The 5 Healthiest Cities In America Use Cannabis

The 5 Healthiest Cities In America Use Cannabis

In a recent study conducted by Nerd Wallet, some nerds got together to take a look at how the 50 largest American cities stacked up against each other when it comes to health. They looked at fitness levels, obesity rates, and healthcare accessibility to determine which city deserves the title of America’s healthiest.

The results of the study were in no way groundbreaking; 4 of the top 10 were west-coast metro areas. You know, the kale smoothie yoga types. While we could anecdotally say these folks are the Whole Food shopping hippies, they have one other thing in common: legal pot.

Boston Skyline

1. Boston – A hub for medical research, Boston ranks first in the nation with the highest number of doctors per capita. They also rank highly for exercise rates and, on average, are covered by health insurance a higher percentage of the time.

Along with healthy residents the state of Massachusetts has established a medical marijuana program that will allow up to 35 dispensaries for the state.

San Francisco Skyline

2. San Francisco – San Francisco ranks second for healthiest city in the nation. The city is among the most fit in the nation and scores very highly for walkability. The city did it’s part to establish the first medical marijuana dispensaries in the country, and until recently, California led the nation in progressive marijuana laws.

Portland Skyline

3. Portland – Portland ranks third in the nation with a high rate of healthcare coverage and an extremely active population. Known for bike commuting, it’s no wonder that Portland has secured it’s place at the top of the list. In November, Oregon residents voted to tax and regulate recreational marijuana for the state.

Seattle Skyline

4. Seattle – Coming in 4th is the rainy city of Seattle. Their high scores for the fitness index and healthy body weights pushed them to the top of the list. Washingtonians voted to legalize marijuana back in 2012 and in July of last year they sold their first recreational joint.

Denver Skyline

5. Denver – Denver rounds out the top 5 cities because of their extremely active population. Outdoor sports like skiing and hiking keep the Denver population active all year round. As the first major city to experience recreational marijuana, it may come as a surprise that residents are among the most active in the nation.

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The Cannabis Christmas Sweaters List

The Cannabis Christmas Sweaters List

Finding your wardrobe is a little short of festive?

Some of the leading cannabis clothing brands have you covered. From a smoke friendly Santa to Frosty Dopeman, you’ll be a standout at your holiday parties this year.


Get Your Nugs Up –$45


Frosty Dopeman – €28.99


High For Christmas – $38


Homemade Hoody – $378.61

Men's Weed Leaf Sweatshirt

Weed Leaf Crewneck – $21.99

Outer Space Weed Sweatshirt

Weed Galaxy Sweater – $65.00


Smoking Santa – $24.95

These 10 States Smoke The Most Weed

These 10 States Smoke The Most Weed

As the trend of marijuana decriminalization continues in America, so too do the amount of people willing to admit that they’ve taken a puff or two in the past. According to a 2013 Gallup Poll, about 38% of Americans say that they have tried marijuana in their lives.

Marijuana Use Graph

With more and more Americans willing to fess up to smoking, one begins to wonder where these smokers are dispersed throughout the country. According to a recent article, these states are rank among the highest for marijuana consumption per capita.

1. Alaska: Not who we expected to see at the top of the list. With over 68,000 people over 18 reporting marijuana use during in the past month, that means just over 13% of the Alaskan’s are lighting up. It’s a safe bet that this number will increase post-legalization.

2. Rhode Island: Another unlikely candidate for top stoner state. Just under 13% of Rhode Island’s small population said they’ve smoked in the last month.

3. Vermont: This nature-loving, organic, and hormone-free state is less of a surprise, but still beat out other states that have more progressive marijuana legislation.

4. Oregon: With new marijuana legislation in place, Oregon comes as no surprise as a weed-friendly state. Just over 12.4% of Oregonians have lighted up within the past 30 days. Now they’re doing it legally.

5. District of Columbia: We know it’s not a state, but DC ranks highly among places with high marijuana consumption. Over 10.5% of residents have smoked within the last calendar month.

6. Montana: Montana’s sparse population has some similarities to the freedom-loving, gun-toting state of Alaska. These states prize their personal liberties and smoking weed may be one of those liberties they enjoy most.

7. Colorado: The only surprise here is that Colorado wasn’t ranked higher. With tourists and residensts flocking to the state, it would come as no surprise to see CO jump up on the list in coming years.

8. Washington: Right behind Colorado both in legislation and consumption, this state will similarly keep it’s spot on this list. As WA begins to roll out retail locations, look for a bump in state consumption.

9. Massachusetts: Around 9.26% of these New Englanders say they use marijuana. The state is still working out their medical marijuana program and will likely continue to decriminalize in the next few years.

10. California: This state has an astounding 2.5 million marijuana users, but their population is similarly large. For a state that’s known for marijuana production and consumption, this came as the biggest surprise on the list.

The 5 Best Gifts For Cannabis Cooks

The 5 Best Gifts For Cannabis Cooks

With Christmas just around the corner and the growing spotlight on marijuana edibles as an alternative to smoking, we put together the best 5 gifts for the cannabis cook in your life. Each product was selected to either make cooking with cannabis easier or add some unique flair to the kitchen of cannabis cooks. Whether you’re holiday shopping or looking for your own guilty pleasures, these gifts are sure to delight!

1. Magical Butter Machine

Magical Butter Product Photo

This is the all-star gift for the cannabis cook. If you’re familiar with cannabis cooking, you probably know that you start nearly every recipe with the preparation of your cannabutter. This can be a real hassle and time waster if you or your cook wants to get right down to business. This machine does the hard work for you and helps to produce consistent cannabis butter. $175

2. The Essential Cannabis Cookbook

Marijuana Cookbook

Jessica Catalano is one of the most respected cannabis cooks in Colorado or anywhere else. Her book “The Ganja Kitchen Revolution” is the self-proclaimed Bible of Cannabis Cuisine. The book is available in both paperback and Kindle, so you can prop up your iPad while tearin’ it up in the kitchen. Wether a newbie to cannabis cooking or an experienced ganja gastronomist, this book will inspire. $12-$16

3. Weed Shaped Cookie Cutters

Weed Shaped Cookie Cutter

These pot leaf shaped cutters will add some flair to any type of cookie! This is a simple and affordable gift and will be put to good use even if the recipe doesn’t contain cannabis. We highly recommend some green sprinkles to go on top of your fun and festive cookies! $7

4. Weed Leaf Baking Pan

Weed Shaped Baking Pan
This baking pan will set your recipes aside from the rest of the crowd. The non-stick silicon baking pan will help make infused goodies that look the part. The silicon pan will prevent your treats from getting stuck in the pan and is dishwasher safe. $12

5. Pot Holders

Pot Leaf Potholders

These put the “pot” in pot holders. The bright green holders are dishwasher safe and will be a good reminder to not reach directly for the pan when you’re baked and baking. This inexpensive and practical gift works cooks and smokers alike and will keep your mittens safe when you’re pulling your goodies out of the oven. $8

Marijuana Dosage Calculator

Stocking Stuffers For The Stoner In Your Life

Stocking Stuffers For The Stoner In Your Life

Whether it’s your festival loving niece or your weird uncle Andy, everyone has the family stoner. With black Friday now in full effect and cyber Monday just around the corner, it’s time to knock out that holiday shopping early. Even if you’re guiltily scouring for your own holiday bargains, these gifts will likely grab your attention.

1. Huf Plant Life Socks

Huf Pot Leaf Socks
These socks are a no-brainer for stocking stuffer for almost anyone. You’ve likely seen these in Urban Outfitters or a number of other stores, but this inexpensive gift will keep the toes toasty all winter! $12

2. Jonathan Adler Hash Candle

Weed Candle
This stylish and elegant little hash candle is yet another suitable gift the pretentious posthead. The white porcelain container is simple, hip, and doesn’t scream stoner. The candle has 2 wicks and burns up to 40 hours and is scented with black currant, green apple, wormwood, patchouli, and moss. $68

3. Stash Bag Pillow Case

Sour Diesel Stash Bag Pillow Case
This gift is only fitting for the true, smoke ‘till I die homey of yours. The stash pillow may not make it on to every bed set, but for the true cannabis connoisseur, this gift will be the raddest of the year. This hip home addition also comes with a hidden stash bag inside the pillow, though it won’t be fooling anyone. $35

4. 2015 Daily Weed Calendar

Daily Marijuana Calendar
Need an every day reminder of how awesome weed is? This may be the gift for you. This 368 page calendar has daily facts, grow tips, and pop culture references. $13

5. Strain Tees

Train Wreck T Shirt
These shirts are among the best strain t-shirts available on the web. With strain-specific shirts for the most popular strains including blue dream, white widow, trainwreck, girl scout cookies, and more, each tee has unique imagery depicting your faves. These soft and stylish tees can be found at Green Arbor Clothing. $19-$29

6. Raw Rolling Papers

Natural Rolling Papers
Give the ol’ lungs a break. These all hemp papers burn smoother and taste much better than bleached papers. If you’re going cheap or want a gift that’s suitable for several people, you can’t beat this is the ultimate stocking stuffer!

Photo Credit: StonerDays

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