Weed Be Good Together: Valentine’s Day Gifts Under $35

Published on February 11, 2019, By MassRoots

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valentines day gifts

Whether you’re buying a Valentine’s Day gift for that special someone, your sibling, or a best bud, this is the list for you. Just cheesy enough to be sweet, these semi-handmade gifts are affordable and available for purchase on Etsy.

Heart-Shaped Rolling Tray $27

Hand cut from recycled English Oak, these rolling trays are the cheesy heart-shaped-something you’re looking for this Valentine’s Day. Click here to buy it.

Engraved Stash Box $25

These cute stash boxes are customizable and laser engraved, so each one is unique. Click here to buy it on Etsy.

Custom Face On Weed-Leaf Socks $15

These custom socks are guaranteed to give your Valentine the giggles. Don’t have a human Valentine? You can have your dog’s face appear on the socks instead. Click here to customize your order.

Teleidoscope $33

A teleidoscope is a special kind of kaleidoscope that fractalizes your view of the world. Teleidoscopes are said to generate positive emotions, making it the perfect gift for your Valentine. Click here to buy one.

Sativa And Indica Shirts For Couples $23

Does your Valentine prefer indica or sativa strains? Do you prefer the same or the opposite? You will be the cutest couple in the dispensary wearing one of each of these. Click here to see the shirts on Etsy.

Dank You For Being You Mug $14

This adorable, handmade ceramic mug is microwave and dishwasher safe. To go above and beyond, give it to your Valentine with this Cannabis Infused Chocolate Mug Cake in it. Click here to buy one.

Best Buds Bracelet $18

Your Valentine will love to cheese it up with you in matching Best Buds bracelets. Made from recycled aluminum, each is unique with hand-stamped lettering. Click here to buy a set now.

Love Herb Grinder $24

This four-layer love and cannabis leaf engraved grinder is high quality and cute AF. This is the gift that keeps on giving, and he or she will think of you every time they grind. Click here to buy it.

Joint Pillow Plushie $30

Who wants a teddy bear when they can have a joint?! If the joint plush is too cliche for you, there are also taco, grilled cheese, and rainbow bong plushies. Click here to make a purchase.

Pass The Joint Socks $16

Who doesn’t love being cozy and warm in funny socks?! With a message like “If you can read this, pass the joint,” these handmade socks are a great gift for your joint-smoking Valentine. Click here to buy them on Etsy.

Heart Roach Clip $4

Whether your Valentine loves smoking joints or blunts, give the gift of unburnt fingers with this gem heart roach clip. For only $4, click here to purchase yours now.

Roach Wand $8

You’ve heard of a roach clip, but this roach wand is for magic stoners. No muggles allowed. Click here to buy a roach wand.

I Love To Bake Pot Holder $12

For the Valentine who loves to cook, this pot holder is sure to please. It comes in several different colors, so click here to choose yours now.

THC AND CBD Molecule Pins And Magnets $5

Is your Valentine a proponent for THC or CBD? These heart-shaped wood pins and magnets are handmade and laser-engraved with the cannabinoid molecule of your choice. At only $5 a piece, you can get one for you and one for your Valentine to match. Click here to buy them on Etsy.

Kush Cards $6

Your weed-loving Valentine will flip for a greeting card designed to hold a joint. It’s not too late to get five Valentine’s Day Kush Cards for just $20. Click here to buy one or five.



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