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Incredibles Boulder Bar Review

Incredibles Boulder Bar Review

Whenever I bite into a piece of delicious chocolate, I always find myself dreaming about what that chocolate would taste like if it had cannabis in it. Combining delicious sweets like chocolate and bits of toffee can only be ameliorated by one thing: a top-shelf marijuana hybrid.

Incredibles have created a staple in the edibles world with this powerhouse of flavor and potency in their tastiest offering yet- the Boulder Bar. This sugary delicacy is well-known for being enjoyed by athletes for its active high and uniform infusion locked into each piece. Having never had the pleasure of tasting a Boulder Bar, I decided to dive right in.



The unsullied slab of milk chocolate comes prepared with an overall infusion of 100mg of lab-tested THC. For the edibles novice- or anyone that wants just a “tickle” of medication- one 10mg chocolate square is recommended. Knowing that I have a bit of a high tolerance, I started with two squares right off the bat and waited impatiently like a kid on Christmas for the effects to kick in.


The child-proof packaging itself is a work of ingenuity on this bold bar. With a fun sliding mechanism that took me longer to figure out than I’d like to admit, I eventually got it open to reveal a dark treat tucked away inside. The lustrous sheen of the milk chocolate bar was immediately noticeable and upon closer inspection, demarcated and stamped into 10mg pieces of breakable deliciousness.

Taste & Texture

A strong whiff of cannabis and chocolate emanated from the packaging, so I prepared my palette with a quick smacking of the lips and bit into the first square. Right away I could taste the potency packed into just this one bite of infused chocolate, but the unexpected crunch of the scrumptious toffee soon conquered my taste buds.

The texture is smooth as silk and doesn’t melt in the hand right away like some chocolates. If you have the foresight to make a munchie-run before indulging, I highly recommend picking up some fresh strawberries to compliment this goodie.


20mg of THC was plenty enough to oscillate my body for a solid 6 hours. I first noticed the effects kicking in right behind my eyes after about an hour. Wondering if I needed to eat more, the nice mellow body buzz soaked into my extremities with each passing minute. After only 90 minutes, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was not glued to my couch like many edibles seem to do, but rather energized and ready to spring into action. For a cannabis veteran like myself, two small squares were more than enough to keep me relaxed and feeling fantastic on a cold Colorado day.


Incredibles’ Boulder Bar was a real mouth pleaser that supplied my body with a long-lasting body tingle and motivating head high. Even through several rounds of munchies and a three-course meal, the uplifting elevation remained and left me with absolutely zero doubt that I would be returning to Incredibles to explore their other offerings.

image credit: Incredibles

Comparing Popular Colorado Cannabis Edibles

Comparing Popular Colorado Cannabis Edibles

Gone are the days of space cakes and special brownies; in today’s booming cannabis industry, the edible options are infinite. Recently, I was given the opportunity to sample two popular infused chocolate bars from two of the most reputable edibles brands in Colorado. Purchased from LivWell on Pearl Street in Denver, the highly lauded Leafs by Snoop and the indelible Incredibles provided some of the most potent and delicious candy I have ever eaten.

For the purpose of this review, I’m going to compare the two.

First up is the Leafs by Snoop Strawberries N Cream with Waffle Bits. This fuscia, strawberry-flavored candy bar melts in your mouth, leaving sugary, crispy and crunchy waffle bits coating your tongue. At 10 pieces per 100mg THC box (meaning each individual piece is infused with 10mg), you’ll want to start slowly; these savory shards of chocolate are strong enough to satisfy Snoop Dogg himself!

The box is sleek, stylish and childproofed, making it safe and easy to enjoy any time. My only complaint is that there aren’t enough waffle bits and the berry flavor can be overwhelming without them. Nonetheless, I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking to try something delectable and new.

colorado cannabis edibles brands

The second edible I sampled was the flavorful Salted Pistachio Mint bar by Incredibles. With just a hint of mint, this white-chocolate treat could pass for cookies n’ cream. At 10 pieces per 100mg THC container, the fantastic flavor combination of salted pistachios with a hint of mint in infused white chocolate will leave you uplifted and energized.

This Salted Pistachio Mint bar comes packaged in a resealable childproof bag instead of a box, leaving it more prone to breaking apart into smaller pieces or losing its shape before being opened. Regardless, I don’t buy edibles for their shape as much as for their flavors and effects, so a few broken pieces aren’t a big deal.

If you’re in the market for edibles in Colorado, don’t overlook the candy bars. These potent, portable, and palatable cannatreats are not to be missed!

Running high with ultra-endurance athlete Avery Collins

Running high with ultra-endurance athlete Avery Collins

cannabis athletes

When it comes to pushing the human body beyond its physical and mental limits, Avery Collins might be a wizard masquerading as an early-twenties endurance athlete. In the last three years alone, Avery has competed in over thirty (yes, thirty) ultramarathons and finished in first place or near the top in nearly every single one.

And here’s the kicker – he is one of the first professional athletes to do it while landing big-time sponsorships from the cannabis industry, including the popular edibles brand Incredibles, Mary’s Medicinals and Roll-uh-Bowl. CEO and Founder of Incredibles, Rick Scarpello, describes the relationship with Collins as a “match made in heaven.”

“Cannabis is a great tool for training and working out. Avery is tops in his sport and a pleasure to work with,”

continued Scarpello.

For those of you unfamiliar with ultramarathons, imagine running the typical marathon distance of 26.2 miles and then instead of collecting your sticker and going home after reaching the finish line, you decide to keep on running – for miles, hours or even days. Some events stretch out for over 200 miles and even up to 1,000.

For me, it’s hard to even picture driving those distances, let alone using nothing but your own two legs (and a lot of energy bars, I would assume) and sheer will power.

But for 23-year-old professional ultramarathoner Avery Collins, 200 miles in a single race was enough to separate him from the pack by over 5 hours to win the mind-blowing Colorado 200 last year; a race so difficult and so physically and mentally demanding that at one point he actually hallucinated celebrities waving to him from imaginary billboards littering the singletrack mountainside trail.

Avery admits that although he never uses cannabis during a competition, marijuana has become an essential part of his workouts and training for those grueling multi-day races and post-competition recoveries:

“Definitely edibles a couple times per day. Usually some in the morning, some before the run, (and) at night A LOT because I find that going to bed high, I wake up very much refreshed.”

For edibles, Avery’s go-to products are the 500mg “Mile Higher” mint bar and “Mikiba” nutrition bar from Incredibles. Like all athletes that know their limits, he recommends starting off with a low dose (around 5mg of THC) and gradually upping the amount after giving it some time to kick in while on a run and letting your body adjust before ingesting more.

cannabis for athletesCollins holding a Mary’s Medicinals topical cream, infused with cannabinoids like CBC, CBDA and THCA, intended to relieve muscle soreness, pain and inflammation.

Over the years, cannabis has become a regular part of Avery’s athletic routine for many reasons. First, he claims that taking edibles before a run is fantastic for longer training days when the mind needs something to focus on in order to alleviate the boredom and help keep the legs moving forward. On top of that, it’s also a highly effective pain killer. After training nearly every day with 30+ mile runs in order to prepare for ultramarathons like last year’s Fat Dog 120 and most recently the Ultra Fiord in Patagonia, Chile (which he attempted while being deathly sick), Avery uses a combination of edibles and topical ointments to help alleviate the pain and fatigue his legs and body undoubtedly endure.

Before speaking with Avery, I had always assumed that most athletes would simply dismiss smoking marijuana because of health or lung performance reasons. I was pleasantly surprised by the answer I received when I asked Avery whether he prefers to smoke or take edibles before a run:

“I enjoy smoking prior to running just because it’s more of a head high and the body is still very much able, whereas the edibles – I get a much stronger body high. It’s a little bit harder to run with edibles.”

Despite Avery’s resounding success in the world of ultramarathon running, he is looking forward to a future full of blazing new paths in other endurance sports. “Honestly, I’m looking forward to doing other endurance sports. I’ve always told this to my parents, but I always tell them that I’m not a runner, I’m an athlete. I’ll never be just a runner and I don’t want that one page to define my life. I plan on in the future really branching out. Maybe something like cross-country or split-board racing. I don’t even know if it exists yet, but if it does, I’m totally in it next winter.”

For a driven young endurance athlete like Avery, the sky is truly the limit, and he’s teaching others to follow their dreams and embrace the positive medicinal uses of cannabis in ultra-endurance sports. Referring to CBD topicals that you rub on sore muscles, Avery tells me that “you don’t have to get high to enjoy the benefits of cannabis in athletics. But at the same time, it is pretty awesome to go for a run when you’re high.”

I suppose there’s only one way to find out.

how athletes use cannabis


Photos courtesy of Avery Collins.

Incredibles Mango Gum-E’s 100mg Edibles Review

Incredibles Mango Gum-E’s 100mg Edibles Review

Toning down my intake from my last experience, I picked up a pack of Incredibles (get it?) Gum-Es 100mg in mango flavor. My beau’s Nintendo Wii just arrived in the mail, and with Christmas coming up, I decided to be generous and splurge on edibles, in hopes to make endless hours of Mario Cart racing more interesting.

Again, the foil packaging is clever because it alludes to the fact that it’s an “incredible edible.” There’s a huge green “e” logo on the right side to emphasize that it is a GUM-e, not Gum, like the top of the pouch may lead you to believe at first. If I had to compare the package size to a store bought candy, it resembles Big League Chew. Luckily for consumers, the pouch is re-sealable. For those of you who are health conscious, the label does indicate that it is a gluten free food and surprise bonus, has added vitamin C.

Although he declined the offer, claiming it would impair his Wii driving skills, it did not dissuade me from breaking off a 10mg piece. Upon opening up the seal, a light, sweet scent greeted me as I pulled out two, mango-colored, gummy candies that are approximately the width of a small clementine and about half-an-inch thick.

Now this next part is important: There are no pre-cut lines on the candy. This means that if you are not planning on eating one entire gummy (the equivalent of 50mg of THC, which is a hefty amount), then the sections you cut have to be as accurate as possible. I used an extremely sharp steak knife and made indents with a tape measurer to know exactly where to slice it. You don’t have to go to those extremes, but do attempt to make the slices even.

The Gum-E tastes exactly the same as it smells. It has a nice, soft gooey texture akin to that of Sunkist Fruit Gems candy. The flavor is a perfect blend of mango goodness and a hint of Mary Jane. If you’re a lover of gummies in general, then I definitely recommend this product based on taste alone.

As for the user-experience, I’m a fan of the effects as much as the flavor. It leaves you with the kind of high that people typically aim for: happy, mellow, and still able to socialize. While I did only consume a slice worth around 10mg, for me it was more than enough. The company does stress on their website, in terms of dosage, how accurate their batches are since they originally were intended for medical patients.

It may have been because of the smaller dose I took, but I did not experience any couch lock as I typically do with other edibles. I started feeling the effects about an hour later and only noticed because I was suddenly full of euphoria and was smiling about circulating thoughts I had while navigating the Mushroom Gorge level with Toad. Sidenote: That level is hard regardless of supplemental impairment. Additionally the edibles proved to be effective in treating a mild back ache that had been plaguing my day.

All-in-all, Incrediebles Gum-Es provided a very pleasurable experience. As a last reminder before consuming, these gummies may taste amazing, but don’t gobble one all up at once because it is a highly concentrated product. Start small and wait about three hours before ingesting any more. If you truly do not feel anything three hours later, then only one small extra piece should do the trick to bring you to that happy place.

Lastly, unless you get the sweats from racing your friends in Mario Kart Wii, save a sliver for a more fun activity like a social gathering.

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