Activist Arrested at 4/20 Event in D.C. Demands her Cannabis be Returned

A woman arrested at this year’s 4/20 rally in Washington D.C. is challenging the District’s marijuana laws by asking that her confiscated cannabis be returned to her.

Jessica Laycock was one of several people arrested during the festivities, which both celebrated cannabis and brought awareness to cannabis legalization. Activists distributed prerolls to congressional staff members in an effort to normalize cannabis and to advocate for federal cannabis reform. The event was situated on District land, since possession of up to two ounces of cannabis is legal within its boundaries.

The charges against Laycock were possession and distribution of cannabis, but the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia dropped the charges. Laycock is still fighting to have her cannabis returned to her since she was in possession of cannabis in a place where it is legal, unlike federal land where cannabis is prohibited.

In Washington D.C., local and federal jurisdiction is somewhat murky. The U.S. Capitol Police is a federal law enforcement agency that adheres to federal drug laws, but it has jurisdiction in the District where small amounts of cannabis are legal. Laycock was in possession of a legal amount of cannabis and paraphernalia under District law.

“Federal laws apply throughout the District of Columbia and the federal law was applied by the [U.S. Capitol Police],” said Eva Malecki, a spokesperson for the U.S. Capitol Police. According to a D.C. police spokesperson, which has local jurisdiction unlike Capitol Police, confiscated cannabis has been returned to those who are 21 and older, but Laycock still has not received her cannabis or vaporizer.

“Why am I being told that my stuff is being incinerated?” said Laycock. “Where I was standing, cannabis was legal.”


Jessica Laycock is arrested during a protest in April in which her marijuana and other belongings were taken. (Marvin Joseph/The Washington Post)

Malecki cited federal cannabis legislation that lists it as a Schedule I substance, a category reserved for drugs that have no medicinal value in the eyes of federal law. Unlike D.C. police, Capitol police policy is to destroy any cannabis that has been confiscated, regardless of whether charges are filed. According to Malecki, Capitol police does not recognize the District’s laws and treats cannabis as illegal within city limits.

In 2014, 70 percent of people in the District supported a referendum that legalized cannabis. Laycock and her attorney are arguing that the referendum justifies her property being returned to her. According to Evan Parke, Laycock’s attorney, Capitol Police are refusing to do so. Parke said,

“The strongest legal argument is that she was not doing anything unlawful under D.C. law to begin with, and she was never charged.”

He also mentioned that the lack of federal charges means Capitol Police should return her possessions, and that it is uncommon for them to arrest people within District lands while enforcing federal law.

Parke is filing public information requests to investigate why Capitol Police decided to arrest the 4/20 protesters. “They are giving us the runaround,” he said. He is considering a lawsuit so that a judge could order the return of Laycock’s possessions. It may also force Capitol Police to clarify their policies when local laws conflict with federal laws.

Another cannabis activist was arrested and is facing charges for carrying marginally more than the two ounce legal limit. Adam Eidinger, a well-known cannabis advocate in D.C. who helped plan the 4/20 event, said he supports Laycock’s pursuit. “They are letting the stigma of cannabis override the correct interpretation of the law,” he said.

420 Product Picks 2017

420 Product Picks 2017

We are officially at T-minus one month and counting until Canna Claus comes to visit all the good boys and girls on the most magical day of the year- 4/20! Just like Christmas for cannabis, April 20th is a wonderful time of year when all those broken pipes, clogged grinders, and empty blunt wrappers accumulated throughout the year can finally be remedied at rock-bottom prices.

To aid in your stony quest to stock up on all the canna-goodies you can handle, we have compiled the following list of our official MassRoots “4/20 Product Picks” for 2017. From vape pens to CBD coffee and everything in between, feast your bloodshot eyes upon these 20 top-ranking products ready to help you celebrate 4/20 in style:


Introducing the all new LIFT Herbal Vaporizer by FLYTLAB! Enjoy all of your favorite dry herbs in this compact, smart & powerful new vape available in white or black. Equipped with a special pyrex filtered flip lip mouthpiece that gives you a smooth hit with ultra pure flavor and can also be used as a packing tool. The large fully ceramic heating chamber lets you pack the perfect amount taking your vaping experience to the next level. Just grind, pack, and get ready to #takeFLYT with the all new LIFT herbal vaporizer.



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3. Rolling Paper Depot

Rolling Paper Depot: Everything You Need to Sesh. You’re a responsible adult, right? Celebrate 420 with The Depot. We deliver everything you need to sesh quickly and discreetly. From rolling papers to dab tools and rolling trays to smell-proofing, we offer all everything in single packs or by the box if you really wanna go big. Our goal is always to bring you the highest quality products at the lowest price. Happy 4/20 and don’t forget to #KeepOneRolled!


4. Smoke Odor Candles and Sprays

Hippie Love and Trippy Hippie are Just Awesome! They work like magic Exterminating Smoke Odors and stinky pet smells, too! Available in over 25 fragrances, you will find it hard to choose just one! They have something for everybody, from Clothesline Fresh to Hippie Love; our fragrance variety extends from the ordinary to the extraordinary! These fantastic fragrances are available in 13 ounce Smoke Odor Candles with a 70 plus hour burn time as well as a 7 ounce Smoke Odor Spray. For even more odor exterminating solutions, try the Candle for the Car. Smoke Odor Candles are available at your local smoke shop and online, just enter Smoke Odor Candles and watch your screen Light Up!

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5. JET Waterpipe

Where will you be spending your 4/20? Wherever you are, the JET Waterpipe is guaranteed to give you a smooth smoke and happy holidaze. This one of a kind smoking accessory is engineered to provide equal diffusion through its customizable percs to ensure that you are getting your perfect hit, every time. Built to last, this waterpipe is sure to give you and your friends a great 4/20.


6. The Exxus GO by Exxus Vape

exxus go

You’ll never use another oil pen again once you’ve tried the hardest hitting concentrate vaporizer on the market today, the Exxus GO by Exxus Vape. As portable as a vape pen with the power of a full-sized dab rib, the Exxus GO hits like a freight train you’ll gladly step in front of. Equipped with an XL Triple Quartz Coil, the Exxus GO can easily vaporizer any viscosity of concentrate you put on it. For cooler burning check out the new Bucket Quartz Coil that vapes your concentrates at a cooler temperature for added flavor. Three different mouthpieces give you the perfect vape no matter your style; like the bent glass mouthpiece that delivers great tasting flavor from your concentrates, the hydro adapter mouthpiece available for cooler hits and the short draw mouthpiece for more discreet dabbing on the go. All this makes the Exxus GO a concentrate pen you definitely don’t want to be caught without. Save 10% by using the code GO10!


7. Strava Craft Coffee

We know you like to start your day with a little something extra – something that gives you an edge. Whether you’re seeking focus and clarity or true natural wellness, Sträva’s Peace & Wellness family of CBD Infused coffees will not disappoint. Sträva’s innovative coffees are precision infused with full-spectrum, organically grown, CBD-Rich Hemp Oil and are packed with vital antioxidants and powerful neuroprotectants. Wake up, focus, restore balance and lower stress and anxiety – naturally.

8. AirVape Xs Vaporizer

The AirVape Xs dry herb vaporizer is compact, making it easy to vape discreetly in public, or pass-pass- vape at a party. But don’t let the palm-sized stature fool you. The AirVape boasts big boy features like Precision Temperature Control, an all-glass mouthpiece, and a high-grade ceramic oven that deliver deliciously pure vapor. Simple ‘up’ and ‘down’ buttons toggle temperature, and the AirVape vibrates when vaporization temp has been reached. At a cool $179, you get the performance of high end portable vapes for a fraction of the cost. As an added perk, the AirVape Xs won’t leave foul odors or smoke hanging in the air at parties.


9. Herbalizer

On this sacred 420, it’s time to honor your flower with the power . . . the power of the Herbalizer. The clean, halogen heating technology allows for absolutely precise temperature control and pure, unmatched flavor, helping you efficiently get the most out of your product. Discreet and sophisticated, the Herbalizer can be enjoyed with a whip, a balloon or some of their gorgeous new glass pieces. Treat yourself this 420 . . . don’t just vaporize – Herbalize.​


10. PurePressure

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11. Stash Logix

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12. PenSimple

PenSimple combines functionality with simplicity; making the herb consumption process more efficient than ever. This mobile grinder allows you to grind, store and pack a bowl of your favorite herbs in seconds; with the simple push of a button. The PenSimple herb grinder and dispenser is designed for on-the-go use, fitting easily into your pocket or bag, and is made from aircraft-grade aluminum with an anodized finish, making it lightweight, yet extremely durable. The grind teeth are designed to cut and grind even the stickiest of herbs, allowing the PenSimple to dispense its contents quickly and consistently in any situation. Fully assembled, the storage unit in the pen holds 1.2 ounces of ground herbs; and with the easily removable grind teeth taken out, PenSimple is able to hold up to 3 grams for those occasions that require a heavier load. Replace that old, clunky grinder and experience the freedom and precision of PenSimple.


13. UrbGrinder

Treat yourself this 4/20 to the most innovative and effective herb grinder on the market! Urb Grinder® is the world’s first and only fully magnetic, glass bottom flower shredder. Patent-pending UrbLock™ magnetic technology ensures you’ll never have to deal with a gunky, jammed grinder ever again! Simply pull apart to open, and stack together to close. It can’t get any easier! The four-piece version collects more pollen than you ever thought possible using a revolutionary photo-etched screen design that gets clogged less, is easy to clean, and lasts forever! Both variants come in silver, gold, black, and exclusive 24k gold! Get yours today!


14. Dabyourself is the site dedicated to providing you with everything you need for your dabbing experience. They provide everything from Glass, Pipes, Nails, Dab Tools, and an assortment of Novelties to add to your collection of Dab supplies. Dabyourself prides themselves on excellent customer service and looks forward to providing you excellent service while you add to your Dab collection. Be sure to sign up for their email newsletter to stay informed on news and promotions. Did you DabYourself today?


15. Doobious Sources

The Reg and Zorn are stoners with a mission. Self-appointed investigative journalists, they seek out local scammers and conmen and bust them for pieces they sell to the TV news. But, their drive for juicy stories leads them to cut corners and fabricate the truth, so when a wealthy man they slander in one of their exposés comes looking for revenge, it takes every sleazy move in their repertoire to make it out alive.


16. Magic Flight Muad-Dib Vaporizer

For the wax concentrate enthusiast with a taste for down-to- earth design and big, milky clouds, the powerfully simple Magic Flight Muad-Dib vaporizer will gratify the hippy within. This extremely compact vape heats up to an impressive 900F in just 5 seconds. Expect large clouds of vapor from just a pinch of waxy oil– all without a torch. The artisanal wood design is charming, and the brushed brass lid with a monocle lets you watch your wax as it vaporizes. Vaping with the Muad-Dib is very easy, making for a seamless 420 experience. Simply press the rechargeable Glyph battery into the battery port and prepare for lift off.


17. AuBox

AuBox makes it easy and comfortable to enjoy the best cannabis and cannabis products in San Francisco. When you join, they deliver a carefully curated box directly to your door at the end of every month—discreetly and with utmost attention to detail. Stick with your favorite box each time, or choose a different theme month to month. From intimates to edibles or supplements created just for pets, they’ve selected only premium marijuana products, packaged and presented beautifully to create an experience that is effective and satisfying.


18. Futurola

Do you love to smoke but struggle when it comes to rolling a joint? Have no fear – Futurola is here! Now YOU can be a certified expert in the art of rolling. Don’t shy away from the spotlight any longer: show-off your skills to your friends as they watch you roll the perfect J every time in no time. No-muss, no-fuss…no worries ?


19. Crop King Seeds

Skip the lines and bring your own bud this 420! Crop King Seeds offers 31 of the world’s best strains for cultivation in your own legal 420 friendly grow! From Haze Extreme to Purple Kush, these seed kings are sure to have what you need! Check out their selection of feminized and auto flowering medical seeds here, and become your own bud tender today!


20. Pure Hemp

If you are reading this, chances are you are a fan of 420. Pure Hemp has witnessed quite a few 420’s over the last two decades. Pure Hemp rolling papers are slow burning 100% hemp eco-papers with an all-natural gum line. Manufactured in Barcelona, Spain by one of the oldest most experienced paper makers in the world. Pure Hemp rolling papers are available everywhere you shop. They have also recently launched some killer merch… a Chris Dyer collab Satori Creations Skate Deck with built in rolling tray, a Pure Hemp GrassRoots Fitted Cap, the Pure Hemp “It Doesn’t Grow On Trees” Rolling Trays, and of course… the 20th Anniversary Pure Hemp Poster. To celebrate Pure Hemp’s 20th Anniversary and to thank all of their supporters and fans for 20 years of love, they’re offering 20% off of everything on Celebrate with Pure Hemp with the original #PureHemp rolling paper! Happy 420 and #StayPure, my friends. *BE QUICK OFFER EXPIRES April 30 th, 2017.

Amateur Hour: Everyday is 4/20

Amateur Hour: Everyday is 4/20

Hoopla in Denver surrounding April 20th aka 4/20 aka The High Holiday is unwarranted, unwanted and won’t be tolerated. St Patrick’s Day or New Year’s Eve and their wanton disregard of the serious, professional drunk are the closest comparison than can be made to the fabricated narrative that frames the gluttony this day has become synonymous with. Save getting your wisdom teeth pulled to coincide with this date and avoid the all the pain.

It’s getting harder to miss the carnival when it’s in town for over a week—but that’s how to make more money. It’s a race to the bottom for the almighty dollar. Funk Doc, M.E.T.H.O.D. Man, B-Real, Snoop and Wiz Khalifa know they always have a solid payday come this time of year. New to the hustle in 2017, Gucci Mane and 2Chainz are hoping they’re able to turn their pro-cannabis leanings into a reliable income stream for when Trap Rap falls out of fashion in the future.

The legacy of four twenty started with a crew called the Waldos and a statue of Louis Pasteur. These days, rank and file members of the cannabis “community” descend on Denver, Seattle, Los Angeles, Vegas and other hotbeds of marijuana industry infrastructure to encourage a lifestyle of irresponsible and indefensible excess.

Crude behavior, wasteful indulgence, sexually suggestive marketing and gross negligence are typical of the gaudy booths that line venues and the events honoring the annual debacle. Ounce filled joints that begin to canoe immediately and multi gram dabs lost to the wind flood social media channels informing the Internet that a spot is “lit as fuck”. Tickets priced at $42.00 and kitschy souvenirs going for $4.20, free swag and unregulated marijuana sales accompany 4/20 celebrations like cake at a birthday party.

Hallmarked by activism and advocacy, early events promoted respectful rebellion and demonstrated that large crowds of cannabis consumers could congregate without causing concern. By 2013, things got out of control as gunshots rang out at Civic Center Park’s annual spectacle in Denver. After proving incapable of delivering the peacefulness that cannabis claims as a side effect, grand celebrations are marred in red tape, poorly planned and have seen a large increase in presence and harassment from armed members of private security companies and Denver’s police force.

In favor of smaller and more subtly obscene showings, the state of Colorado has all but shut out High Times Magazine’s drug bazar know as the Cannabis Cup forcing the event to less desirable venues such as racetracks in Michigan and Indian Reservations near Las Vegas. This inconvenience has not prevented large flocks of Juggalos, Wooks and Light Healers from migrating en masse towards the promise of Cup Cough and the possibility of scoring LSD or other handshake drugs from members of the traveling circus.

Many attendees of 4/20 cups, concerts and carnivals are visitors from states with prohibitive cannabis legislation or those who are not old enough to legally consume legal cannabis in their home states. Unable to imagine a life where everyday can be 4/20, actions turn towards deplorable. Curiosity and ignorance lead them into temptation and has them behaving like the Amish on Rumspringa. Unaware of their trespasses and not looking for forgiveness, this crowd menaces the festivities with what happens here stays here arrogance while conducting themselves as if they’re above reproach. Blatant amateurism is on full display for all of mainstream media to retell as their interest in cannabis stays on the rise.

Hard as is it may be for some to believe, a large contingent of professionals use cannabis frequently throughout the workday. Hands on a clock or the day of the month do not determine when it’s time to get lifted. Cannabis is a conduit towards productivity and is less harmful than the nauseating amount of coffee and Adderall consumed in the name of efficiency and earnings.

Up early in the morning and staying at the office late into the evening—for these professionals—standard operating procedure may include copious amounts of dabs starting before the sun comes up or a blunt during a smoke break. April 20th is just another day on the calendar in the real world. Business as usual involves being elevated all the time to ensure morale remains high and that colleagues or supervisors won’t suspect that your lunch consists of the devil’s lettuce.

Hopefully the novelty of 4/20 will soon wear off however unlikely that may be. Legalization and normalization of medical and recreational cannabis use continues to expand globally offering opportunities to organize larger displays of conspicuous consumption. Indulging in fat joints with close friends over memorable conversations will always beat sitting in a park or being crammed into a tight spot among oblivious glitter-butted and patchouli scented revelers as they expound about chakras and energy fields.

Happy 4/20!

Rumor Mill: Nike Releases Cannabis Kicks for 420

Rumor Mill: Nike Releases Cannabis Kicks for 420

April 20, the Christmas for cannabis enthusiasts, is approaching quickly, and this year Nike is delivering presents.

The social media buzz has started over these new Dunks, which are said to be released on 4/20.

nike weed shoe

Last year, Adidas brought the thunder with the “Happy 420” hemp sneakers equipped with a stash pocket.

According to the sneaker gurus on social media, Nike is prepared to take the cake this year.

nike weed shoe

nike 420 shoe

Feature photo credit: KINDLAND

A “Unity Torch” Joint Will Be Passed From Miami to Maine This 4/20

A “Unity Torch” Joint Will Be Passed From Miami to Maine This 4/20

April 20 (4/20)  is nearly (eight days!) upon us and that means it’s time for the cannabis community to celebrate its national high holiday.

From smokey concerts to peaceful park smoke-outs, there’s never a shortage of 4/20 celebrations in the air. But this year brings a new, special kind of celebration coming from the East Coast in the form of a “Unity Torch.”

unity jointThe Unity Torch in action.

This symbolic, Olympic-sized torch, shaped like a marijuana joint, will make its way from the top of the East Coast (Portland, Maine) to the bottom of the East Coast (Miami, Florida) starting this Wednesday, April 14. Presented by the East Coast Cannabis Coalition, the 2016 Unity Cypher will be passing through all 15 East Coast states before finishing its journey in Florida on May 1.

You can view all the states and the schedule right here.

The goal of the Unity Cypher is far bigger than just getting high for 4/20. In fact, actual cannabis plants seem to be an afterthought. The Cypher’s true goal is to spread even awareness for the plant on the East Coast, where marijuana remains stifled, and to promote the de-scheduling or at the very least rescheduling of cannabis under the Controlled Substances Act.

Both of those issues may be nearing resolutions, as Rhode Island and Vermont appear poised to legalize this year while the DEA claims it will consider rescheduling cannabis by mid 2016. Still, a torch passing through states and creating more press for the plant’s freedom should only help these initiatives gain more steam.

Bernie Canter

photo credit: Kottonmouthkings

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