Best Strains to Get the Party Started

By Sophie Saint Thomas | July 30, 2017

Along with friends, music, and perhaps a cooler of your favorite beverages, every 420-friendly party goer knows the first ingredient for a good time is cannabis. It’s the ultimate experience enhancer. Yet, with so many options, which strain should you pick up at your dispensary when planning for the weekend? From social anxiety crushing indicas, to dance-floor friendly sativas, to hybrids perfect for budding conversation, here are 10 of our favorite party strains to get the party started.

weed for parties

1. Silver Haze

Sometimes a straight to the face sativa is exactly what a party needs. This hard-hitting bud is perfect to take the house party to the next level. Make sure to share this one with friends.

2. Girl Scout Cookies

Everyone loves Girl Scout Cookies. An intense hybrid you can’t go wrong with; Girl Scout Cookies keep you uplifted yet calm for the next time you’re forced out of your Netflix cave for a large social gathering.

3. Grand Daddy Purple

A relaxing indica, Grand Daddy Purp is the perfect weed for a small gathering of friends, such as an intimate backyard summer birthday party. Melt into both a lawn chair and some deep conversation with this classic bud.

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4. Skywalker OG

A social anxiety slayer, Skywalker OG is the ultimate indica-dominant hybrid to ease nerves and float into a wonderful time. Your ex might be at the party? A few hits of this and it’s all good!

5. Grapefruit

This citrus flavored sativa has an intense and energizing buzz for when you want to cut the crap and cut loose. A party in itself, this one’s for the wild nights: jumping fences, breaking into pools, and inappropriate kisses on the dance floor.

6. Green Crunch

A creeper, if there’s live music at your party, Green Crack is an ideal hybrid strain to to pass around as the band sound checks so you peak right as the music does.

7. Zeta Sage

This uplifting sativa also has an activating quality, like a cup of coffee, making it a lovely addition to an afternoon shindig. Along with a cooler of beer and some cheeseburgers, you need Zeta Sage at your next cookout.

best strains to get the party started

8. Cheese

Speaking of Cheese, what’s a party without the cheese plate? Pull some nugs out of this dreamy weed and embarrass the brie for no longer being the best cheese at the party.

9. Northern Lights

Northern Lights is a strain you truly can’t go wrong with. One of the most famous relaxing indicas, if you’re someone who tends to be on the anxious side, a few puffs of this will turn even the most bubbling of bars into the serenity of a spa.

10. Flo

A milder sativa-dominant hybrid, Flo is a wonderful party sidekick as you get the energizing effects of a sativa while still maintaining the calm demeanor to withstand the pressure of constant human interaction. Flo helps you go with the flow, if I may.

Sophie Saint Thomas

Sophie Saint Thomas is a writer based in Brooklyn. She predominantly writes about cannabis from a harm reduction and lifestyle perspective. Her work can be found in Vice, Mic, High Times and more.

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