Couture Cannabis: The High End of a New Industry

Couture Cannabis: The High End of a New Industry

In a world where cannabis and its use is still stuck in the “gray” legally, there exists a high end world of consumers willing to pay top dollar to show off their cannabis lifestyle.

Who buys these products? The same people who are willing to pay $100 for a small basket of groceries from Whole Foods or $34 for a single Soul Cycle class. There is a, albeit small, group of stoners willing to pay top dollar for their cannabis and cannabis accessories.

Let’s explore some of the brands who are catering directly to this crowd.

Jacquie Aiche


This jewelry designer’s customer list is basically just a who’s who of Hollywood, full of every A-list celebrity you can think of…Chanel Iman, Emily Ratajkowski, Rihanna and Alessandra Ambrosio to name just a few.

Jacquie Aiche is also a cannabis enthusiast. How do we know? Well, she hosted a party for a cannabis non-profit called Spark The Conversation, with guests like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner showing up, and she has an entire line of epic (and expensive) cannabis accessories.

From custom Rolex watches adorned with diamond cannabis leafs, to $400 snake skin doob tubes and $5,000 gold hoop earrings with diamond encrusted weed leaves, Jacquie Aiche is truly taking cannabis accessories to the next level. Who among us doesn’t want to be decked out in diamonds and weed leafs, carrying our joints in lavish containers?



Serra prides itself on being a “high end dispensary providing the very best recreational marijuana shopping experience in Portland and Eugene, Oregon.”

The interior of their three locations ooze cool. With whitewashed walls and industrial furniture, Serra has the perfect aesthetic for Oregon’s hipster scene. Serra’s classic minimalist style spills into everything they offer: from their gourmet chocolate edibles, to their $200 bongs and gold plated vape pens.

Serra is just one example of dispensaries catering to a high-end crowd. As the cannabis industry evolves, we can certainly expect to see more of this trend.

Van der Pop


Do you need a slim, beautifully designed grinder that fits into your wallet like a credit card? What about an Italian leather clutch with a proprietary 3-digit lock to keep your stash away from unintended hands? Or maybe a $140 palladium, modern bowl with a fun geometric design to smoke all that top shelf cannabis?

Enter Van der Pop, another brand that is upping the ante when it comes to cannabis accessories. Started by a very stylish mom in Seattle, Van der Pop has become a go-to for high-end, quality accessories that won’t totally break the bank.

Mothership Glass x Scott Deppe


Now, if you are in the mood to completely break the bank this next company is for you.

Created by master glassblower Scott Deppe, whose glass pieces go for more than $100,000 in some instances, Mothership Glass exists to bring elite stoners the most artistic, unique and expensive glass pieces. The pieces offered online are intricately handmade and go through a relentless review process. That’s why these pieces go for about $3,000 minimum. A simple arm piece for their bongs, with a 18k gold coin inside, can cost up to $500.

These pieces are so beautiful, I cannot imagine ever actually bringing flame to one. It’s no wonder Snoop Dogg is a fan of Scott Deppe and Mothership Glass’ work.

May Flowers: Marijuana Growing Must Haves

May Flowers: Marijuana Growing Must Haves

May is finally here, which means it’s time to setup your cannabis growing site!

If you haven’t started gathering supplies and equipment, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. This month we’re featuring a line of “green thumb” essentials that can help you produce top-shelf quality buds.

With the latest equipment and technologies at your disposal, growing cannabis does not have to be a guessing game. Robust LED systems can ensure energy-efficient, long-term lighting performance, making the luminaries suitable for indoor cultivation facilities with limited growing space. If you’re looking for something portable and versatile, grow tents could be what you’re looking for. These units are designed to give you full control of the compact environment, from heat and humidity to light and temperature!

It doesn’t matter if you’re growing indoors or outdoors, nutrients are crucial for maximum plant growth. These days, there are numerous options available on the market today. Avoid costly, time-consuming trials with properly formulated and tested solutions from reputable nutrient providers. Secure your investment, minimize risks and help your plants thrive with organic growth boosters, humidity regulators and ready-to-use plant protectants.

Take your growing game to the next level, check out the featured products below!


PathogenZERO™: Mother Nature’s Answer to the Use of Harsh Chemicals.


Mold and yeast found growing on your product or premises can present significant quality, consumer, and business concerns. To protect your grow room from harm and chemicals, CaliCropDoc, one of California’s premier Marijuana educators, formulated PathogenZERO™, an organic plant protectant and growth enhancer that has no added harmful synthetic solutions, drugs, or alcohol.

As one of the three leading brands frontiering on Cannabis Geographic, growers can rest assured. Pathogen Zero has passed multiple field studies and is an effective solution for pathogen prevention, control and eradication, fighting off hundreds of mildew, fungi, bacteria, viruses, and airborne pollutants.


More Than Just Eye Candy, Hydro Hotties!


Models help products fly off the shelves at tradeshows and online, but imagine having beautiful girls who are also passionate cannabis enthusiasts and educators. Say no more! Hydro Hotties are more than just eye candy.

These ladies provide advertising, promotion, and consulting services for the Marijuana Industry in both entertaining and educational environments. Trained by a very popular Cannabis connoisseur, you’ll find Hydro Hotties representing premium CBD products like RxCannaCare and educating the community on best practices.


Mykos mycorrhizae will maximize your root mass!


Mykos is a plant specific species of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi that generates stronger roots for better uptake of nutrients and water. Mykos is a beneficial soil microbe that forms fungal networks that can transport essential elements over large distances and deliver them directly into the roots. The host plant feeds the Mykos carbohydrates in exchange for the nutrients and water, forming a true symbiotic relationship. Mykos colonizes roots quickly and lives for the entirety of your plants’ life benefiting them in many ways. This high performing microbe is easily applied to the roots at the time of planting and can be worked into established plants. Visit our website for more information about Mykos and our other beneficial soil microbes!


KIND LED Grow Lights: The Leading Innovator of LED Grow Light Technology


Utilizing the latest innovation in lighting technology, KIND LED intelligently designed a world class product that completely redefined everything people should expect from a grow light. The KIND XL1000 is the only LED Grow Light that is UL Certified, offering both UV and IR spectra, a fully customizable 12-band perfect spectrum with remote control, a true 5’x5’ footprint, and Secondary Optical Lens Technology that magnifies PAR and increases canopy penetration by 200%. The 8 internal digital timers enable growers to program sunrise and sunset, mimicking the daily sun cycles, and creating perfect lighting schedules which, matched with the ideal spectrum, have been proven to increase oil production.

Kind LED lights deliver the kindest yields, the kindest spectrum, the kindest intensity, the kindest quality, and is the reigning three-time ‘Gear of the Year’ award winner (2014-2016). Before the Rest. Still the Best.


Integra Boost

integra marijuana

· Zero Chemical Vapor
· Zero Effect on Scent
· Zero Loss of Flavor
Integra Boost is Patented, Safe, and Smart 2-way Humidity Regulator! Protect your harvest from mold contamination and take control of humidity with Integra Boost!


Gorilla Grow Tent: Tallest, Thickest, Strongest Grow Tents in the World


The brand Gorilla has become synonymous with ‘Quality’ in the industry. If you ask 100 growers what the best grow tent on the market is, without hesitation you will hear “Gorilla” 100% of the time. It’s easy to see why something like the Gorilla 1680D thick wall material, all steel locking poles and corners, 300lbs of weight capacity, removable protective spill floor and the most durable zippers on the market make a huge difference in ensuring that your grow is safe and sound. The Gorilla Grow Tents take things a step further with double cinching ducting ports, easy access 360-degree opening doors, a handy tool pouch, IR blocking roof, and Diamond Reflective Technology to increase light canopy penetration. Did we mention it’s the only height adjusting Grow Tent which can extend upwards to nearly 10 feet?
Grow strong. Grow Gorilla.


Bladeless Dry Trimmer and Pollinator in One Machine!

Tom’s Tumble Trimmer is a fast, effective, bladeless trimmer that is gentle on your bud. Commercial growers can trim up to 36 pounds per hour in the TTT 2600, while home growers can trim 1-2 pounds per 7 minute cycle in the TTT 1900. Tom’s Tumble Trimmer is also a 3-part system, with a net for trimming, a smaller hole net for separating the small nuggets from the trim, and a kief net for pollinating – all in one machine! All this and affordable – Tom’s Tumble Trimmers start at $850! So don’t waste your valuable time hand trimming when Tom’s can do 85% of your work and still have hand-trimmed results. Click here and checkout YouTube for videos and ordering. Get 10% off your Tom’s Tumble Trimmer order with MassRoots coupon code: MassRoots.

Grow Smarter with Growlink


Automating your CO2 is just the beginning. With the Growlink Environment Controller, you can see, monitor and control your grow from anywhere using your smartphone. Growlink monitors and controls CO2, Lights, Dehumidifiers, Exhaust Fans, plus so much more. It works with your existing equipment and can be expanded with unlimited remote sensor and power relay modules. Click here to learn more about Growlink. Use MASSROOTS100 for $100 OFF a Growlink Controller.


Three A Light™ – A High Yield Cannabis Cultivation Book


The average indoor cannabis garden produces 1 pound of flower per 1,000 watt light. Learn how you can be above the average yield and produce 3 pounds per 1,000 watt light. Three A Light™ offers a thorough guide of the marijuana cultivation process from seed to flower. Today you can save $100 off the Three A Light™ book with coupon code: “MASSROOTS100”.

First-of-their-kind journals & log books for cannabis growers


Every good grower keeps notes of their work – If you’re not, you should be. Taking good notes is the easiest way to repeat successes in the garden and improve quality and yield. The Goldleaf grow journals make it easy with templated entry pages, reference charts and more. Have a look inside.

How to Really Pamper Mom on Mother’s Day

How to Really Pamper Mom on Mother’s Day

Since the day you were born, Mom’s life was never the same when it came to priorities. Keeping you happy and healthy were always at the top of the list. This Mother’s Day, give her the ultimate treat yourself day with delicious cuisine, comfy pillows, and all the weed she could want.

A whopping 78 percent of Americans buy greeting cards on Mother’s Day and a staggering $21.4 Billion was spent on this holiday last year. Cards are great, but mom deserves more! Here are some ways to have a high flying Mother’s day for you or that special lady in your life.

Get Her A Cannabis Cookbook & Make Dinner

There are many cannabis chefs producing an array of cookbooks you can find online and in some book stores! My favorite book has a recipe to make your own cannabis infused coconut oil with a crock pot. Moms love crockpots. With all the information and education on proper dosage to strain pairings!


Have a Lifted Garden Party

Instead of the traditional planting flowers in the garden, help your mom get her green thumb going with prepping beautiful cannabis flowers in arrangements. Some Cannabis Florists are available to do classes or private in home sessions to beautifully arrange a bouquet that will surely turn some heads.


Do An In home Cannabis Massage & Spa Day

Believe it or not there are massage therapists that will come and give you a healing cannabis massage in your own home. Better than breakfast in bed and without the drive to the spa. Might as well create the full on spa treatment with a DIY Cannabis Spa Experience to really show your mom how much you appreciate her.


Get Inspired and Do a Cannabis Craft-ernoon

Fall into a Pinterest hole and check out the simple and fun crafts you can do from making your own CBD Salve to your own Lube! WE know, you don’t want to think of your mom using lube, but you had to get here some way! You could also go to a painting class or a sewing class that incorporates cannabis. There are many events solely aimed for the stoned crafter.


Have a Themed Brunch

We know you have been to brunch and saw the cannabis themed brunch from Coachella this year, but what about having your own? You can include some cannabis essentials like hemp tea or a cannabis paired menu with a hybrid strains like Gorilla Glue #4, Bruce Banner, or Blissful Wizard. You can even make some infused cock tails with the cookbook you got earlier! Nothing says, “Thanks Mom!” to me, like some delicious food and a tasty J.


You Can Never Go Wrong With A Card

I remember whenever I had nothing else to give my mom I could always make her a card and she would be as happy as if it was a ruby. The ultimate Mother’s Day card comes with a place to light up with the lady who brought you into this world.


Floral Strains for Mom on Mother’s Day

Floral Strains for Mom on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is here and nothing goes better with Moms than big beautiful bouquets of fresh flowers. If you haven’t started thinking about what to get the life-bringer in your family yet, the good news is you’ve still got time. This year, instead of a mushy card and half-assed box of chocolates you picked up on your way out of the grocery store, get her something she really wants.

Like a smaller, more pungent floral arrangement called cannabis! If you’re lucky enough to have a mom or wife that enjoys relaxing with Mary Jane at the end of a hectic day full of adult responsibilities, this idea should be a no-brainer. However, I realize that the remaining 92% of us that don’t have mothers or wives that toke, this will backfire horribly.

In either case, we can all celebrate Mother’s Day a little early by enjoying some aromatic strains that smell of flowers and mom’s home cooking. Since they only get one stinkin’ day a year to be appreciated for raising (or marrying) our sorry butts, below are the top picks for the most floral and Mom-worthy strains to help celebrate all that they do.

Floral Strains for Mom on Mother’s Day

Blueberry Headband

This 50/50 hybrid beauty will leave your house smelling of sweet berries, light diesel, and pepper. Load some of this pungent pot into your pipe and pretend that mom is in the kitchen cooking your favorite childhood meal and accidentally dropped a whole nug on the burner and whoopsies! You’d better get in there and help her clean up/inhale that mess, young man!

Lavender Jones

If your mom ever caught you smoking weed in the basement in your filthy room that she asked you to clean TWICE, I’ll bet she wouldn’t have been so mad had you had some Lavender Jones fired up instead.

No other strain smells more floral and mom-approved than this one. When flame hits her effervescent foliage, Lavender Jones lights up a room with a wondrous lavender aroma that any mother would be sure to love. However, if your mom figures out you didn’t bring her “lavender soap” after all, you’re on your own my friend.

OG Kush

Open a jar of this lime-green spectacle on Mother’s Day and someone is guaranteed to ask: “What kind of flowers are those?” Now- you can either tell them straight-up that you’re about to get baked in Mom’s honor or you can simply reply: “Roses?”

Most OG Kush fans describe its aroma as extremely floral with a hint of rose. After all, what better way to show mom you care than by bringing her “green roses” on her big day, right? It’s a surefire way to being the favorite child once again!


With a name like “Skunkberry”, you can bet your sweet cheeks that this strain is going to dazzle your nostrils. These flowers will make mom think that you stopped off at Orange Julius and had a delectable triple berry Julius made just for her. Boy, won’t she be disappointed!

Regardless of which strain(s) you choose, make sure your matriarch knows how much she means to you and promise to give her a call once in a while, slacker.

420 Product Picks 2017

420 Product Picks 2017

We are officially at T-minus one month and counting until Canna Claus comes to visit all the good boys and girls on the most magical day of the year- 4/20! Just like Christmas for cannabis, April 20th is a wonderful time of year when all those broken pipes, clogged grinders, and empty blunt wrappers accumulated throughout the year can finally be remedied at rock-bottom prices.

To aid in your stony quest to stock up on all the canna-goodies you can handle, we have compiled the following list of our official MassRoots “4/20 Product Picks” for 2017. From vape pens to CBD coffee and everything in between, feast your bloodshot eyes upon these 20 top-ranking products ready to help you celebrate 4/20 in style:


Introducing the all new LIFT Herbal Vaporizer by FLYTLAB! Enjoy all of your favorite dry herbs in this compact, smart & powerful new vape available in white or black. Equipped with a special pyrex filtered flip lip mouthpiece that gives you a smooth hit with ultra pure flavor and can also be used as a packing tool. The large fully ceramic heating chamber lets you pack the perfect amount taking your vaping experience to the next level. Just grind, pack, and get ready to #takeFLYT with the all new LIFT herbal vaporizer.



You will find the perfect vaporizer at – Their curated selection of vaporizers takes the guesswork out of finding the right one for you. Whether you are looking for Arizer, Volcano, Flowermate, Focusvape, Haze, Yokan, Silver Surfer, or Rasta Buddha Tao the folks at Vaped have what you need to stay healthy and lifted. Check out their vape sale page for even bigger deals. Every vaporizer comes with a free grinder and free shipping. You can also enter to win a Storz & Bickel Mighty Vaporizer on their Vaporizer Giveaway page.


3. Rolling Paper Depot

Rolling Paper Depot: Everything You Need to Sesh. You’re a responsible adult, right? Celebrate 420 with The Depot. We deliver everything you need to sesh quickly and discreetly. From rolling papers to dab tools and rolling trays to smell-proofing, we offer all everything in single packs or by the box if you really wanna go big. Our goal is always to bring you the highest quality products at the lowest price. Happy 4/20 and don’t forget to #KeepOneRolled!


4. Smoke Odor Candles and Sprays

Hippie Love and Trippy Hippie are Just Awesome! They work like magic Exterminating Smoke Odors and stinky pet smells, too! Available in over 25 fragrances, you will find it hard to choose just one! They have something for everybody, from Clothesline Fresh to Hippie Love; our fragrance variety extends from the ordinary to the extraordinary! These fantastic fragrances are available in 13 ounce Smoke Odor Candles with a 70 plus hour burn time as well as a 7 ounce Smoke Odor Spray. For even more odor exterminating solutions, try the Candle for the Car. Smoke Odor Candles are available at your local smoke shop and online, just enter Smoke Odor Candles and watch your screen Light Up!

Click Here to Enter to Win 1 of 31 VIP Smoke Odor Exterminator Gift Sets in a Daily Drawing starting now through 4-20!


5. JET Waterpipe

Where will you be spending your 4/20? Wherever you are, the JET Waterpipe is guaranteed to give you a smooth smoke and happy holidaze. This one of a kind smoking accessory is engineered to provide equal diffusion through its customizable percs to ensure that you are getting your perfect hit, every time. Built to last, this waterpipe is sure to give you and your friends a great 4/20.


6. The Exxus GO by Exxus Vape

exxus go

You’ll never use another oil pen again once you’ve tried the hardest hitting concentrate vaporizer on the market today, the Exxus GO by Exxus Vape. As portable as a vape pen with the power of a full-sized dab rib, the Exxus GO hits like a freight train you’ll gladly step in front of. Equipped with an XL Triple Quartz Coil, the Exxus GO can easily vaporizer any viscosity of concentrate you put on it. For cooler burning check out the new Bucket Quartz Coil that vapes your concentrates at a cooler temperature for added flavor. Three different mouthpieces give you the perfect vape no matter your style; like the bent glass mouthpiece that delivers great tasting flavor from your concentrates, the hydro adapter mouthpiece available for cooler hits and the short draw mouthpiece for more discreet dabbing on the go. All this makes the Exxus GO a concentrate pen you definitely don’t want to be caught without. Save 10% by using the code GO10!


7. Strava Craft Coffee

We know you like to start your day with a little something extra – something that gives you an edge. Whether you’re seeking focus and clarity or true natural wellness, Sträva’s Peace & Wellness family of CBD Infused coffees will not disappoint. Sträva’s innovative coffees are precision infused with full-spectrum, organically grown, CBD-Rich Hemp Oil and are packed with vital antioxidants and powerful neuroprotectants. Wake up, focus, restore balance and lower stress and anxiety – naturally.

8. AirVape Xs Vaporizer

The AirVape Xs dry herb vaporizer is compact, making it easy to vape discreetly in public, or pass-pass- vape at a party. But don’t let the palm-sized stature fool you. The AirVape boasts big boy features like Precision Temperature Control, an all-glass mouthpiece, and a high-grade ceramic oven that deliver deliciously pure vapor. Simple ‘up’ and ‘down’ buttons toggle temperature, and the AirVape vibrates when vaporization temp has been reached. At a cool $179, you get the performance of high end portable vapes for a fraction of the cost. As an added perk, the AirVape Xs won’t leave foul odors or smoke hanging in the air at parties.


9. Herbalizer

On this sacred 420, it’s time to honor your flower with the power . . . the power of the Herbalizer. The clean, halogen heating technology allows for absolutely precise temperature control and pure, unmatched flavor, helping you efficiently get the most out of your product. Discreet and sophisticated, the Herbalizer can be enjoyed with a whip, a balloon or some of their gorgeous new glass pieces. Treat yourself this 420 . . . don’t just vaporize – Herbalize.​


10. PurePressure

Based out of Denver, Colorado, PurePressure is your one stop shop for your ever rosin need. From their industry leading Pikes Peak rosin press, to their top notch screens and filter material, we have you covered no matter what you’re pressing. PurePressure’s bags are offered in all sizes, so even if you’re using a hair straightener or virtually any press, they have the tools you need to get the job done. The presses, bags, pre-press molds, and more are all made in Denver, so you know you’re getting the highest quality products available. Visit their website today to see why PurePressure is the industry’s #1 rosin company!


11. Stash Logix

STASHLOGIX makes “thoughtful, secure, and discreet” systems for the transport and storage of cannabis and other medicine. The patented storage cases have an integrated combination lock, padded adjustable internal dividers, odor control, and storage jars you can label. Give your precious stash the home it deserves! Visit and use the code “GLASSUPGRADE” to get a free upgrade to the glass jars.


12. PenSimple

PenSimple combines functionality with simplicity; making the herb consumption process more efficient than ever. This mobile grinder allows you to grind, store and pack a bowl of your favorite herbs in seconds; with the simple push of a button. The PenSimple herb grinder and dispenser is designed for on-the-go use, fitting easily into your pocket or bag, and is made from aircraft-grade aluminum with an anodized finish, making it lightweight, yet extremely durable. The grind teeth are designed to cut and grind even the stickiest of herbs, allowing the PenSimple to dispense its contents quickly and consistently in any situation. Fully assembled, the storage unit in the pen holds 1.2 ounces of ground herbs; and with the easily removable grind teeth taken out, PenSimple is able to hold up to 3 grams for those occasions that require a heavier load. Replace that old, clunky grinder and experience the freedom and precision of PenSimple.


13. UrbGrinder

Treat yourself this 4/20 to the most innovative and effective herb grinder on the market! Urb Grinder® is the world’s first and only fully magnetic, glass bottom flower shredder. Patent-pending UrbLock™ magnetic technology ensures you’ll never have to deal with a gunky, jammed grinder ever again! Simply pull apart to open, and stack together to close. It can’t get any easier! The four-piece version collects more pollen than you ever thought possible using a revolutionary photo-etched screen design that gets clogged less, is easy to clean, and lasts forever! Both variants come in silver, gold, black, and exclusive 24k gold! Get yours today!


14. Dabyourself is the site dedicated to providing you with everything you need for your dabbing experience. They provide everything from Glass, Pipes, Nails, Dab Tools, and an assortment of Novelties to add to your collection of Dab supplies. Dabyourself prides themselves on excellent customer service and looks forward to providing you excellent service while you add to your Dab collection. Be sure to sign up for their email newsletter to stay informed on news and promotions. Did you DabYourself today?


15. Doobious Sources

The Reg and Zorn are stoners with a mission. Self-appointed investigative journalists, they seek out local scammers and conmen and bust them for pieces they sell to the TV news. But, their drive for juicy stories leads them to cut corners and fabricate the truth, so when a wealthy man they slander in one of their exposés comes looking for revenge, it takes every sleazy move in their repertoire to make it out alive.


16. Magic Flight Muad-Dib Vaporizer

For the wax concentrate enthusiast with a taste for down-to- earth design and big, milky clouds, the powerfully simple Magic Flight Muad-Dib vaporizer will gratify the hippy within. This extremely compact vape heats up to an impressive 900F in just 5 seconds. Expect large clouds of vapor from just a pinch of waxy oil– all without a torch. The artisanal wood design is charming, and the brushed brass lid with a monocle lets you watch your wax as it vaporizes. Vaping with the Muad-Dib is very easy, making for a seamless 420 experience. Simply press the rechargeable Glyph battery into the battery port and prepare for lift off.


17. AuBox

AuBox makes it easy and comfortable to enjoy the best cannabis and cannabis products in San Francisco. When you join, they deliver a carefully curated box directly to your door at the end of every month—discreetly and with utmost attention to detail. Stick with your favorite box each time, or choose a different theme month to month. From intimates to edibles or supplements created just for pets, they’ve selected only premium marijuana products, packaged and presented beautifully to create an experience that is effective and satisfying.


18. Futurola

Do you love to smoke but struggle when it comes to rolling a joint? Have no fear – Futurola is here! Now YOU can be a certified expert in the art of rolling. Don’t shy away from the spotlight any longer: show-off your skills to your friends as they watch you roll the perfect J every time in no time. No-muss, no-fuss…no worries ?


19. Crop King Seeds

Skip the lines and bring your own bud this 420! Crop King Seeds offers 31 of the world’s best strains for cultivation in your own legal 420 friendly grow! From Haze Extreme to Purple Kush, these seed kings are sure to have what you need! Check out their selection of feminized and auto flowering medical seeds here, and become your own bud tender today!


20. Pure Hemp

If you are reading this, chances are you are a fan of 420. Pure Hemp has witnessed quite a few 420’s over the last two decades. Pure Hemp rolling papers are slow burning 100% hemp eco-papers with an all-natural gum line. Manufactured in Barcelona, Spain by one of the oldest most experienced paper makers in the world. Pure Hemp rolling papers are available everywhere you shop. They have also recently launched some killer merch… a Chris Dyer collab Satori Creations Skate Deck with built in rolling tray, a Pure Hemp GrassRoots Fitted Cap, the Pure Hemp “It Doesn’t Grow On Trees” Rolling Trays, and of course… the 20th Anniversary Pure Hemp Poster. To celebrate Pure Hemp’s 20th Anniversary and to thank all of their supporters and fans for 20 years of love, they’re offering 20% off of everything on Celebrate with Pure Hemp with the original #PureHemp rolling paper! Happy 420 and #StayPure, my friends. *BE QUICK OFFER EXPIRES April 30 th, 2017.

6 Amazing Ways to Relieve Stress with Cannabis

6 Amazing Ways to Relieve Stress with Cannabis

Let’s face it- life can be hard and stressful with all of its “adult responsibilities” bestowed upon us. Some days it feels like we just get up to go to work, pay the bills and hope to get one hour of solitude in before rinsing and repeating in what I call the “adult lifecycle”.

The good news is that you don’t have to let stress get in your way when you have cannabis — nature’s very own way of saying “don’t worry; be happy”. Forget about the daily grind and take a gander at these six amazing ways you can relieve stress with cannabis (in no particular order):

Netflix and chill

Call it what you will, one of the most relaxing (and fun!) pastime activities on the face of Snoop’s green earth has to be watching your favorite shows on the ‘Flix with your preferred partner in crime while sharing a fat bowl of greens. Nothing says “suck it, life!” more than succumbing to the simple pleasures.

Topical body massages

If you’ve never had a full body massage with a cannabinoid-packed topical, stop what you’re doing and get on it because it will change your life. Cannabis topical creams and ointments produce incredibly relaxing results by soaking into the skin and binding with your endocannabinoid receptors, giving your whole body the tingly jinglies while the stress just melts away.

Cannabis and crafts

There are tons of fun hobbies and crafts to get into if you’re looking for a way to let your creative juices flow. Try taking a pottery class or one of the wildly entertaining “Puff Pass & Paint” sessions that mix cannabis with creativity. Nothing is more satisfying than creating crafty masterpieces while getting baked like your mama’s lasagna.

Running high

Staying active is one of the keys to reducing stress, so if you’re a runner or hiker (or want to start), perhaps popping an edible and going for a jaunt is in your cards. Long distance ultra-marathon gods like Avery Collins not only take copious amounts of edibles before going on 5k “warm-up” runs in order to make it more fun, but also to alleviate aches and pains associated with treating his body like a machine day-in, day-out.

Smack some balls around

Not a golfer? Fret not, because once you’ve tried “aqua golf” with your favorite strain inhabiting your body, you’ll wish you had tried this years ago. There’s something extremely relaxing about hitting floating balls into a body of water and knowing you’re not the one who has to go get them.

Comedy and cannabis

It’s no secret that most comedians smoke weed. A LOT of weed. How else could they possibly come up with films about a teacher going to prison for feeding a diabetic police horse sugar-laden munchies? (Looking at you, Dave Chapelle)

Check out who’s coming to town at your local comedy club and buy some tickets (and a whole lot of reefer) for you and your crew. The more stoned you get, the more appreciative the comic will be when you’re the only ones laughing at even their lamest of jokes.

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