MassRoots Acquires CannaRegs

A Leading Industry Platform for Cannabis Regulatory Research & Compliance

MassRoots' stock is now trading under ticker MSRT

Investor Relations

Odava is a regulatory compliance technology tool for licensed cannabis businesses & regulators

Odava is an iOS-based point-of-sale and web-based inventory tracking and compliance software for cannabis retailers and cultivators in Oregon. It is designed for traceability (“seed-to-sale”) compliance via METRC in Oregon and will be available in Colorado and Alaska in late 2017. The system provides real-time sales and customer reporting and data visualizations. With strong industry and regulatory relationships, as well as in-store menus, third-party integrations (via Odava API), Odava is the ideal system for licensed cultivators and retailers.

MassRoots is One of the Leading Technology Platforms for the Cannabis Industry

Powered by more than one million registered users, MassRoots enables consumers to rate products and strains based on their efficacy (i.e., effectiveness for treating ailments such back-pain or epilepsy) and then presents this information in easy-to-use formats for consumers to make educated purchasing decisions at their local dispensary. Businesses are able to leverage MassRoots by strategically advertising to consumers based on their preferences and tendencies. MassRoots is available in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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MassRoots' Corporate Overview (July 2017)

Expanding Marijuana Markets

We believe we have one of the best models to profit off of the growing trend of cannabis regulation. Because we are not involved in the production or sale of cannabis, we do not have to build grow facilities, open retail stores, or have a physical presence in the state in order to generate revenue. At the same time, our revenue model is not tied to the success of a particular location, brand or ballot initiative — we believe we will have a significant percentage of all dispensaries and brands on our application, making MassRoots a technology platform for the entire cannabis industry.