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Published on October 4, 2017, By SheSmokesJoints

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Cannabis smokers everywhere partake in joints by the thousands daily. Everyone has the ability to roll a perfect joint, but like any skill it requires practice. At first rolling a joint can take a long time, you have to teach your fingers to move the way they need to, as well as how to be firm without ripping the paper.

I personally learned to roll when I was in Spain as I was traveling around Europe. At first, rolling a joint took me at least 45 minutes and I ripped through numerous papers, but I didn’t give up; I continued to practice.

Now, five years later, the time it takes to roll a joint has significantly decreased while becoming easier and easier as time goes on.

Due to where and how I learned to roll, I roll coned joints rather than straight ones, because I personally feel that a well rolled cone burns more evenly, longer and produces a better hit than most straight joints.
Throughout my time with rolling joints, I have taught many others how to roll, and hope to help as many others as I can, so that we all may able to enjoy a nice joint.

Step 1: Break down your cannabis

1 Preparation
This step can be accomplished many different ways, fingers, scissors or a grinder of some sort. By using a grinder the flower will be ground to a very even consistency. The more even the consistency the more even the burn will be.

Step 2: Choose your paper & make a filter

2 breakdown-filter

Choosing a paper that you like and that will be less likely to rip or run can be just as important rolling itself. The type of paper you enjoy is entirely up to your preferences. For this joint I used OCB hemp papers, I like the way these papers burn as well as the fact that these papers come with their own filters. I always use a filter, or crutch as I call it, and I always roll the filter into the joint rather than adding it after the fact. I do this because I prefer my cones to be more tapered and prefer my paper to fit snugly around the crutch so that it does not slide out if it sticks to your lips. I prefer a filter for many reasons, you’ll never burn your lips, the joint won’t get as hot, you can smoke the entire joint, you won’t have to worry about the end sealing up from moisture on your lips and won’t get weed in your mouth.

Step 3: Shape the joint

3 shape

To roll a cone, you will want less cannabis near the tip and more towards the end, by pre-shaping the cannabis rolling becomes easier.

Step 4: Press it down

4 press

When holding the joint with both pointer fingers, I only have one hand because the other is taking the photo, compact the weed so that it is in the shape of a cone, or straight, depending on your preference.

Step 5: Roll it

5 roll

]With your fingers behind the joint and your thumbs in front, roll the paper up and down to smooth and even all the cannabis inside out, if using a filter: it’s okay if it falls out, just put it back it right before you tuck the paper. Once everything is smooth, tuck the paper in front underneath the back (where the glue should be), and roll it tight.

Step 6: Tack it & lick it

6-1 tack

6-2 lick

Since I roll cones, I always tack the bottom first before licking the rest of the joint.

Step 7: Pack it

7 pack

The end will most likely be loose and if you light it as is little pieces of burning weed will fall everywhere. With cones my fingers are small enough to pack them well enough, but depending on the size of your joint you may need a pen or wooden skewers work very well.

I personally like to add the extra touch of folding the extra paper at the end over so that it can be carried around without the risk of anything falling out.

Light ’em up and enjoy!

To add a little something extra to your joints, check out our video tutorial on how to twax a joint with shatter.




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