How to Plan the Perfect Cannabis Wedding

By Chelsea Maher | May 21, 2017

So you’ve heard all about the craze that is cannabis weddings. You want to plan one of your own but you’re wondering, “how do I pull this off?”

The good news is, if you live in one of the states that has legalized recreational cannabis, it’s pretty easy. Sure, there are some logistics that need to be worked out, like how to buy all this cannabis or how to get it to your venue, but the rest is pretty simple.

Still, getting started can be a little overwhelming at first. To help you plan the canna-wedding of your dreams, we’ve pulled together a few tips. Not only will these recommendations give you a place to start, but they’ll help you plan a cannabis wedding that is safe, fun, and legal.

Figure out what kind of cannabis you want to offer.



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There are plenty of ways to consume cannabis. You can drink it, smoke it, vape it, eat it, use it as a topical cream; the options are endless. The kind of consumption you choose for your wedding depends on your personal preferences as well as those of your guests.

If your guests are regular users and prefer to smoke, that or vaping may be the right choice for you. If you’re looking for a more discreet method of consumption, edibles or drinks are an excellent choice. One thing is for sure, whether you’re going to have bud, drinks, or edibles, you want to offer a variety of strains. Some strains offer a more energetic and joyful high, whereas others can make your guests feel sleepy or too relaxed to dance.

Make sure your venue is cannabis friendly.


Once you’ve determined what kind of cannabis you’d like to have, you can start to look for a venue. Even in places where recreational consumption is legal, you may find that there are some venues that are just not cool with it. That’s why, if having cannabis at your wedding is a priority, you should make this part of the discussion very early on in the venue hunting process.

If you want to have your guests vape or smoke, our suggestion is to look for a venue that is outdoors, or at least has an outdoor area available for use, such as a patio, rooftop, or garden. If edibles or cannabis beverages are more your style, you probably won’t have to worry as much about whether the venue is indoor or outdoor. Either way, the best policy is to be upfront with your potential venue and make asking about cannabis consumption one of your first questions.

Decide if you want to provide cannabis or have guests bring their own.

Most recreational cannabis laws prohibit selling to another individual, however they do allow you to “gift” cannabis to another person, as long as no other products, services, or money is transferred in the exchange. This makes it easy for you to buy whatever products you want and give them to your guests. If you choose to go this route, you may want to consider hiring a budtending service. It’s like an open bar, but for cannabis. Fancy!

The other option is much less expensive, and that is to make your wedding a BYOC event. By allowing guests to bring their own cannabis, they get to choose their favorite strain or product to enjoy at your wedding and you don’t have to do a thing.

If you’re providing the cannabis yourself, figure out how much you need and how you’re going to transport it.

Transportation can be tricky depending on where you live. Educate yourself on your state’s cannabis laws so you can learn whether you can transport it all at once or if you need to split it up into multiple deliveries.

As far as determining quantity, our friends at Love and Marij suggest that, if you’re supplying flower, .5 -1 gram per guest is perfect. If you’re going with edibles, calculate your quantity based on a maximum intake of 10mg per person. That said, if your guests are inexperienced or light users, you may be able to scale that back a bit and if they’re heavy users, consider stocking up.

Determine where it will be consumed.

This decision depends on your venue and your guests. If you have a venue that’s totally cool with you consuming wherever, and your guests are too, than you can pretty much let people consume when and where they want. If that’s the case though, you may want to make your wedding (or at least the reception) a no kids affair.

If there will be kids at your wedding, your venue has restrictions, or not all of your guests are pumped about the idea of a cannabis wedding, there are alternatives. The best of which, is a cannabis lounge. This can either be an outdoor tent or room within your venue where cannabis can be consumed in privacy and away from minors.

Have a plan for educating guests who are inexperienced.


image credit: Top Shelf Budtending

Whether your guests are frequent users or first-timers, it’s your duty to educate them about safe cannabis consumption, dosages, how different methods of consumption affect the body, and how cannabis interacts with alcohol. This is especially true if you’re serving edibles because, come on, nobody wants to see your great aunt Rita have a bad time because she didn’t know those brownie bites were very potent edibles.

Your wedding is an opportunity to teach people, especially those with negative ideas of cannabis, about how wonderful it really is. Bec Koop, founder of the Cannabis Wedding Expo held in Denver every year, said it best,

“We’re teaching people all about cannabis and about the different ways to enjoy it and experience it, and to have the expected outcomes come true, so that we can break the stigmas and fears of people who are afraid of trying cannabis.”

If you don’t know how to begin educating your guests, do some research! There are plenty of organizations, like The National Marijuana Initiative, that provide educational materials you can download, print, and share with everyone at your wedding.

Congratulations and Good Luck!


Getting married is one of the most exciting times of your life. You should enjoy it to the fullest and if that means serving cannabis at your wedding, go for it! We hope these tips will help you do so safely and responsibly so that you, your partner, and every one of your guests has the best time possible.

Chelsea Maher

Chelsea's been a lifeguard, nanny, dog walker, swim team coach, journalist, and marketer, but she currently works full-time as a copywriter and freelance blogger. She's also passionate about cannabis legalization in all forms, both recreationally and medicinally. In her spare time, she's an avid skier, mountain bike enthusiast, and hiker.

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