How Cannabis Helped My Mom Through Cancer

How Cannabis Helped My Mom Through Cancer

When my mother was diagnosed with a rare and often fatal type of cancer known as Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) in the fall of 2015, my whole world came to a crashing halt. Suddenly, all the trivial details that I thought were important didn’t matter anymore. All I could focus on from that point forward was how I could help my mom win the formidable battle against cancer by any means necessary.

Being the bookworm that I am, I began pouring through research on the disease trying to learn everything I could about what it was and how it could be beat. I searched, frantically, for better options than the traditional chemotherapy and radiation treatment plans that would surely just poison my mom to the brink of organ failure while doctors kept tabs and hoped for the best.

When we were left with no other options, she began the aggressive chemotherapy treatments. As her hair fell out and she got sicker and sicker, my research went from finding cures to seeking remedies. Through all the hours and sleepless nights of scouring the internet for answers, the one wildcard I kept coming across was marijuana.

Cannabis, the cure all?

The healing properties of marijuana have long been known to medical researchers to provide relief for a variety of ailments and diseases, most notably cancer. Most recognize that medical marijuana does in fact provide relief for cancer patients on some level, but the lack of research into nature’s medicine has more to do with legality of a plant than helping those in need.

Without dragging out the entire history on medical marijuana research any longer than need be, here are at least five ways that cannabis can help cancer patients:

Nausea & vomiting

Chemotherapy is a nasty process in which powerful medicines are pumped into the bloodstream to destroy cancerous cells that make your body want to literally turn on itself. The problem is that chemo is a systemic treatment that also destroys healthy cells, often leaving the patient extremely nauseated and sick.

Cannabis is well-known to provide relief against nausea and vomiting that are often caused from chemotherapy and radiation treatments. The active compound in marijuana known as tetrahydrocannabinol (or THC) is so effective that a synthesized version of it called Marinol has been approved and in-use by the FDA since 1985.


Cannabis is also known for being extremely effective in managing pain. As a cancer patient, whole body pain is a daily burden that is actually rated on a scale by nurses in order to assess type and quantity of prescription drugs to give to the patient. For reference, my mom was often at a 7 or 8/10 on the pain scale once her treatments were in full swing.

Weight loss

Chemo causes nausea which causes lack of appetite and leads to scary amounts of weight loss. Personally, I’ve never found anything that stimulates my appetite more than a fat bowl of Weedies in the morning. When you have to eat but feel like crap, marijuana is a wonder drug for appetite stimulation that should not be overlooked.


Cancer patients often suffer through sleep issues when they need it most. One of marijuana’s widely known side effects is that it causes sleepiness, even for those battling severe insomnia in some cases. Give me a fat rip off a powerful indica like Northern Lights and within the hour, I guarantee snoring will ensue.

A cure for cancer?

According to the National Cancer Institute, preclinical studies have shown that cannabis “may inhibit tumor growth by causing cell death, blocking cell growth, and blocking the development of blood vessels needed by tumors to grow. Laboratory and animal studies have shown that cannabinoids may be able to kill cancer cells while protecting normal cells.”

The key point to this article is that regardless of what you believe about cannabis, do some research and you’ll find that it is proven to be an extremely powerful tool in the fight against cancer and symptoms caused by cancer treatments. The relief it can provide to those who need it most cannot be understated and if we are to evolve in the war against cancer, we are to study and embrace it beyond closed doors.

According to Science, Cannabis Really Does Make Food Taste Better

According to Science, Cannabis Really Does Make Food Taste Better

Cannabis works in mysterious ways, sometimes helping people feel emotionally closer to their environment or circle of friends. It can also cause you to be increasingly drawn to food – an effect widely experienced by cannabis enthusiasts worldwide.

Yes, I’m talking about the munchies.

There’s no denying that after partaking in cannabis, smells from the kitchen or food from nearby eateries are funneled through a virtual megaphone and amplified on the maximum setting. Before you know it, your whole day or night shamelessly starts revolving around a giant plate of food!

If you’ve ever been baffled by your insatiable, cannabis-fueled food cravings, you’re not alone. For years, scientists have explored the connection between your taste buds and the green herb.

Activating the Olfactory Bulb

European neuroscientists from the University of Bordeaux believe that THC plays an essential role in getting the munchies. To test their assertions, the team conducted a study led by Giovanni Marsicano (published in Nature Neuroscience), which focused on stimulation of the brain’s olfactory bulb in mice. Researchers exposed the tiny participants to banana and almond oils, after dosing the experimental group with THC. Mice that were given the psychoactive compound displayed heightened senses of smell – demonstrated by excessive sniffing and deep concentration.

Behind the scenes, THC makes itself comfortable in the olfactory bulb’s receptors. This causes one to become more sensitive to emotions, memory and appetite (just to name a few). Now, smell isn’t exactly the same thing as taste – so why do you have the urge to eat ravenously?

Contrary to popular belief, taste actually originates from your nose (not your taste buds). Interestingly, some scientists claim that 75-95 percent of taste – not flavor – comes from your primary smelling organ. That’s why when you have a cold or stuffy nose, your favorite food tastes bland and one dimensional.

“The sensation of flavor is actually a combination of taste and smell,”

said Tom Finger, a professor at the University of Colorado-Denver Medical School. “If you hold your nose and start chewing a jelly bean taste is limited, but open your nose midway through chewing and then you suddenly recognize apple or watermelon.”

Medical Applications

People suffering from eating disorders, such as anorexia, or undergoing cancer treatments, including chemotherapy, that suppress one’s appetite can benefit from THC’s effects on the olfactory bulb. By making food more psychologically attractive, eating would seem less like a chore and more like a pleasurable experience. Cannabis could also reduce anxiety and stress associated with such conditions and medical procedures.

For individuals concerned about continuously succumbing to their food cravings, it is important to point out that cannabis also contains a unique compound that can help initiate weight loss. Tested by GW Pharmaceuticals, tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) is capable of increasing insulin sensitivity (hence, reducing insulin resistance) and protecting cells that produce the hormone.

“Rather than giving you the munchies, strains high in THCV tend to stave off your appetite. The terpene Humulene has a similar appetite suppressing effect. So those seeking to lower their daily caloric intake should check out strains high in THCV, Humulene or both,”

explained Emily Earlenbaugh from Cannabis Now.

These Big Companies Don’t Want Cannabis to be Legal

Not everyone is happy about the spread of legal cannabis in the US. Despite numerous studies that prove the effectiveness of the plant and its positive impact on curbing illegal drug distribution, some businesses simply refuse to support cannabis.

These companies, listed below, have gone out of their way to kneecap the achievements of pro-cannabis groups by making monumental donations to opposing organizations. The offerings were mostly made in 2016 – a pivotal year for the nascent industry, as residents across the country voted on legal cannabis measures during the November ballots.

Remember, supporting cannabis legalization doesn’t stop at the ballots. These companies used their earnings to derail pro-cannabis movements – money that came from the pockets of everyday consumers. Be smart about the businesses that you support by making sure their values are in line with your lifestyle and views about cannabis.

Read on to learn about trendy companies and businesses that quietly (in some cases, loudly) underpin the efforts of anti-cannabis groups.

1. Discount Tire

discount tire anti marijuana

Discount Tire, a leading tire and wheel retailer with over 900 locations across the US, is first on the list. In 2016, the Michigan-based business splurged $1 million on an anti-marijuana campaign under Arizonans for Responsible Drug Policy in Opposition to Prop. 205. At the time, the main objective of the group was to curtail the momentum of pro-cannabis organizations campaigning for the full (recreational) legalization of the plant.

Unfortunately, Prop. 205 failed to come to fruition, as voters rejected the initiative (roughly 52-48). On a positive note, medical cannabis is still legal in the state (Prop. 203), which was approved in 2010. Under Arizona legislation, patients are allowed to possess up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis for medical treatment.

2. Uline

uline anti marijuana

Uline is the latest business to express unfavorable views toward cannabis. Recently uncovered by The Evergreen Market, a Washington-based cannabis products seller, the family-owned distributor of shipping and packing materials announced its opinion about the plant on its website:

“Marijuana stays in your system for at least 5 days. This can affect Uline warehouse employees who go up 30 feet in the air to pick products off the shelves. It affects your children or grandchildren, who may be busy telling you it’s safer than alcohol. It’s bad news. It remains a gateway drug.”

Eric Gaston, co-founder of The Evergreen Market, pointed out in a blog post that a large bulk of the industry depends on the company’s services to streamline operations. Sadly, Uline’s bold and inaccurate statements have forced some businesses in the sector to look elsewhere for their packaging needs.

3. Venetian Hotel (Las Vegas)

venetian hotel anti marijuana

One of the most prolific anti-cannabis company to date is the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas. The upbeat hotel is owned by billionaire tycoon Sheldon Adelson, who is also owner of the Palazzo and CEO of the Sands Corporation. His net worth (projected by Forbes in 2017) is around $31 billion, giving him some serious funding power in the fight to keep cannabis illegal. Adelson’s contributions went to anti-marijuana campaigns in Arizona ($500,000), Massachusetts ($1 million) and Nevada ($2 million).

The Sands Corporation CEO also scooped up the Las Vegas Review Journal for $140 million in 2015. Many believe he used the publication as a medium to fuel his anti-marijuana interests.

4. Insys Therapeutics

why do these big companies hate marijuana

Insys Therapeutics has opposed the legalization of cannabis from day one. The pharmaceutical brand is widely known for manufacturing and selling fentanyl (under Subsys), a synthetic opioid painkiller used by patients participating in chemotherapy treatments. Interestingly, Insys was responsible for releasing an FDA-approved synthetic cannabinoid (dronabinol, under Syndros). The oral spray, which was classified as a Schedule II substance by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) earlier this year, is designed to stimulate the appetite of patients undergoing cancer chemotherapy.

Like Discount Tire and the Venetian Hotel’s Adelson, Insys contributed to the efforts of Arizonans for Responsible Drug Policy. According to reports, the drug maker donated $500,000 to the campaign.

5. Publix

why do these big companies hate marijuana

In Florida, one of the largest donations against cannabis came from Publix, a popular grocery chain brand in the state. Official records confirmed that $800,000 in contributions to Drug Free Florida originated from the Carol Jenkins Barnett Family Trust. Some speculate that the company fought against cannabis legalization in order to protect its pharmaceutical establishments (Publix is one of the largest pharmacies in the area, according to Miami New Times, and therefore profits from the sale of prescription drugs that could be replaced by cannabis).

6. DriveTime

why do these big companies hate marjiuana

In 2016, DriveTime’s pledge to keep cannabis illegal in Arizona was issued at a very crucial time, as most of the donations to the opposing group were given in the final stretch of the battle. The $250,000 package was provided by Ernie Garcia, the owner of the business. DriveTime specializes in credit solutions for automotive purchases. In 2014, the business was fined $8 million by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) due to aggressive debt collection practices and inaccurate credit reporting to governing agencies. An investigation that supported the civil penalty found roughly 45 percent of DriveTime’s auto installment agreements to be delinquent during operations (yikes).

7. U-Haul

uhaul anti marijuana

U-Haul, with its headquarters based in Phoenix, Arizona, joined several companies in the fight against Prop. 205. The business donated $25,000 to the opposing group with unclear motives for the offering. Compared to other donors, U-Haul has been very silent about its pledge. From a business perspective, cannabis prohibition is actually working against the brand, since illegal smugglers have been known to use the company’s trucks to transport large batches of the herb for unregulated consumption.

8. Wynn Resorts

wynn resorts anti marjijuana

The second Las Vegas establishment to make it on the list is Wynn Resorts. Steve Wynn, owner and CEO of the business, donated $100,000 to a massive anti-cannabis campaign in Massachusetts backed by Governor Charlie Baker. This contribution was issued just one day before Wynn received the green light to move forward with a development project in Everett. Some groups speculate that his donation was used to “nudge” the application to the state Gaming Commission in the right direction.

9. AAA (American Automobile Association)

aaa anti marijuana

Last but not least, the AAA of Connecticut has lashed out against legal cannabis, claiming that the plant impairs drivers on public roads. Despite a handful of studies debunking the effects of cannabis on driving, the AAA is still persistent about its negative views surrounding the herb.

“There’s no science that shows drivers become impaired at a specific level of THC in the blood. A lot depends upon the individual,” explained Joan Lowy from The Big Story.

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Tommy Chong Reveals Honest Thoughts During Interview

Tommy Chong Reveals Honest Thoughts During Interview

Tommy Chong is a Naturalized American treasure. Though he hails from North of the border his influence on the counter culture, cannabis community and antiestablishment is global. He’s an outlaw, a style icon, an entrepreneur, a writer and an actor; he’s a musician, a comedian, a philosopher, a husband, a father and a grandfather. Having survived prison, cancer and making 1984’s The Corsican Brothers, it seems nothing can faze him.

Colorado has been one of Chong’s favorite places the since the 1970’s when he first visited on tour with his seminal comedy group Cheech & Chong. The pair have broken up, reconciled and headed back on the road a few years ago. Evolving from small venues to colleges and then big arenas, now they’re back on college campuses and performing at casinos across the country bringing laughter to a country in a time when it’s sorely needed.

The Chonger was recently in Denver promoting his new line of Chong’s Choice cannabis (Click here to read an expert’s review of Chong’s Choice Indica Grape Stomper) and also being paraded through the local media circus. Twenty or so minutes in the company of Mr. Chong felt more like an hour or two during this trip of an interview. Sitting in a Cherry Creek hotel conference room, Chongster was was casually dressed in all black Chucks and socks with his and Cheech’s likeness emblazoned on them. On the table between the two of us sat a ‘Get America Stoned Again’ hat, which has become a staple of his wardrobe during the recent election cycle.

tommy chong interview

Warm and conversational, the late morning interview touched on a number of topics, meandered often. Joking about cunnilingus or riffing on his character from Half Baked filled the spaces between the regularly scheduled questions. Pushing 80 years old, Tommy Chong has not given a fuck in a great many years. He says what he wants and doesn’t have handlers hanging onto his collar tightening their hold when he starts rambling.

Below are the word-for-word thoughts Mr. Chong shared openly during the interview with Whaxy’s own Emmett Nelson:

On his first time smoking marijuana

When I first started smoking it was 1957, and a jazz musician gave me a joint and a Lenny Bruce record up in Calgary. I took the joint and I put it in my pocket—so he lit his own joint and I smoked pot for the first time. It was probably one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had in my life. I’d smoke a couple of tokes and put it out. The joint lasted me a month and the Lenny Bruce album lasted me for my life. And you had to really respect it. You never knew when you were going to get more. Back then you never knew. That joint was very valuable to me. And I got to tell you, this isn’t the best for kids or anything, I smoked the joint and I think the next day I went in and quit school because I knew I wanted to be a blues musician. I was 17 or 18, I guess. So I quit school and started working day jobs and playing music at night. We put a band together. I wasn’t smoking regularly. I’d smoke whenever we had it.

On the evolution of his stage show

Cheech and I had broken up and I was on my own. Blind Melon Chitlin’ was my alter ego. I was in Boston. I went on after one guy, he looked straight but he was gay. He attracted a big gay crowd. And I did that character. I said, “Here’s a song I wrote one day when I was beating my old lady”, and I got booed, oh I got booed. Almost booed of the stage. One leg over my shoulder would barley make it now. I had to drop that from my show.

On cancer

It was a death sentence a few years ago. If I didn’t act on it right away it would have been a death sentence for me. Again, cannabis didn’t cure it, but it helped me heal and it gave me a reason to live. It gave me the will to live. You know when you get the munchies, that’s really getting the will to live.

On President Elect Trump

“I think he’s going to be the best president we’ve ever had.”

Cheech and I were out on the road during the election and we were getting 50 percent Trump audiences. They were our fans. You know—Trump attracted the deplorables—those are our fans.

I’m against all the bigotry and building a wall and all of that shit. I’m totally against it. Then all the sudden, after the election, I realized this guy is a hell of an actor. I think he’s going to be the best president we’ve ever had. I’ll tell you why. He’s got experience. The apprentice. You think about it…what was his job on the apprentice? Being the CEO and designating jobs to people and seeing who did the best.

The nature of this campaign, he would not take advice or shit from anybody. That’s what we need in a leader. And when they talk about the nuclear codes and all that shit, don’t worry about that. All Trump’s going to do is…nobody know what’s he’s going to do. So they’re not going to be fucking with us.

On the future of America (and exactly how Trump cheats at golf)

Trump is a builder, and he’s smart. Yea, he’s had a lot of failures, but who hasn’t? You don’t win anything unless you know how to fail. Just like golf. I know for a fact Trump cheats at golf…this is how he cheats. If he’s on the green, he’ll trap the ball between his foot and his club and he’ll move the ball up closer to the hole.

He wants to win. He wants to win at anything. What resonated with me is, he said, “I’m a winner, I want to win.“ So when he negotiates with China or anybody else he’s going to get the best deal possible.

chongs choice cannabis

On the prospect of another mass shooting and gun control

You’re going to see gun laws change like you’ve never seen them before. He’s (Trump) going to go “Hold on. This is wrong.” He’ll call in these people dealing with this gun shit, and he’s going to say, “Listen man! This is what your product is doing and we’re going to have to do something about that.“

On cannabis legalization this election

This election opened my eyes. We have a whole electorate out there that voted with their hearts and not just the propaganda that was thrown at them. In their hearts they know that cannabis is good for you and it should be legal and there is no reason that it shouldn’t be legal. Every test has shown that marijuana isn’t addictive and that is the biggest thing.

On cannabis in prison

“So when I was in prison I would just think about the pot and I would get into that mellow mood.”

The thought of marijuana will get you high, you know its body memory. Just like when women are pregnant and certain smells will make them sick, and your body reacts to the thought or the smell especially. So when I was in prison I would just think about the pot and I would get into that mellow mood.

I was offered pot almost daily…by snitches. They were trying to bust me and I turned them down. The first time I almost didn’t turn them down but I had my dog, my buddy with me. He was my guide through prison. He’d been in all of his life so when they offered me he told them to get that crap out of here.

On life imitating art

You know the funny thing about prison; we had squirrels. I had one. It was a pet. He was out in the field. We’d go out there with the prison food, cause you couldn’t eat it yourself but you could feed the squirrels. It would crawl up your leg and you could feed it.


The Clinic Charity Classic Raises Hundreds of Thousands for MS Research

The Clinic Charity Classic Raises Hundreds of Thousands for MS Research

There are not many events that can motivate me to get out of bed at 5:30 a.m. on a Friday and ever since McDonald’s started serving breakfast all day long the list keeps growing shorter. So to say I was excited when my alarmphone unleashed DMX’s Bring Your Whole Crew on the morning’s still dark sky might be pushing it, but the day’s proceedings were a good reason to wake up with less resistance.

The 7th Annual Clinic Charity Classic was a massive affair with a backdrop that is better seen than read about. When I zoomed past the guarded gate and up the private drive and into the upper parking lot of the Arrowhead Golf Club in Littleton, Colorado the view that filled the cracked windshield on my abused Toyota 4runner immediately impressed upon me that this day’s round of golf would be unlike any other I’ve been a part of.

the clinic charity classic 2016

I’ve never completed a round of golf but did shoot a single round 26 under par on Tiger Woods ’06 for PlayStation 2. My most memorable real life golfing experience is chipping balls onto Interstate 290 from the tee boxes at Chicago’s Columbus Park Golf Course as a teenager. Constant vibrations and noise from the traffic below halted hundreds of backswings and it took about a case of beer to make it through nine holes. The highway that borders the course was built long after Columbus Park had been established thus allowing the youth of the area to blindly launch dimpled bombs onto the unsuspecting commuters.

The previous six installations of this tournament have all been held at City Park Golf Course in Denver and raised in excess of $300,000 for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society chapter supporting Colorado and Wyoming. Last year’s tournament raised close to $100,000 and The Clinic’s intention was to increase the total by 25 percent in 2016. This has become the event of the summer within the cannabis community and now its outgrown its humble beginnings. The change in venue coincides with The Clinic’s opening of a new flagship store on Colorado Blvd. and expansion into Illinois and Nevada.

the clinic charity classic

At 7:00 a.m. many of the day’s 144 golfers were bussed in from Denver and welcomed to the festivities with breakfast burritos and fruit platters. Golf carts were lined up side by side for the entire length of the entranceway as the crisp morning air carried a hint of cannabis into the clubhouse. In strict adherence to the dress code I left my spaghetti straps and flip-flops at home. Wearing Salmon slacks, my custom embroidered golf shirt and a decades old, dog chewed sun hat I looked the part. Lacking any and all common golf etiquette I was a sheep in wolf’s clothes.

Most of breakfast was spent with other members of the media covering the event observing the final preparations to get the tournament underway. Some media types were also playing in the tournament—but rest assured—the majority of cannabis media outlets use the tournament as a buffet for potential advertising dollars and social media photo opportunities. The people they meet are just another business card to be added to the CRM or an Instagram handle to tag on the next post. It’s an embarrassment really. But the magazines won’t print themselves and their parties need to be paid for too.

the clinic charity classic 2016

By 9:30 a.m. the groups of players had spread across the course as the round got underway. I had not previously secured a golf cart rather assuming my charm and/or backpack full of weed would get me around the course just fine. This lack of communication on my part led me to a golf cart designated for a fellow named Drew, who failed to show up this year, perhaps not knowing a golf cart with his name would be waiting upon his arrival. His loss was my gain. After commandeering the vehicle I fixed a course for the nearest dab rig and jammed the gas pedal to the floorboards. There must have been a joke being played on Drew because this cart moved at a quarter speed compared to everyone else.

The terrain being navigated had a very prehistoric vibe. Native flowers and plants line a course that is tucked between hundred of sandstone features jutting up from the earth. Just a few miles away remains of Columbian Mammoths were found in 1960 making Lamb Springs outside of Littleton a top dig site and now the home of an archaeological preserve.

the clinic charity classic 2016

This was like a cannabis-friendly-adult-adventure-golf-experience. The only thing missing from this Jurassic expedition were animatronics and a tar pit. Set to the tunes that blared from Bluetooth speakers of the passing players and event volunteers throughout the day, it was a heady affair. About 97 percent of the attendees were gearing up for Phish’s Labor Day Weekend run at Dick’s and listening to the music you’re about to go hear is a thing, I guess. Scattered in for good measure were some hard beats and questionable lyrics from unfamiliar performers all vying for the uncrowned title of World’s Greatest Mumbling and Most Difficult to Understand Rapper.

Drew’s GPS equipped golf cart didn’t give directions but had a digital map of the course and could pinpoint location but that only slightly helps when you have no clue where you’re at or trying to go. When the screen was idle, advertisements for The Clinic and other event sponsors cycled through not so subtly reminding me what products I should buy after I leave for the day.

Slowly but surely the cart started chugging along the narrow paths winding around the acreage. A perfectly coned blunt accompanied me around the doglegs and through the elevation changes of the course. Each hole was sponsored by a different business and offered unique elements to the game or a way to lower a team’s score.

the clinic charity classic golf 2016

It takes money to win the Clinic Classic; just how much remains a secret. The players and sponsors know this already. The ultimate goal and premise of the tournament is raising money and awareness for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, so the CEO’s and founders of the largest cannabis brands come with their pocketbooks already open.

Mulligans cost $10 and by the look of it O.pen Vape spent all of the money they saved on their Mile High Stadium naming rights bid in an attempt to tip the odds in their favor. At the third tee, teams were able to buy a larger hole than the regulation 4-¼-inch cup. As described to me by The Clinic’s Retail Operations Director Ryan Smith who was in the role of Barker,

“The entire green is negotiable and it’s all donated!“

In the time I was standing around, one team secured a hole-in-one after donating $225 to the MS Society and landing their first shot on the back of the green while a second team plunked down $300 for a chance at an ace only to fall short on each member of the foursome’s tee shot. It was early in the day still and more than 30 groups had yet come through this gnarly par-3. It was like shooting fish in a fundraising barrel filled with nothing but whales.

the clinic charity incredibles

The “Longest Drive” hole sponsored by Buddy Boy Brands is where I first learned of Dab Island. Overhearing some folk reference such a mythical sounding place was the perfect reason to highjack their conversation and introduce myself as an explorer hoping to take my first dab of the round. In the middle of a lake was an island with dabs they explained. It was pretty straightforward. They couldn’t point me in the direction of Dab Island though they swore it was real.

Preparing to depart in search of La Isla Dab, a volunteer approached me with an offer for a free joint. Never one to turn down such a gesture I gladly accepted a pre-roll of Kosher Kush. This would become a recurring theme for the day as scores of volunteers who all work for The Clinic were manning and womanning the course delivering beers and snacks and joints and smiles all day long. Many of them switched their schedules to be able to help out.

the clinic charity classic 2016

I couldn’t be too sure I was heading the right way to find the Island and I had given up on the rudimentary GPS system to help guide me. My dabber’s intuition was taking over. I’d been smoking flower since I walked out my front door and the parking lot ratchet dab I ripped was hours in the past. Meandering though the web of cart paths, service paths, dead ends and turnarounds ultimately led to a most remarkable discovery.

Dab Cove wasn’t even on my radar until Drew’s cart happened upon a group of giddy guests. The briefest of exchanges delivered the news that dabs were on the horizon. They motioned to follow the road to the hole. The cove was located at the back of a tee box enclosed on three sides by sandstone helping to block the wind and sun from disrupting the activities taking place.

dab cove the clinic charity classic

Arriving just before a slew of golfers the first dab I’d taken in the unique Arrowhead surroundings was felt throughout my face and got my nose running a bit. The Lab’s Stardawg Guava Live Resin burned so good. Quickly a reload of the Cherry Lime Pie that had garnered rave reviews from the photographer on assignment with Whaxy was presented and I exhaled a plume of citrus tinged happiness following another face-melter.

Not even the tastiest dabs in the cove could keep me from continuing in exploration of Dab Island. A head full of Live Resin and an agenda is a terrible thing to waste so without hesitation the Drewmobile was back on the hunt for more terps. By this time of the day I had surveyed the majority of Arrowhead and continued to drive past the same groups of golfers and landmarks over and again. My patience was wearing thin.

the clinic charity classic

Taking a guess at a fork in the path I chose incorrectly. The path narrowed and forced a jam around a bend heading towards the green when some golfers stopped to play their tee-shot from the rough. Testing the suspension I hopped the curb with Drew’s cart and circumnavigated the human obstacles while flashing a toothy grin and signaling everything was A-OK. The looks on their faces ranged from indifference to outrage. Nevertheless Dab Island was still my ultimate destination. I circled back to the fork that lead me astray and concluded the island to be up ahead in the other direction.

the clinic charity classic 2016

A herd of deer on the course threw me for a loop. They were lounging under a tree and grazing on the lush manicured fairways. It was like a hipster picnic. Play on the hole continued with the animals never flinching as errant shots neared the pasture. In the distance a small lake was visible and in it what appeared to be an island. It could have been a mirage though I didn’t take the requisite psychedelics for that to be a real option.

Finally after a daylong search, Dab Island was in the sights. The always-present threat of rain encroached as the wind howled kicking up sand from a near by bunker. On the cusp of ending my quest I followed the signs pointing me in the right direction. When I arrived the island was empty except for the caretaker Duncan and his wife. They welcomed our party to the island with more Live Resin from The Lab and the assurance we were safe although there had been reports of a snake sighting near the island.

dab island the clinic charity classic

Gust of wind continued and began to blow the canopy towards the water. Duncan quickly jumped up and grabbed the stakes that came with the tent and started to plug them into the legs of the structure, securing it firmly to the island. All the commotion had put me on edge and I was in need of something to calm me back to a more cozy state of being. A fat glob of Gorilla Glue and another heater of Stardawg Guava tilted me within inches of falling into the surrounding lake. I had made it!

Throughout the day I did not see one person taking a leak next to a tree or vomiting 8 hours worth of beer into a water hazard, which are par for the course at most charity tournaments. The party held here was respectful of the residential homes neighboring the Western edge of the course considering those holes off limits for blatant cannabis consumption.

the clinic charity classic golf 2016

As the round saw the last of its participants finish up on the course, a Mexican fiesta and award ceremony was taking place just beyond the practice green in a tent befit for this circus of revelry. The build-your-own-fajita bar was scrumptious and the dessert empanadas were right on. After drizzling a little honey on top, they became next level. In the end a team from Sweet Leaf took home the championship trophy for the 7th Annual Clinic Charity Classic.

The promise of a bigger and better event next year from Ryan Cook, Director of Operations for The Clinic earned a large applause from the guests, sponsors, volunteers and banquet servers during his closing remarks. As checks continue to roll in and the final numbers are tallied for the MS Society, the Clinic Classic’s planning committee is already hard at work plotting 2017’s extravaganza. Who knows, maybe Drew will show up next year?

Photo credit: Marie Graham/Whaxy


Best Cannabis Strains for Sex

Best Cannabis Strains for Sex

A substance that can relax muscles, ease anxiety and enhance your mood seems like the perfect aperitif for some fun time in the bedroom. Cannabis can increase your sensitivity to touch, get your nerves under control and create a feeling of euphoria that adds to the already-heightened experience of sex. And with the diversity of strains, you can customize your intimacy, depending on what you’re trying to achieve (besides the obvious).

It’s important to note that your favorite edible or a heavy concentrate might not be the best bet for a sexual experience unless you are fully aware of how it will affect you. So instead of ill-advised experimentation, here are some basic tips before incorporating cannabis into sexy time:

  • Don’t consume too much. Unsurprisingly, the more stoned you get, the less some are able to function. A study by the American Academy of Neurology explains as much, so go easy and practice moderation when using cannabis to enhance sex.
  • Prepare (and protect) yourself. Any substance that can lower your inhibition can also lead to high-risk behavior. Protect yourself from STD’s by having protection readily available.
  • Do a trial run. At least make sure you have an idea of how you’ll react when trying a new strain or delivery method, especially if you plan on using it with a new partner. Paranoia and dizziness are not ingredients for great sex.
  • Dryness. Ladies: Marijuana can occasionally cause dryness in the mucous membranes, which includes your vagina. If you’ve tried a strain you like but have never used it during sex, you might want to have some lube close by. You, and your partner, will be thankful.

With these guidelines in mind and the knowledge that one strain of cannabis may affect every person differently, here are some of our favorite cannabis strains for sex:

For Wild Nights

Silver Haze: This fast-acting sativa will come on strong and stay that way. If you have plans to experiment in the bedroom, this might help you overcome your insecurities with its playful qualities that may give you the giggles.

best cannabis strains for sexSilver Haze

Trainwreck: As the name suggests, this is a sativa-dominant hybrid that packs a punch, and will bring with it inspiration and focus very quickly. It eventually tapers off into a soothing body high and euphoria that will keep you in the mood.

best cannabis strains for sexTrainwreck

XJ-13: If you’re looking for a sativa experience without overstimulation, XJ-13 will keep you energized and focused without the anxiousness that can sometimes accompany a strong sativa. It’s a good strain to try if you want to sample a sativa and also like a body-tingling high.

best cannabis strains for sexXJ 13

For Balanced Experiences

Chemdawg: This balanced hybrid can have strong, immediate effects, but you’ll come out of it with reduced anxiety and relaxation. If you’re nervous about your performance, this is a great strain to try.

best cannabis strains for sexChemdawg (Chemdog)

Blue Dream: While this strain can be considered sativa-dominant, users can experience both the clear-headed effects as well as a body high. If you like the cerebral effects of sativas and the body high of an indica, blue dream is a great way to experience both in one night.

best cannabis strains for sexBlue Dream

Bruce Banner: With both an uplifting mind experience and skin that is extra sensitive to touch, this hybrid comes on quickly with some serious stress relief. While it can produce a balanced experience, it’s a strong strain that may not be ideal for cannabis novices.

best cannabis strains for sexBruce Banner

For Sweet, Sweet Love Making

G13: This indica strain was allegedly created in a government research facility trying to grow powerful strains of cannabis. Indeed, it produces significant body effects that are great for getting touchy-feely, but with clear-headed effects that will keep you in the present.

cannabis strains for sexG 13

Skywalker OG: Although this strain is a considered a hybrid, it has both the strong body effects and the mind-altering qualities of a classic indica. The effects are gradual and it may take a few minutes to experience them. If you’d like to get lost in the stars with your partner, this strain is for you.

cannabis for sexSkywalker OG

Grand Daddy Purple: This potent California indica produces a psychoactive high that’s common among West Coast indicas. Users can expect feelings of happiness and euphoria with a significant body buzz that heightens sense of touch. Consider this strain if you’re looking for a shared experience of intimacy with your partner that borders on psychedelic.

cannabis strains for sexGrand Daddy Purple



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