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I rolled my first heart joint in honor of Valentine’s Day two years ago. It is the perfect gift to create for that special someone in your life!

The heart joint I am showing you how to roll varies from most, in the sense that is has a cone in the center to which the joints that create the arches of the heart are attached. It can be made without the center cone, but this is the design I originally chose and I enjoy it to this day.

Step 1: Supplies & Preparation


  • 1/4 Ounce of Cannabis
  • Grinder (or some device to break down the cannabis)
  • 5-6 King Sized Papers
  • 3 Filters
  • 10+ Glue Strips (cut from other rolling papers)

The main cone will need one king sized paper. The two arching joints will each need two or two and a half king sized papers. Either tear or cut lots of glue strips from your rolling papers, you will need many. Grind up your weed as evenly as possible- a grinder is the best tool for this process.

Step 2: Roll a Cone


Once we are fully prepared, we can begin by rolling our center cone. If you do not know how to roll a cone please see our cone tutorial. This cone will be rolled tightly, try to eyeball how much ground cannabis is in your center cone and keep that in mind.

Step 3: Prepare to roll the arch joints

Once our center cone is rolled, we can begin on the long arch joints.

The arch joints need to be rolled as straight and evenly as possible, they need to be thin and fairly loose and the length of two king sized papers, try to make sure there is an even amount of cannabis in each of the arch joints. Also, try to make sure that the amount of cannabis that is in the long arch joints is about equal to the amount that is in your center joint.
I have a hard time rolling longer joints, so I require some additional steps. However, if you can easily roll long joints, feel free to skip ahead to Step 8!

Step 4: Roll two thin, straight king sized joints with a filter



Begin by rolling a thin straight joint with one of the king sized papers with a filter.


Then, roll another one exactly like it.

Step 5: roll two thin, straight joints without a filter


Roll two king-sized joints without a filter.

Checkpoint 1


  • 1 cone
  • 2 skinny thin joints with filters
  • 2 skinny thin joints without filters

At this checkpoint, you are done rolling. Congratulations! Now let’s put it all together.

Step 6: Insert joint without filter into tip of joint with filter


Now that our skinny thin joints are rolled we are going to attach them together. We begin by taking one of the skinny joints with filters and inserting one of the skinny joints without filters into its tip.

Step 7: Secure the joints


Using glue strips that we have previously cut we secure these two skinny joints together to create one long joint.

Repeat steps 6&7

Checkpoint 2


Let everything dry before moving to Step 8.

Step 8: Roll arch joints between fingers


Once both of your long arch joints have been rolled, we can begin creating the arches to the heart.

  • Using your thumb and pointer finger, lightly roll the arch joint starting from the middle and working up towards the tip.

Step 9: Lightly pinch and bend the arch joint


Once the top half the of the arch joint is soft you can begin to lightly pinch and bend the tip down towards the filter of the joint.



Repeat this on the other arch joint.

Checkpoint 3


Step 10: Secure tips of arch joints together


Once your arch joints and beginning to look like arches, we can start to attach all the joints together.

  • We can begin at either ends, I am going to start at the tips of the arches.


Wrapping the tips in glue strips, I secure them together and let them dry. Make sure everything is dry before continuing!

Step 11: Secure filters together


One my tips are secured to each other, I begin attaching the filters together.

  • Arrange the filters so that cone in the middle and front and the arches are on either side.


Wrap them with glue strips until they are firmly stuck together. Let dry before continuing.

Step 12: Cover all the holes


Using glue strips I then cover any and all holes that would cause extra airflow.

Step 13: Seriously, cover all the holes


Pull the glue strips between the joints, until all the holes are covered and no air leaks through. Once again, let dry before continuing!

Step 14: Attach the arch tips to the tip of the cone to finish the Heart Joint


Once the holes have all been covered and everything is dry we are almost done!

  • Pull the tips of the two arch joints down to the tip of the main cone.


Make sure everything is solidly attached & let it dry.


We’re finished!

Step 15: (Optional) Decorate the Heart Joint


Now that the heart joint is rolled we can decorate it if we do so choose, using oil we can make little hearts to attach or write our loved ones name, possibilities are endless! The original Heart Joint had swirls down the arches and hearts in the middle. The process to do this is one form of  ‘twaxing‘ and can be done by gently warming up oil between your fingers and moving your fingers in a rolling motion.

Step 16: Light it and enjoy!


To light, we simply set fire to the middle using a torch. Remember, practice makes perfect! Have fun rolling!

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