Therabis Calm and Quiet: CBD Supplement for Dogs

Therabis Calm and Quiet: CBD Supplement for Dogs

“This is the chillest Pomeranian I’ve ever met,” is a phrase I hear frequently. I can confidently take Sir Jacob McFluffington, known as Big Jake or Mr. Fluff to his homies, literally anywhere — meetings, the park, dog-friendly patios, a friend’s house or even a party — knowing that he will just sit down and relax or sleep.

While in my company his demeanor may be cool, calm and collected, those who will tell you he is the chillest have been denied the chance to watch him completely lose his mind when I go to leave the house without him.

The moment he hears the jingling of my keys or sees me put on my shoes, Mr. Fluff turns into Dr. Psycho Pants and blind rage takes over. His high-pitched, screeching-eagle like barks can be heard round-the-world, and he jumps up and down while simultaneously spinning in circles until he inevitably trips over something or smashes his little face into the side of the couch or a wall. This will go on for minutes if I am not ready to run out the door the moment he is onto me.

therabis calm quiet reviewMr. Fluff’s death stare, signaling he suspects he is about to be left at home.

Watching his temper tantrum is not only heart-breaking, but I feared he may injure himself. I didn’t want to dope him up with doggy-Xanax, but our lives could not continue like this. In my search for the best anti-crazy medication for my little Knight, I turned to the therapeutically beneficial plant I know so well — hemp. Strains of cannabis which contain little to none of the psychoactive cannabinoid tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are categorized as hemp.

Anxiety is among the many symptoms and conditions that cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive cannabinoid most prevalent in hemp, can help to alleviate, and I know very well that it can quickly calm my mind and relax my body without causing any brain-fog. My research showed that CBD could produce the same effects in Mr. Fluff since like humans, canines have an endocannabinoid system.

While I found several manufacturers of CBD treats for dogs, a brand called Therabis stood out from the rest because they offer ailment-specific products that have been developed by a veterinarian with the entourage effect in mind. Since Therabis products only contain CBD and other natural ingredients, they can be ordered online and shipped almost anywhere.

therabis calm and quiet review

Of the three Therabis lines, “Up and Moving,” “Stop the Itch” and “Calm and Quiet,” which are all available for “small,” “medium,” and “large” dogs, I ordered Calm and Quiet for small dogs. They arrived in palm-sized, single-serving pouches called Sachets which directed me to pour over my dogs food once per day. Not only was Big Jake willing to chow down on the Calm and Quiet formula, he seemed to enjoy the taste as he licked his bowl clean.

I also really liked how informative the Therabis website was. It’s apparent that this company wants to educate people about the potential health benefits of CBD and how and why it affects dogs. The Therabis website also clearly explains that it may take continual administration of their natural health supplements, over a period of time, to notice desired effects in our furry friends. About 30 days into the daily use of Therabis Calm and Quiet, Dr. Psycho Pants has slowly transitioned into Mr. Please Take Me With You. Big Jake still watches me like a hawk when he suspects that I’m planning to leave him at home, but his tantrums have been toned down into more of a guilt trip.

I will definitely continue to sprinkle Therabis Calm and Quiet on top of Big Jake’s breakfast every morning, and I may soon try the Up and Moving now that he is officially a senior dog.

therabis calm and quiet reviewTypical Mr. Fluff asleep at a party.
Aceso Calm Sachet Review

Aceso Calm Sachet Review

I consume cannabis to relax. When I light a bowl, it’s to relieve stress and anxiety, unwind, or lose unwanted thoughts. Sometimes, however, I don’t want to get high: I just want to mellow out. Those are the times when I opt for a CBD (cannabidiol) consumable product because I know the seizure-stopping, inflammation reducing cannabinoid helps me chill without the buzz.

Sometimes it’s difficult to find CBD-rich product options without psychoactive THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), and most of the time I can only find CBD in concentrated forms to dab. When I discovered that there was an “Emergen-C for weed” (that is legal everywhere and doesn’t get you high) in the form of an herbalist, CBD and terpene enriched powder, I got very excited. I had to try it for myself, and I liked it so much that I decided to review it.

Emergen-C, the dissolvable powder you gulp in a glass of water, delivers much needed vitamins to the body and helps to strengthen the immune system. The CBD-version of this phenomenon is called Aceso, and while Aceso doesn’t claim to cure anything, it’s packed with cannabinoids, terpenes, and vitamins and is formulated to work with the body’s endocannabinoid system and receptors.

For the purpose of this review, I sampled the Aceso “Calm” Powder Sachet (Sachet is Latin for sack or bag).

aceso calm review

The first aspect of Aceso that caught my eye was its sleek, modern packaging. This is a friendly brand that I want to get to know. The modern font and nature imagery play well together, allowing me to notice just from the packaging that I’m purchasing a natural product.

Each 30 pack comes with a 20 sachets containing a total of 225 milligrams cannabinoids or 7.5 per sachet. The 7.5 milligrams cannabinoids are indicative of all natural Hemp CBD, the property that along with naturally derived terpenes causes the calming effect in its products.

That’s a small dose for someone my size/experience, so I doubled down and consumed two packets of Aceso Calm or 15 mgs of CBD. I poured the powder into a small glass of water (about 8 ounces), watched as it calmly mixed in, and then it was bottoms up! First time consumers should stick to the recommended serving of one sachet.

The first thing I noticed was, unlike Emergen-C, this stuff tastes good! Real good! Soothing lavender flavors (a characteristic of the linalool terpene) hit my mouth almost instantaneously. As I continued to drink the Calm, more of a grapefruit taste (a characteristic of the limonene terpene) came through.

Then, I did what I always do when I consume edible cannabinoids: I waited. Usually, with edibles, this waiting is a long time, sometimes over an hour and up to two hours.

When I started to feel the subtle calming effects of the Aceso Calm Sachet just 30 minutes after I drank it, I was pleasantly surprised. Since it was only noon, I felt slightly concerned that my ability to focus may be hindered. Fortunately, the opposite happened. The Aceso Calm helped me focus during the day as my mind relaxed and my head stopped spinning.

I was not at all high at any point. I was just relaxed and clear headed. Aceso’s herbalist formula of whole plant hemp and natural ingredients clearly worked well together, at least on my psyche.

So later that evening, I decided to double down on the Calm again as I was having trouble sleeping. Like clockwork, 30 minutes after I finished my drink–and 30 minutes into a new novel–the pages began turning a lot more quickly and I stopped thinking about my electric bill.

The best kind of deep sleep gradually hit me like a smooth wave about an hour later, and I woke up feeling fresh to death!

Since then, Aceso has become a fairly regular part of my diet. I haven’t tried the Aceso spray just yet, nor the “Soothe” or “Wellness” formulas–but given the success I found with Calm, I will be looking for both very soon!

Learn more about Aceso Calm and other Aceso products right here

Bernie Canter

Simply Pure Dispensary Opens in Denver

Simply Pure Dispensary Opens in Denver

The opening of a new dispensary in Denver isn’t necessarily national news, although it is noteworthy due to the fact that both the city and county of Denver aren’t currently accepting applications for cannabis retail locations of any type. Simply Pure, which opened in mid-September near downtown in the Highlands, purchased its licenses from the Releaf Center, which closed in 2014. The dispensary sells a limited selection of cannabis flowers, but specializes in organic edibles and concentrates.

With more dispensaries than McDonald’s and Starbucks locations combined, the Mile High City has definitely embraced the cannabis culture with an open-market approach to cultivation and dispensing regulations, allowing a wide variety of products and retailers to duke it out in the marketplace. Such an environment allows robust competition that encourages high quality levels and spurs demand for niche products and services that serve patients with special needs or connoisseurs seeking exceptional or rare cannabis products.


Simply Pure is a good example of the type of cannabis retail specialization that is becoming increasingly popular among Denver’s residents and tourists. Owners Scott Durrah and Wanda James previously owned and managed the Denver Apothecary — which focused on organic edibles — until 2012, when it was forced to close due to what James said was a market that wasn’t interested in its particular organic products. Said James:

“Back then, everybody was focusing on selling the cheapest and most potent edibles. When the market changed to potent edibles, the market for organic edibles just wasn’t there.”

Fast forward three years, during which a dynamic and rapidly growing recreational market has emerged in Denver, fueled not only by in-state consumers, but also by canna-tourism and the fact that Colorado allows those from out-of-state to purchase up to a quarter ounce of cannabis per day. Driven partly by recreational demand, cannabis edibles of all varieties are now considerably more common than in 2012. In fact, according to the Marijuana Enforcement Division in Colorado, about five million edibles were sold in the state in 2014 alone, with 2015 expected to yield even bigger numbers.

Co-owner Scott Durrah, who is also head chef at Jezebel’s Southern Bistro and Bar, will direct the in-house production of Simply Pure’s cannabis-infused foods and baked goods. In addition to its own products, the new dispensary will sell popular Denver-based brands such as Dixie and Viola Extracts. Durrah said:

“I’m a cannabis chef, but I also have a bad back, so I consume it daily, whether it’s through food or flower.”

Photo credit: BusinessDen

The Dabber’s Review of Phish Dick’s Colorado 2015

The Dabber’s Review of Phish Dick’s Colorado 2015

As if my seat in a corporate sponsored suite didn’t set me apart enough from the Phans convulsing at field level, the “White Zombie In Concert” t-shirt I wore added another mile of distance between our two perceived worlds. This is not to say they’re not my people though, I’ve just kept a low profile as of late.

It had been 12+ years since I last saw Phish perform together.

When I was a nineteen year-old freshman in college I skipped my first math test in order to drive to Chicago to try out for SLAMBALL and catch a show on the band’s first tour since their hiatus in the early 2000’s. While I didn’t make a SLAMBALL roster that day and I ended up having to drop that math course and re-take it the following semester, it remains to be one of the more prudent decisions I’ve made for myself.

slamball (1)

In the interim I’d seen Jon Fishman play with Pork Tornado, caught Mike Gordon and Trey Anastasio’s sets and marveled at two nights of Page McConnell playing with the Meter Men in New Orleans. Phish never hooked me but I certainly appreciate the force with which they command their legions to boogie.

A few wrong turns, a police detour and several near collisions with spaced-out prancers finally found our arrival at the VIP parking lot with plenty of time to wade into the velvet sea of patchouli and LSD. The drug culture that pervades the Phish community could make any Silk Road user blush. Upon our arrival, my host and I were greeted by some 45-year-old party enthusiasts conspicuously key bumping to the sounds of the live Phish recording playing out of their Subaru hatchback. The looks on their cocaine residue covered faces when we plugged a dab rig into the cigarette lighter and proceeded to take face-melters was memorable; it became priceless once they were gifted with free joints courtesy of Whaxy!

whaxy joint tin

While you enjoy yourself at a Phish show, all manner of Schedule One drugs are offered for sale, trade and trial; Schedule Two and Three are available but less readily so. Security provided in and around the venue is lax enough to ensure that no attendee is without sufficient party favors once the show begins. Dr. Mescalito was nowhere to be found or my partially kempt appearance precluded me from gaining the trust of parking lot pushers.

In my previous sojourn to Shakedown Street over a decade ago a “ganja goo-ball” is what I sought out and found without problem or confidence in product. Depicting the prime example of how legalization has positively impacted the safety of cannabis consumption, on the first of Phish’s 3-night Colorado run in a suite hosted by Whaxy and Dixie Elixirs, we sampled luxury chocolate bars infused with cannabis.

The sun went down and hands went up. Glow sticks started being launched shortly after the first note of the first song struck Wook ear. At that moment the contrast between my two Phish experiences started becoming more discernible.


Last go round’ Mexican Brown and KC Bunk were rolled into a few crooked pinners and slipped in an interior pocket of a Midwestern winter coat for relief from the hot and stuffy Rosemont Horizon. On this evening blunts filled with eighths and mixed with grams of hash were passed with glee in open air and circulated amongst our suite neighbors.

The police officer tasked with roaming our level respectfully visited us on multiple occasions. Most notably one stopover he commended us on our good behavior; a striking endorsement seeing as all the guests we’re cannabis industry professionals. In my professional opinion he appeared to have caught a “contact-buzz”, which may explain the number of visits.

During the set break one of my favorites Phans appeared with an adorably delicate rig and offered dabs and tales from some of her previous 89 shows. When the second set began and she was still visiting with us upstairs, her anxiety manifested into dancing and motivated her to bounce around the room to say her good-byes.

“I wish I could stay up here and dab for the rest of the show…. I’ve got to get back to my people!” her words, not mine.

Everyone’s got to have a code; I admire her dedication to the tribe. So much so that I accepted an invitation to venture to field level and view the show from a different vantage point.

It’s very easy to lose sight of the party you are following once you arrive at ground zero. Dance is the prescribed method of transportation between the masses of stationary revelers. If you’re not shaking it, you’re not making it! Meeting up with your posse is far easier now compared to my last Phishing trip and within only a few minutes and texts a group of excited merrymakers greeted my introduction to their circle with geniality.


An aforementioned blunt had made its way down from the upstairs party and quickly lit up the new crew with all the hashie goodness one could expect from a demon pearled with so much care, skill and concentrates. While the Pre ‘98 Bubba Kush slowly burned with the shatter for the length of a song or two or three, I looked at all the happy people, busting moves unaccompanied by fear of judgments and I thought about the traffic jam potential on the way out.

We beat the traffic but not the law. We had to take another detour that added at least 10 minutes to our trip time. I imagine Phish will still be getting into heavy things another twelve years from now, but I’ll always be on the lookout for a miracle until then.

phish poster

Dixie Synergy Relief Balm Review

Dixie Synergy Relief Balm Review

Typically, topicals are not at the top of my list of therapeutic products. I prefer to spend my hard earned cash on products that have a track record for easing my pain — and feeling stoned isn’t an objectionable side-effect either. All the moisturizing lotions and cooling creams that I’ve tried in the past have failed to meet my expectations on both fronts.

Unfortunately, my joints are more akin to a 90 year old than that of a 22 year old, so the idea of finding a good salve was appealing to me. One fateful day, I decided to take a gamble, and purchased a jar of Dixie Synergy Relief Balm. A 50/50 blend of THC and CBD, the Synergy is a lot more potent than other topical offerings — the result of THC and CBD having a “greater than the sum of their parts,” entourage effect when combined in a 1:1 ratio.

dixie synergy relief balm review

I wanted to get the most out of the salve, so I asked a nurse friend of mine where she recommended that I apply the salve. As per her suggestions, I rubbed the balm on my wrists, inner elbow, armpit, neck, and on the tops of my feet. To be honest, I was pretty skeptical, but less than five minutes later, I knew I hadn’t wasted my money. It was as if I had been wrapped in a warm blanket of content. The aches in my knees, shoulders, and back melted away and a smile crept on my face. The crushing anxiety caused by my approaching finals lifted, and life was good. I didn’t feel as though I had smoked a joint — there was no mental fogginess associated with the therapeutic effects I was experiencing.

I use the Synergy balm daily, and wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone with aches and pains, or any kind of anxiety.

It’s now my go-to recommendation for people looking for the therapeutic benefits of THC and CBD, without the intoxicating effects associated with smoking or eating cannabis. After extensive testing on myself, I have found that the THC/CBD infused Dixie Synergy Relief Balm offers a nice, therapeutic and general all-over effect, as opposed to a local effect. Because it is transdermal, the cannabinoids are absorbed through the skin, directly into the bloodstream.

synergy relief balm

dixie elixirs synergy relief balm

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