Hash is Making a Comeback and it’s All Thanks to Rosin

Hash is Making a Comeback and it’s All Thanks to Rosin

Anyone who has been smoking cannabis for long enough knows that before shatter, wax, and other modern concentrates took over the scene, it was hash that commanded a preeminent status. By sprinkling a little hash on your bowl, you could dramatically elevate potency and enjoy incredibly rich cannabis flavors.

The first hash makers date back over 1,000 years with hash itself possessing a deep, global history. Although terminology has changed over time, the original name for hash comes from the Arabic word ( حشيش ), which means grass. Hashish making is an art form that has been passed from artisan to apprentice for centuries, originating from Asia and the Middle East.

Many smokers from the 60’s and 70’s will fondly remember authentic Turkish hash, Thai sticks, and all other manner of old school hash products that are either non existent or comprise only a tiny portion of the market today. With BHO dominating the cannabis market, the art of hash making had taken a backseat until recently. That is changing quickly however, thanks to two new major developments: rosin presses and freeze dryers.

Rosin Press

Traditionally hash had been made either by hand with pressure and heat, or more recently, with the advent of specialized hash washing machines. It’s speculated that many ancient hash making techniques have been lost to the sands of time, however the vast majority of hash artisans today employ methods that are completely different than the ways of old.

Modern hash making machines closely resemble clothes washers, except they work by using a slurry of ice and water to separate the trichome heads from the cannabis flowers or trim, which are then filtered through various micron-width mesh bags. This type of hash is specifically known as bubble hash.

After the soaked trichomes are collected, they are graded, separated, and dried. An air drying process, similar to how cannabis itself is dried, has been the primary method used to remove moisture from hash. Properly drying bubble hash has typically been the most difficult and time consuming part of the process, requiring precise temperature and humidity control.

When the hash is finally dry, it ends up in a variety of different qualities based on the individual micron bag it was collected from. The most prized and sought after of these grades is known as “full melt” which means that those trichomes literally melt on a dab rig the exact same way shatter or wax would. Full melt is highly desirable because it is the original cannabis concentrate. When old school tokers wanted something special they reached for the hash. Pressing that hash into rosin is just the next step that people are now taking. 

Two key advances in hash making have come to the fore recently and have breathed new life into the practice.

First, utilizing modern freeze dryers, the hash drying process is as simple as pressing a few buttons and waiting 24 to 36 hours, whereas with air drying it can take 5 to 7 days or longer in a highly controlled environment, requiring immense skill and care.

Secondly, with the invention of rosin presses, all of the non-full melt grades of hash can now be easily made into full melt extracts of a variety of textures (including shatter, budder, wax, and so on). Whereas commercial rosin presses are a recent development, freeze dryers have been around for much longer.

Historically freeze dryers have been a key piece of equipment in many pharmaceutical laboratories and also have been frequently used for dehydrating food items for longterm storage. With the ease of use a freeze dryer offers, the hardest part of making great, terpene-rich hash (drying it) is now considerably less labor intensive. A few clever hash makers figured out that they are the perfect machines to dry hash with, and now with the addition of both machines used in conjunction, a revolution is taking place.

While the demand for rosin has grown dramatically over the past year, hash rosin’s reputation in particular as the ultra premium concentrate is also making major headway among true connoisseurs.

Due its truly solvent-less profile, hash rosin is frequently regarded as the purest full melt concentrate right alongside full melt hash itself. With BHO and solvent-based extraction, you can blast low quality material into golden shatter, however with rosin, there’s no way to remove impurities — so what you see is what you get.

Terpene content is also consistently excellent with hash rosin, which many cannabis aficionados consider to be the cardinal quality concentrates. With proper equipment and techniques, the terpene content of hash rosin can naturally reach and exceed 10% weight by volume.

This is evidenced by modern testing results, such as a sample of some “Banana Split” hash rosin, made by Denver’s own The Proper Extracts. This banana split hash rosin won highest terpene content at Chalice’s 2017 competition and was dried using a scientific freeze dryer.

We got a chance to catch up with Manny, the owner of Fox Cannabis and The Proper Extracts, to get his opinions on how freeze drying makes a difference. He said,

Freeze dryers are a game changer, you can decrease dry time and processing from days to hours, while preserving the peak trichome and terpene profile of the hash.”

It’s important to note that your standard food dehydrator won’t cut it for drying hash. Freeze dryers work by a process called “Lyophilization” which, through various cycles of extremely cold temperatures and subsequent warming in a vacuum environment, remove moisture from the hash, thus drying it to be ready for consumption.

More technically, this process is known as sublimation, where water in the form of ice goes directly to a gas, skipping the liquid stage. A variety of freeze dryers are available to the public that anyone can use, even at home. Most serious hash makers demand the elevated control that only a scientific-grade freeze dryer can offer through its customizable freezing and warming cycles. 

Freeze dryers, when combined with a high quality rosin press, can help a hash maker produce some of the best rosin available, especially given that hash rosin is derived without the use of any harsh solvents.

The best of the best rosin is known as “live rosin”, which means that fresh frozen plant material is first washed into hash and then pressed into rosin to produce a product on par with live resin, sans butane. It’s typically known as “full spectrum” because when hash is derived from freshly frozen cannabis it offers a full complement of cannabinoids and terpenes.

As a result, many solvent-based extractions can’t claim “full spectrum” because so many terpenes and cannabinoids can be lost in the process. Virtually anyone can now start washing hash, quickly dry it in a freeze dryer, and then profitably sell both the full melt grade while pressing the remaining grades into rosin. Top quality, fresh frozen rosin can retail as much as $100 per gram given its often unmatched terpene profile.

Given that making hash and hash rosin are both solvent-free, a number of business have started up due to the low startup costs of making hash and pressing rosin together.  Without the burden of a tightly-controlled laboratory that BHO or other closed-loop solvent-based extraction systems demand, it’s now more straightforward than ever to make incredible solvent-less hash and hash rosin.

As with all things cannabis, it truly starts in the garden. A movement in the industry paralleling the farm-to-table food ethos has already begun; with each passing day demand is growing for boutique genetics and rare terpene profiles. More and more consumers are demanding not only potent cannabis products, but ultra high quality, contaminant free ones too, right alongside truly solvent-less concentrates.

This is where rosin fits in long term, and especially hash rosin for its unmatched quality. Against a flooded market of low quality BHO and questionable vape pens, rosin’s popularity is expected to increase sharply given its small batch, labor-of-love style of production. If you ask any true cannabis lover what they’re always on the lookout for, chances are they’ll rank hash rosin right next to or above live resin.

Rosin Press

Despite consumption of hash having been in a mild decline for a number of years, these evolutions in consumer tastes are once again bringing hash making to the forefront of cannabis.

Famous hash makers such as Bubbleman, Nikka T, KennnWall, Matt Rize, among many others first staked their claim as celebrities in the cannabis world by producing incredible solvent-less hash, long before shatter was in everyone’s dab rig.

There are now even growers who consider themselves “resin farmers” — meaning that they aren’t just growing for the flowers themselves, but for the trichomes and resins, which are the true fruits of the cannabis plant. It’s always been a labor of love for these elite hash makers, making their products in small batches for true connoisseurs.

Now virtually all hash makers are also pressing rosin and many of the best commercial hash labs have learned that freeze dryers provide superior terpene preservation along with dramatically reduced drying times.

It’s now more straightforward than ever for individuals to get involved in the concentrate-production business by acquiring a rosin press, hash making equipment, and a freeze dryer, thereby skipping the $50,000+ closed-loop methods entirely.

Of course starting a business is certainly a tall task, so if your local dispensary isn’t stocking hash rosin or full melt hash, it’s high time you asked them to!

May Flowers: Marijuana Growing Must Haves

May Flowers: Marijuana Growing Must Haves

May is finally here, which means it’s time to setup your cannabis growing site!

If you haven’t started gathering supplies and equipment, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. This month we’re featuring a line of “green thumb” essentials that can help you produce top-shelf quality buds.

With the latest equipment and technologies at your disposal, growing cannabis does not have to be a guessing game. Robust LED systems can ensure energy-efficient, long-term lighting performance, making the luminaries suitable for indoor cultivation facilities with limited growing space. If you’re looking for something portable and versatile, grow tents could be what you’re looking for. These units are designed to give you full control of the compact environment, from heat and humidity to light and temperature!

It doesn’t matter if you’re growing indoors or outdoors, nutrients are crucial for maximum plant growth. These days, there are numerous options available on the market today. Avoid costly, time-consuming trials with properly formulated and tested solutions from reputable nutrient providers. Secure your investment, minimize risks and help your plants thrive with organic growth boosters, humidity regulators and ready-to-use plant protectants.

Take your growing game to the next level, check out the featured products below!


PathogenZERO™: Mother Nature’s Answer to the Use of Harsh Chemicals.


Mold and yeast found growing on your product or premises can present significant quality, consumer, and business concerns. To protect your grow room from harm and chemicals, CaliCropDoc, one of California’s premier Marijuana educators, formulated PathogenZERO™, an organic plant protectant and growth enhancer that has no added harmful synthetic solutions, drugs, or alcohol.

As one of the three leading brands frontiering on Cannabis Geographic, growers can rest assured. Pathogen Zero has passed multiple field studies and is an effective solution for pathogen prevention, control and eradication, fighting off hundreds of mildew, fungi, bacteria, viruses, and airborne pollutants.


More Than Just Eye Candy, Hydro Hotties!


Models help products fly off the shelves at tradeshows and online, but imagine having beautiful girls who are also passionate cannabis enthusiasts and educators. Say no more! Hydro Hotties are more than just eye candy.

These ladies provide advertising, promotion, and consulting services for the Marijuana Industry in both entertaining and educational environments. Trained by a very popular Cannabis connoisseur, you’ll find Hydro Hotties representing premium CBD products like RxCannaCare and educating the community on best practices.


Mykos mycorrhizae will maximize your root mass!


Mykos is a plant specific species of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi that generates stronger roots for better uptake of nutrients and water. Mykos is a beneficial soil microbe that forms fungal networks that can transport essential elements over large distances and deliver them directly into the roots. The host plant feeds the Mykos carbohydrates in exchange for the nutrients and water, forming a true symbiotic relationship. Mykos colonizes roots quickly and lives for the entirety of your plants’ life benefiting them in many ways. This high performing microbe is easily applied to the roots at the time of planting and can be worked into established plants. Visit our website for more information about Mykos and our other beneficial soil microbes!


KIND LED Grow Lights: The Leading Innovator of LED Grow Light Technology


Utilizing the latest innovation in lighting technology, KIND LED intelligently designed a world class product that completely redefined everything people should expect from a grow light. The KIND XL1000 is the only LED Grow Light that is UL Certified, offering both UV and IR spectra, a fully customizable 12-band perfect spectrum with remote control, a true 5’x5’ footprint, and Secondary Optical Lens Technology that magnifies PAR and increases canopy penetration by 200%. The 8 internal digital timers enable growers to program sunrise and sunset, mimicking the daily sun cycles, and creating perfect lighting schedules which, matched with the ideal spectrum, have been proven to increase oil production.

Kind LED lights deliver the kindest yields, the kindest spectrum, the kindest intensity, the kindest quality, and is the reigning three-time ‘Gear of the Year’ award winner (2014-2016). Before the Rest. Still the Best.


Integra Boost

integra marijuana

· Zero Chemical Vapor
· Zero Effect on Scent
· Zero Loss of Flavor
Integra Boost is Patented, Safe, and Smart 2-way Humidity Regulator! Protect your harvest from mold contamination and take control of humidity with Integra Boost!


Gorilla Grow Tent: Tallest, Thickest, Strongest Grow Tents in the World


The brand Gorilla has become synonymous with ‘Quality’ in the industry. If you ask 100 growers what the best grow tent on the market is, without hesitation you will hear “Gorilla” 100% of the time. It’s easy to see why something like the Gorilla 1680D thick wall material, all steel locking poles and corners, 300lbs of weight capacity, removable protective spill floor and the most durable zippers on the market make a huge difference in ensuring that your grow is safe and sound. The Gorilla Grow Tents take things a step further with double cinching ducting ports, easy access 360-degree opening doors, a handy tool pouch, IR blocking roof, and Diamond Reflective Technology to increase light canopy penetration. Did we mention it’s the only height adjusting Grow Tent which can extend upwards to nearly 10 feet?
Grow strong. Grow Gorilla.


Bladeless Dry Trimmer and Pollinator in One Machine!

Tom’s Tumble Trimmer is a fast, effective, bladeless trimmer that is gentle on your bud. Commercial growers can trim up to 36 pounds per hour in the TTT 2600, while home growers can trim 1-2 pounds per 7 minute cycle in the TTT 1900. Tom’s Tumble Trimmer is also a 3-part system, with a net for trimming, a smaller hole net for separating the small nuggets from the trim, and a kief net for pollinating – all in one machine! All this and affordable – Tom’s Tumble Trimmers start at $850! So don’t waste your valuable time hand trimming when Tom’s can do 85% of your work and still have hand-trimmed results. Click here and checkout YouTube for videos and ordering. Get 10% off your Tom’s Tumble Trimmer order with MassRoots coupon code: MassRoots.

Grow Smarter with Growlink


Automating your CO2 is just the beginning. With the Growlink Environment Controller, you can see, monitor and control your grow from anywhere using your smartphone. Growlink monitors and controls CO2, Lights, Dehumidifiers, Exhaust Fans, plus so much more. It works with your existing equipment and can be expanded with unlimited remote sensor and power relay modules. Click here to learn more about Growlink. Use MASSROOTS100 for $100 OFF a Growlink Controller.


Three A Light™ – A High Yield Cannabis Cultivation Book


The average indoor cannabis garden produces 1 pound of flower per 1,000 watt light. Learn how you can be above the average yield and produce 3 pounds per 1,000 watt light. Three A Light™ offers a thorough guide of the marijuana cultivation process from seed to flower. Today you can save $100 off the Three A Light™ book with coupon code: “MASSROOTS100”.

First-of-their-kind journals & log books for cannabis growers


Every good grower keeps notes of their work – If you’re not, you should be. Taking good notes is the easiest way to repeat successes in the garden and improve quality and yield. The Goldleaf grow journals make it easy with templated entry pages, reference charts and more. Have a look inside.

What Today’s Generation Should Know About Legalization

What Today’s Generation Should Know About Legalization

The debate over whether marijuana use should be legalized has been around for years, yet people both in and out of government are still divided on how it should be handled. So much so that there are drug testing kits available today for individuals to use. While there are a lot of studies that detail in full just how marijuana’s medical use can outweigh its risks, the fact that different people have different reactions to it still makes it a substance that can possibly cause harm, particularly to teens and younger children.

Marijuana still carries a stigma of being not particularly good for you, but there valid reasons that support its legalization. The issue in legalizing marijuana has a very heavy pint as using it for medical needs. But how much does this entail for all medical users?

Marijuana is relatively safe – with little risk.

Cannabis or marijuana is relatively safe to use, either smoked or eaten raw. Many doctors have advised its use for their patients to treat certain diseases and ailments, including chronic pain that comes with arthritis, among others. And while there hasn’t been any reported deaths arising from cannabis overuse, it doesn’t necessarily mean that marijuana itself is harmless. Each person has a different reaction to marijuana, and while some would particularly enjoy the effects that it has on their moods, there are others who won’t react so kindly to a similar effect. Additionally, marijuana is known to cause an increase in heart rate, making it a risky substance to use for those suffering from cardiovascular diseases and conditions.

Medical marijuana use is legal in 28 states

Washington DC along with 28 other states allows marijuana use for medicinal intentions, but each state has a different approach towards this. The thing is, the federal government doesn’t recognize the medical benefits and potentials of marijuana, due in large part to studies on it being too few for their preference. There has also been no clinical trial of a large scale proving its value as a medicinal substance.

Eight states and Washington, DC have legalized marijuana.

Colorado and Washington legalized marijuana for recreational use back in 2012. Since then, six other states have followed suit, with Washington, DC allowing the growing, possession, and gifting of marijuana. Interestingly, thirteen states have made the move to decriminalize marijuana. What this means is that if a person is found to possess small amounts of pot, he’ll no longer be sentenced to serve criminal penalties such as prison time
Research predicts marijuana legalization could mean more users.

Critics are of the opinion that legalizing marijuana could make it more accessible, hence, more used and abused. On the other hand, advocates of marijuana legalization argue that it can be allowed but regulated, which should make its use safer. Also a point of argumentation is that companies do include the random marijuana hair test for its employees, so there is also that to consider when talking about the possibility of increased use among adults. Both sides make very sound statements, recent research and studies have suggested that an increase in marijuana users can possibly follow its legalization.

Ultimately, it’s no longer a question of if marijuana will ever be legalized. With all the studies backing its benefits, it’s really a question of when that legalization will happen, and what changes it would entail.

High Altitude Essentials: The ultimate guide to a dope mountain weekend

High Altitude Essentials: The ultimate guide to a dope mountain weekend

Even since before it was legal, cannabis and mountains have gone together like Cheech and Chong. Now that it’s legal in many of your favorite mountain getaway locations, like Colorado, it’s important keep up with new products you can bring with you to keep you lifted even after you’re off the slopes.

For the 33 million Americans who choose to consume cannabis, après–ski isn’t limited to cocktails at the local pub anymore. You won’t miss a sunrise on the mountain because of a hangover, as cannabis can provide therapeutic benefits to the body like reducing inflammation, relieving sore muscles and rejuvenating an exhausted mind.

No matter what brings you to the mountain (skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, ice fishing, snowmobiling, etc.), building your very own winter mountain supply kit from scratch can be a daunting task. But have no fear, we’re here to help! Check out our ultimate guide to the best mountain must-haves to ensure you have a dope getaway weekend.

Plazmatic X

If you’re an outdoor toker, you’d better have a Plazmatic X in your backpack. This dual-beam lighter is totally windproof, and it’s the perfect way to light anything, from joints and bowls to campfires, with precision. It’s USB rechargeable, with enough battery life to put you and your buds in high spirits the whole weekend. And if that’s not reason enough to travel with the Plazmatic X, its butane-free design helps keep disposable lighters from ending up in landfills, which helps keep you on Mother Nature’s good side. With exclusive features like a low-battery indicator, Whisper-X quiet technology, and dozens of unique designs and finishes to match any style, the Plazmatic X is the ultimate accessory for any ganja-fueled getaway.

Kushy Punch

It it too windy to spark a lighter? Are you trying to be a bit more discrete? Grab your lift ticket and take Kushy Punch for a ride! These oh-so-tasty gummies are portable and always consistently potent. Slip a box (or two or three) into your coat pocket and go wherever the wind takes you! Within 60 minutes, you’ll feel like you’re on top of Mt. Everest without the need to bring extra supplies like a bowl or a lighter. Kushy Punch Gummies are made with love using only the purest solvent-free cannabis oil, meaning it’s as good to your mind, body and soul as it is to your tastebuds!

CBD Living Water

Enjoying your favorite outdoor activity can be a gruesome and tiring experience on your body. This is precisely why recovery is so important in your day to day routines. The human body is a machine designed to run on water and minerals. The body is about 72% water and water is vitally important for every important bodily function. The bottom line is that without water, your body doesn’t work, and the quality of the water you consume can have a dramatic impact on your health. CBD Living Water isn’t just a water company. They offer a full range of products from Full Spectrum Nano CBD Gummies, CBD Chocolate Bars, CBD Sleep Aid, CBD Freeze with is a roll on topical for pain relief, and Nano CBD Gel Caps. Check them out for your next skiing or riding adventure!

NugTools Nuggy

Don’t miss a beat with the Nuggy, the only smoker’s multi-tool that’s made for the mountain. This stainless-steel constructed 10-in-1 tool from NugTools has everything you need to roll a joint or pack a bowl whenever you find that perfect mountain smoke spot. The Nuggy is equipped with a knife, scissors, roach clip, bowl scraper, bottle opener, flathead screwdriver, LED Flashlight (w/ batteries included), and more! Smoke trees in the trees with this one of a kind multi-tool.

DaVinci IQ Vape

The World’s smartest vape, the IQ, from DaVinci Vaporizer should be included in your snow sports plans. The IQ has a mobile app that allows you to customize your session from start to finish. It only takes 16 seconds to heat up so you can coast through your perfect temperatures on the slopes and as you crush the après ski. The replaceable battery commands long lasting battery life to make sure you stay lifted all the way down the mountain. Make sure to pick up your own DaVinci IQ here and enjoy your snow day!

Back by Popular Demand: The Kind Pen Relaunches the EZ Pipe

Back by Popular Demand: The Kind Pen Relaunches the EZ Pipe

The Kind Pen EZ Pipe

Portability is top priority for individuals who like to indulge in cannabis on the go. From compact bongs to slim pipes, there are thousands of low-key smoking tools out there competing for that tiny space in your back pocket. One of the most popular devices that addresses almost all issues people have with lighting up in public is The Kind Pen’s EZ Pipe.

This unique burner pipe takes discreetness to a whole new level. To start, the unit is windproof and virtually smokeless. The EZ Pipe was a reigning fan favorite for some time, and now The Kind Pen is ready to relaunch the robust device!

Read on to learn more about the EZ Pipe and other portable vapes from the Long Branch, New Jersey-based company.

EZ Pipe Features

The Kind Pen EZ Pipe Features

The EZ Pipe is the ultimate solution to managing and smoking dry herbs out in the open. At first glance, it looks like your typical space-saving pipe. The chamber comes with a magnetic swivel top that locks the load in, so the green stuff doesn’t fall out of your pocket while walking around. This feature also lets you tilt the piece while lighting up, as it prevents residual burning and conserves your herb. A fold away mouthpiece maintains the compact design when you’re not using it.

Perhaps the most useful feature of the EZ Pipe is the lighter holder. A slot on the side of the piece holds just about any Bic or Cricket lighter you can find at your local gas station. The lighter fits securely next to the chamber, allowing you to burn the herb with one hand, in one fluid motion. A small hole on the side guides the flame into the closed bowl. There’s also a poker that helps you dislodge sticky herb inside the chamber and mouthpiece.

As mentioned earlier, The Kind Pen is relaunching the EZ Pipe, which is available at the company’s online store thekindpen.com. Priced under $10, you really can’t go wrong with adding this piece to your arsenal of smoking tools!

The Kind Pen Portable Vape Series

The Kind Pen Portable Vape

In addition to the EZ Pipe, the brand also offers a line of award-winning, portable vapes. For concentrates, the Dream vaporizer (received “Best Vaporizer” award from HighTimes Magazine in 2016) is a great choice. The unit features dual quartz rods, a coil-less chamber and three temperature settings: 350°F, 390°F and 430°F. If you prefer e-liquids and oils, check out CBDiscreet – a powerful vape with a wickless .8ML chamber. Lastly, for an all-in-one solution (dry herb, e-liquid and concentrates), nothing beats the V2 Vape Pen.

“Vaporizers represent the most health-conscious demographic of the cannabis loving community and may be the key to bringing cannabis into the mainstream of medicine. They truly are the THC delivery system of the modern age,” said Sasha from The Kind Pen.

For more information about the Kind Pen’s portable vaporizers, head over to their website. Stay updated with the latest Kind Pen products, news and promotions on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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