25 Stoner Gifts Under $25

25 Stoner Gifts Under $25

Updated September 12th, 2017.

Stoner Gifts: Do you have that one friend who is impossible to shop for? Does that friend also happen to enjoy the benefits of cannabis? If so, we have the perfect list of potential gifts for you! Below you will find 25 great stoner gifts costing $25 or less. All of these tools are sure to make the smoking experience all the more enjoyable, convenient, and exciting! Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments and we’ll be sure to include it in our next edition of stoner gifts!

1. Triple Barrel Joint Holder


What do you think The Toyes meant when they wrote the song “Smoke Two Joints”? RAW took it to a new level with the triple barrel joint holder! You can now smoke 3 joints at the same time, what a time to be alive!

(Photo by @UncleBuck on MassRoots)

2. Airtight & Smell-Proof Grinder


The Medtainer is an air-tight, water-tight, and smell proof medical grade container (for herb) with a built-in grinder. This perfect stoner gift grinds up bud so finely that you actually get more out of your weed!

3. THC Molecule Tetrahydrocannabinol T-Shirt

THC Molecule Shirt

This THC Molecule T-Shirt is the perfect gift for any stoner who wants to express their love for cannabis in a sneaky, mad science kind of way!

4. Hemplights Hempack Giftbox

Hemplights Gift Box

Hempwick is an organic lighter alternative. Many people prefer it to a lighter because of the more natural taste of the hit!

 5. Glass Joint & Blunt Filters

stoner gifts glass tips

Cypress Hill created these glass tips called “Phuncky Feel Tips” to provide avid smokers with a new, refined method to roll papers and experience joints and blunts in a clean way! These glass tips are fair priced and are a great stoner gift for avid paper smokers!

 6. Rasta Glass Pipe

Glass Pipe

Small glass pipes are fantastic pieces for on the go or discrete smoking anywhere. There are tons of different varieties and designs ensuring that no one mistakes theirs for yours. Their portability makes them the perfect stoner gift for those who enjoy smoking in nature! Check out similar Rasta pipes here.

7. Protective Case for a Small Smoking DeviceSmell Proof Glass Pipe Case

Every glass pipe should have a case to protect it from any damage! These smell proof durable cases from will ensure a long life for your favorite smoking devices.

8. Joint Rolling TrayRaw Rolling Tray

Rolling Trays are awesome for rolling up your herb anywhere you don’t have a flat surface. Our favorite rolling tray is made by RAW and is pictured above. This item a necessity for smokers who enjoy smoking papers of any kind.

9. Phone Case with Rolling Tray and Joint Papers Pocket

iChief iPhone Case

The iChief phone case is a unique way to protect your phone while also holding your rolling papers and providing a nifty and portable rolling tray. The perfect stoner gift for the smoker who chiefs on the go or always loses their rolling papers!

10. Debowler


Want to ash your bowl but lost your poker? Good thing you got the Debowler. It’s an ashtray with a glass or plastic spike in the middle. It’s the perfect addition to any smoker’s smoke table! The photograph above displays bud inside the Debowler, but typically it is filled with ash!

11. Pot Leaf Cookie Cutters

Pot Leaf Cookie Cutter

These Pot Leaf cookie cutters are perfect for making cookies for a sesh or for a fellow smoker’s birthday. You could even throw a little cannabutter in the cookie mix for special occasions!

12. Hemplight Lighter Attachment


A convenient way to keep your Hempwick on you at all times.

13. Silicon Lighter & Dabber Holder

Higher State Silicon Lighter Holder

The Higher State Creations Slappack Lighter Holder has been described as, “the perfect friend for your bong.” This funky little device wraps perfectly around any bong or oil rig and is the perfect way to make sure you’ve always got your lighter and dabber on deck!

14. Glass Jar for Nugs

High Society Nug Jar

Are you in need of a new nug jar?! These awesome High Society nug jars are perfect for bringing a small amount of cannabis on the go, and are a great addition to any collection of smoking accessories.

15. The Flameless Lighter

Flameless Lighter

This USB rechargeable electric lighter is great for indoor & outdoor smoking. Wind resistant and flame free, this lighter does not use gas or fluid.

16. Rosin & Dabbing Tool

Dab ToolsIt can be tricky getting rosin off of parchment paper, this tool is perfect for achieving that goal!

17. Pocket SlabPocket Slab

An airtight, and odor-proof medical grade silicone container to store multiple flavors of concentrates.

18. Silicon Concentrate Containers

Silicon Concentrate Containers

Silicon containers are the best way to store your concentrates. These containers by Dope Turtle have a removable silicon liner and come with a stash bag.

19. Rig Rags

Rick and Morty Dab Rig Rags

These Rick and Morty inspired rags can be used for wiping your dabber, and also help keep your dabbing area clean.

20. Wake And Bake Mug

Wake and Bake Mug

Start your day off right with a nice cup of your fancy with a Wake and Bake Mug!

21. Spray 420

420 Odor Eliminator Spray

Spray 420 is a dry aerosol formulated to rise with the smoke and eliminate the odor at the source.

22. Odor Eliminating Soy Candle

Smoke Eliminator Candle

This handcrafted soy candle will eliminate smoke from your smoke sesh via a variety of essential oils. Once you have burned through, the jar doubles as a fresh space to stash your nugs!

23. Pot Leaf Ice Cube Tray

Pot Leaf Ice Cube Tray

This dishwasher safe ice cube tray is a fun way to stay stoney for your next party!

24. Weed Socks

Weed Socks

Because every cannabis enthusiast needs a pair of weed socks to stay stylish while showing their love for the plant.

 25. Formula 420

Formula 420

Formula 420 is a concentrated cleaner for Pyrex, Glass, Metal, and Ceramic that uses all natural ingredients and is biodegradable.

The 6 Most Important Days for American Marijuana Reform in 2016

The 6 Most Important Days for American Marijuana Reform in 2016

February 1st

Iowa Caucuses and initiative ballot deadline in Maine

(Source: THonline)

The Iowa Caucuses are the unofficial start of the 2016 presidential race, and the importance of this presidential race to the future of marijuana reform simply can’t be understated. As long as marijuana is still classified as a Schedule I illegal substance under federal law, the president has huge discretion over the issue. While President Obama has taken a mostly hands-off approach in the last few years, the next occupant of the White House might adopt a completely different policy. According to the Marijuana Policy Project, candidates in both major parties run the gamut. A few candidates, like Bernie Sanders (D) and Rand Paul (R), are actively pushing for significant, positive changes to federal marijuana policy. Several have been fairly neutral or mostly quiet on the issue, like Hillary Clinton (D), Ted Cruz (R) and Donald Trump (R). But a few candidates like Chris Christie (R) and Marco Rubio (R) have made it clear they will use federal law enforcement to go after businesses and individuals in places where marijuana is legal under state law.

February 1st is also the last day to submit signatures for ballot measures in Maine. The Campaign to Regulate Marijuana like Alcohol in Maine claims they are currently well on their way to making their goal.

February 24th

Alaska begins accepting applications for adult use marijuana businesses

Charlo Greene in Alaska Cannabis Club in Anchorage, AK (Source: Alaska Dispatch News)

In 2014 voters in Alaska adopted marijuana legalization, and this year the state will finally start setting up a regulated market for all adults to legally buy it. On February 24th the state will start accepting applications from potential businesses, and within 90 days (May 24th) the state will issue its first licenses. This means stores should be ready to start selling marijuana to adults 21 and over by the fall. This will make Alaska the fourth state where adults can legally buy marijuana, but what makes Alaska unique is it is the first state where individuals will be allowed to consume marijuana on site at the retail locations they purchased it from. Alaska could become the model for how marijuana cafes are regulated and run.

May 12th

Vermont legislature is roughly set to adjourn

Governor Peter Shumlin (Source)

Vermont is by far the state most likely to legalize marijuana via the state legislature this year. Recently in his final State of the State address, Governor Peter Shumlin (D) called on the state legislature to pass a bill legalizing marijuana, and marijuana legalization has conditional support from House Speaker Shap Smith (D). But with so many other issues for the legislature to deal with and details to be worked out, it is possible any legalization effort may become a victim of limited time.

July 5th

Deadline for Adult Use of Marijuana Act in California

Over a dozen marijuana initiatives have been filed in California, but the Adult Use of Marijuana Act stands the best chance of making the ballot and winning. It has the support of MPP, DPA, Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, and the financial backing of billionaire Sean Parker. Even with all the support, though, gathering enough signatures in a relatively short window of time is never easy in a state as large as California. Since California is by far the most populous state in the country, the legalization of marijuana there in 2016 would have a significant national impact.

July 7th

Deadline for ballot initiatives in Arizona

The Campaign to Regulate Marijuana like Alcohol in Arizona has until July 7th to gather 150,642 valid signatures to make it onto the ballot this November. The campaign has been active for a while and claims to be making good progress.

November 8th

General Election Day

(AP Photo/Lynne Sladky)

This could easily turn out to be the single most important day for marijuana reform ever in our nation’s history. For starters, is it the day voters across the country select the next president, who as the head of the executive branch will hold the fate of the marijuana industry in their hands. It is also the day millions of citizens in several states will get a chance to directly vote on marijuana policy at both the state and local levels. Roughly half a dozen states will likely have full legalization initiatives on the ballot, and on the local level in Oregon, voters in numerous towns and counties will get to decide whether or not to ban local marijuana businesses.

Big victories for most of the state legalization initiatives combined with the election of a relatively supportive new president could easily create the political momentum for national reform in the very near future. On the other hand, big losses combined with the election of a president opposed to marijuana legalization could set things back by a decade.

Get All Your Smoking Supplies at Your Door Monthly With BurnBox

Get All Your Smoking Supplies at Your Door Monthly With BurnBox


There’s no better feeling than getting a package in the mail, especially a box full of useful smoking products and accessories. That’s why we at MassRoots love BurnBox. BurnBox is a monthly subscription box that consistently sends the best, most useful, products for your everyday smoker.


This month’s October Super BurnBox included:

  • Sesh Supply Spoon Bubbler
  • King Size Slims by Futurola
  • Smog Out by Formula420
  • Pop Top Container
  • Boveda Humidipacks
  • Pre-Rolled Cones Six-Pack by RAW
  • Black Widow Pre-Rolls with Flavored Wooden Tip
  • BurnBox Matches

They are a small team of 20-somethings committed to making the lives of smokers better and donate a portion of their profits to support the work of NORML. Their customer support is amazing, their Care Manager, Miranda is the best and is always happy to help. If you ever have any problems with your box (very unlikely), their boxes are BurnBox Guaranteed and any problems you have will be fixed.

BurnBox offers 3 different subscriptions, the Keep it Rollin ($20) for loyal rollers, the Stay Classy ($25) for pipe lovers, and their best box the Super ($30) for the cannaseur. If you aren’t a BurnBox subscriber you are missing the train to a better smoking life!

Get onboard here and follow @burnbox on MassRoots to stay up on all things BurnBox!

BONUS! If you are feeling lucky, we are running a giveaway for 3 October Super BurnBoxes through Oct. 16th so enter here now!

Will “The Cannabis Manifesto” be the First Cannabis Book to hit the NYT Best Seller List?

Will “The Cannabis Manifesto” be the First Cannabis Book to hit the NYT Best Seller List?


The Cannabis Manifesto” is an in-depth look at Steve DeAngelo’s personal journey through cannabis tied in seamlessly with topics like healthcare, prohibition, and social justice. His unique insight helps give the reader a full view of the cannabis movement. It is presented in a way that is enticing for everyone, not just cannabis patients and advocates.

For the first time in history, a cannabis book has a chance to make the New York Times Best Seller list. The list is a collection of best-selling books throughout the world and is an accelerator of a book’s success. As of right now, no cannabis book has ever made it to this list.  We have a chance to change that and make history now with Steve DeAngelo’s “The Cannabis Manifesto.”

If “The Cannabis Manifesto” makes it to the list, it will be a huge step for the cannabis industry. For the cannabis industry, one of the most important actions we can take is to bring cannabis education to the public eye in a positive and professional light. The NYT Best Seller list is very highly regarded and would be the perfect avenue to spread cannabis education to the general public.

Author Steve DeAngelo is one of the earliest pioneers for cannabis legalization. As a teenager, he began his advocacy for legalization. With every year that passed, he mixed in more of his entrepreneurial ambitions with his passion for cannabis. Now, he is the founder of Harborside Health Center, the world’s largest medical-cannabis dispensary, and President of The Arcview Group, a robust network of cannabis investors and startups.

The book will serve to answer questions you may have about cannabis. DeAngelo’s perspective that all cannabis is medicine gives the book immense power. He writes, “Decades from now, historians will describe the current renaissance of cannabis medicine as the most important medical development since germ theory.”  

If the NYT Best Seller list features “The Cannabis Manifesto,” it will be a huge victory for cannabis and is indicative of a paradigm shift on the plant as a whole. The book is now available, and we encourage you strongly to pick up a copy here. By purchasing the book, you will learn more than you thought imaginable about cannabis, advocacy, and entrepreneurship.

Be a part of history!

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