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Originally Published June 2nd, 2016.

How to Roll a Dutch Masters Blunt: Dutch Masters are less prevalent on the West Coast as they are in the rest of the country, but provide an excellent blunt that burns smoothly. Blunts are less likely than joints to burn unevenly if the cannabis inside is broken down by hand. So, in cases where a grinder is not present, blunts are a perfect option, and dutch masters are a very popular alternative to blunt wraps or Swishers. Dutch’s can be more delicate than some of the other cigars or blunt wraps, so it is important to make sure the dutch is not too old and fragile. A dutch master is a cigar that has been wrapped in an natural tobacco leaf. A regular blunt wrap is pressed tobacco leaf which is completely smooth, whereas a natural tobacco leaf has veins in it, much like any other leaf.

Step 1: Preparation

How to Roll a Dutch Masters Blunt - Step 1

You will need:

Step 2: Lick the Dutch

How to Roll a Dutch Masters Blunt - Step 2

Wet the dutch, lick it all over moistening it. The glue that binds the natural leaf to the inside one is stronger than some other cigars. Let your dutch sit while you breakdown your weed.

Step 3: Grind Your Weed

How to Roll a Dutch Masters Blunt - Step 3

Breakdown your weed, using a grinder, scissors or your fingers breakdown your weed, making sure to remove any little stems, for they can cause the dutch to rip.

Step 4: Remove Natural Leaf

How to Roll a Dutch Masters Blunt - Step 4

Making sure the wrap is still moist, licking it again if necessary and being as gentle as can be, using either your fingernails or razor blade, begin to peel the outer wrap from the inner cigar. If you rip it you can cut off a small section of the cigar to create a flat edge that is easier to peel. The outer wrap will become easier to remove as you go, but make sure you do not go too quickly as it will rip.

Step 5: Cut Open

How to Roll a Dutch Masters Blunt - Step 5

Using your razor blade (or similar) cut along the seam of the inside cigar, try to make this cut as straight as possible to make rolling easier.

Discard the tobacco

Step 6: Roll It

How to Roll a Dutch Masters Blunt - Step 6

Fill the inside wrap with the weed we broke down earlier.

Press your pointer fingers flat against the weed to create the shape you wish to roll

Using your forefingers and thumbs roll the weed back and forth in order to tighten and shape the blunt

Using the thicker edge of the wrap as the edge that is tucked makes it easier to roll

Seal the blunt starting from one tip and moving towards the other.

Step 7: Reattach Natural Leaf

How to Roll a Dutch Masters Blunt - Step 7

Moisten the natural leaf by licking it

Using a table or other flat surface is recommended for any new dutch rollers

Lay the natural leaf flat on a table

Starting at one tip and working towards the other, begin to diagonally wrap the natural leaf around the blunt, in the same way that it was originally wrapped around, by slowly rolling the blunt over the natural leaf and using the table to help ensure it lines up completely.

Once the natural leaf has been reattached to the blunt, let it dry a moment

Step 8: Light up and Enjoy!

How to Roll a Dutch Masters Blunt - Step 8

Dutch Masters can be a little tricky to roll at first, but are certainly a lovely blunt to enjoy. Keep practicing and soon you’ll be a blunt master ;P

Happy rolling!

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