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Top 10 WeedTubers: WeedTubers are YouTubers who smoke weed and/or talk about smoking weed in all of their videos – and there’s a lot of them! We decided to find the best ones for you narrow it down. It wouldn’t be fair for us to tell you who is best based off our own opinion, so we made this list based upon how many subscribers each channel has. As far as we could find, these are the ten most subscribed-to WeedTubers. There are plenty more out there so if you don’t fall in love with any of these channels, keep looking!

Note: This ranking is based off subscriber totals from June 3, 2016.

Number 10 – Crutch 420

Top 10 WeedTubers 10 Crutch420

125,000 Subscribers. He’s one of the newer WeedTubers on this list but has a ton of potential! Always smoking, always keeping it entertaining. He’s got a pretty dope set-up too. There’s a definite StrainCentral influence here but it seems like the two are pretty good friends so it’s an homage, if anything. Check him out here.

Number 9 – HighRiseTV

Top 10 WeedTubers 9 2 Girls 1 Bong

130,000 Subscribers. You might know them as 2 Girls 1 Bong. Two beautiful girls smoking weed in revealing outfits. If that doesn’t peak your interest, I don’t know what will. Check them out here.

Number 8 – R3DBAND

156,000 Subscribers. Apparently, this guy manages a grow op so he knows his stuff. He’s pretty funny too. Check him out here.

Number 7 – Master Bong

Top 10 WeedTubers 7 Master Bong

168,000 Subscribers. Totally screwed up not putting him in our YouTube video! Sorry, Master Bong. He truly is the man. In fact, I first learned how to roll a blunt from one of his videos. Check him out here.

Number 6 – tokinGLX

Top 10 WeedTubers 6 tokinGLX

175,000 Subscribers. tokinGLX takes better macro videos of dabs and bowl rips than anyone else on this list, no doubt. Check him out here.

Number 5 – SilencedHippie

Top 10 WeedTubers 5 SilencedHippie

222,000 Subscribers. If you’re looking for a super laid back and chill WeedTuber, this is your girl. SilencedHippie always keeps it fresh and positive and extra stoney. Check her out here.

Number 4 – StrainCentral

Top 10 WeedTubers 4 StrainCentral

277,000 Subscribers. If you really want to learn more about weed, Josh is your guy. He’s a master of strains (hence his channel name) and is always dropping knowledge. But he’s definitely not just teaching, his channel is just as entertaing and smoke-filled as it is educational. Check him out here.

Number 3 – xCodeh

Top 10 WeedTubers 3 xCodeh

280,000 Subscribers. Another laid back, chill WeedTuber, xCodeh is always taking big hits. Check him out here.

Number 2 – HaleyIsSoarx

Top 10 WeedTubers 2 HaleyIsSoarx

580,000 Subscribers. With 300,000 more subs than the person behind her, HaleyIsSoarx is one of the OGs in the WeedTube game. Check out our video for a clip of her first half gram dab! Check her out here.

Number 1 – CustomGrow420

Top 10 WeedTubers 1 CustomGrow420

943,000 Subscribers. “YEAH-YUH WHATTUP YOUTUBE YOUTUUUUUUUUUUBE WHATTUP?! JOLIE OLIE COMIN AT YA FOR CUSTOMGROW420 THE 18+ CHANNEL DESIGNED FOR CANNABIS PATIENTS AND ADULTS. alright man, INNISONE…” if you don’t know that by heart, you’re missing out. Jolie is the King of WeedTube. In fact, he’s probably about to cross 1 million subs as you’re reading this. Check him out here.

But wait!!!

MassRoots YouTube

Our REAL number 1 is of course the MassRoots YouTube! Check us out here and subscribe!

Did you enjoy our list? Did we miss anyone? Let us know in the comments.

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