Cannabis Etiquette: Guidelines for Social Consumption

By Emmett H.W. Nelson | June 17, 2017

Lively gatherings and celebratory engagements can be burdensome for introverts or those not inclined to getting shitfaced drunk on the weekends. Most get-togethers carry the expectation that alcohol is the preferred social lubricant and shun open consumption of marijuana. Street festivals, high school graduation parties, open bar wedding receptions, housewarming shindigs and summertime rooftop BBQs all depend on booze to lower inhibitions and create circles of small talk. Settings where marijuana is openly consumed do not tend to garner the same community support as beer, wine and spirits.

The invitation to an assembly of friends or family members doesn’t mean that cannabis should be left at home or in the car. On the contrary, consider every event to be a BYOCannabis affair. Showing up with buds, a dab rig and torch or a selection of edibles may be welcomed with the same gratitude as a bottle of Boone’s Farm or a rack of Busch Light—certain to be appreciated by at least one or two people.

Accepting the taboo or stigma attached to cannabis isn’t part of the plan.
Common courtesy and etiquette are all well and good but if an adult feels the desire to break out a bag of sticky icky in the middle of a party, eyes shouldn’t be batted or suspicions rose. Clarification that it is medical marijuana won’t be required.

Perhaps a few guidelines are necessary before taking to the streets.

No shame


If you want to sing out, sing out. If you want to live high, live high. Don’t be afraid to proudly endorse that you let your freak flag fly. Covering up the delightful aroma of cannabis on your person with heavy doses of nag champa, cologne or perfume to throw folks off the scent doesn’t play.

Don’t search out other participants, they’ll find you


If you’re walking around a party asking who wants to get high, you’re doing too much. The smell of raw or burnt marijuana will attract like minded individuals guaranteed. For people whose nose perks up when they get a whiff of kind bud in the wild, it is only a matter of time before they find the origin of the scent.

No need to be stingy. Roll fatties up and smoke em’.


Cannabis is becoming a commodity as more and more states open up their agricultural markets to growing and processing marijuana and its byproducts. The days of pinner joints and conserving a stash are over. Don’t worry about running out of weed and keep things interesting.

Know when to say no


Drunks do not discriminate against anybody willing to buy him or her a drink and will overstay a welcome by days if the taps stay open. That is poor form. It is well within reason to be selective when getting down on a session. Vibe killing guests come in all shapes and sizes, often times oblivious to their nature. When eyes get low, it is time to go.

Don’t freak out


If it turns out that that you are the only person in attendance that puts weed into your body like it’s holy, that’s all right too. Do your thing, be cool and step away from everybody else when you see fit for some fresh air.

Emmett H.W. Nelson

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