to break down your cannabis
  • Glue strips (which are cut from other king-sized papers)


The amount of marijuana you need will vary drastically depending on how skinny and loosely you roll your joints, as well as the length of your paper. Keep in mind, the shorter the paper, as well as fatter the joint, the harder it is to braid.

Start by breaking down your weed, I prefer to use a grinder for a more even consistency, this helps the joint to burn more evenly.


Roll your filters, so that they are ready. Mind you, this is optional, though the filters make everything far easier.

IMG_5933 IMG_5938

Step 2: Roll skinny straight joint

Roll a very skinny, very loose joint, the thinner and looser the joint the easier it will be to bend and braid.

IMG_5944 IMG_5945

Using your fingers, shape the cannabis inside of the paper to be the size and shape of the joint you are wanting to roll, then by rolling your fingers over the cannabis it will be easier to shape accordingly.

IMG_5950 IMG_5951

Repeat, roll two more joints that are as close to the same size as possible. My joints’ sizes are slightly off from each other and thus made it slightly more difficult to braid.

IMG_5952 IMG_5953

Step 3: Loosen joints

Roll the joints between your fingers causing them to loosen up, don’t be afraid to bend them a little to prepare them to be braided.


Step 4: Attach the filters together

Using your glue strips, stick all three joints together at the filter in a triangle. Keep wrapping them until they are securely together, then let dry.

IMG_6370 IMG_6371 IMG_6372 IMG_6373

Step 5: Braid it up

Just as you would braid hair, bring one of the outside joints behind the middle joint, then repeating with the opposite side. Do this, side after side, until you run out of joint.

IMG_6374 IMG_6375 IMG_6376 IMG_6377 IMG_6378 IMG_6380

Step 6: Twist ends (optional)

By removing a little cannabis from the tips so that there is only paper, you can twist the tips together so that they will stay braided. Or you can spark it up with the tips unattached, it’s up to you!

IMG_6381 IMG_6382 IMG_6383 IMG_6384 IMG_6385 IMG_6386

And now we’re done! If you want, you can dress up your braided joint in oil, or kief to make it extra special.

IMG_8574 IMG_8587
Spark up and enjoy your braided joint!
Remember, practice makes perfect, if at first your joint doesn’t come out looking the way you hoped, simply try again! As long as you have some patience and you practice, you can roll anything your heart desires!
Keep and eye out for more joint tutorials to come, and be sure to check out the other rolling tutorials we currently have available:

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