Keef Cola Blue Dream Drink Review

Keef Cola Blue Dream Drink Review

Not every medical marijuana patient smokes cannabis to medicate. Many of them eat marijuana edibles as well, and for some, digesting it is the only option.

Thinking of marijuana edibles may initially bring brownies to mind, but there is actually a plethora of edible forms available for patients. Cannabis infused beverages are an alternative to food products, and one such example comes from one of Colorado’s most trusted manufacturers — Keef Cola.

Keef Cola produces a line of five different, strain-specific, medicinal cannabis beverages, and is the same company that makes the Oil Stix brand cannabis oil syringes and pens. Keef Cola beverages are only available to registered medical marijuana patients in Colorado at this time, and the beverages are available in Blue Dream, Flo Energy, Cherry Bomb Cola, Bubba Kush Root Beer and Orange Kush.

One of the Keef Cola beverages —Blue Dream Extreme — contains 100 mg of CO2 extracted cannabis in a 12 ounce, one-serving bottle.

Blue Dream, the widely popular strain extracted for use in this sweet and tasty beverage, is a perfectly balanced hybrid strain crossed from the indica-strain Blueberry and the sativa-strain Haze. Blue Dream is known for providing users with calm cerebral-euphoria and long lasting pain relief without heavy sedation. This is exactly what the Keef Cola Blue Dream beverage provides as well.

The Blue Dream beverages are bottled in glass that is wrapped with a bright blue label which clearly displays all ingredients and nutritional information. I liked that this beverage contains vitamins B3, B6, B12 and C along with the 100 mg of active cannabis.

I drank this Blue Dream beverage chilled, straight from the bottle, but it would also be delicious if poured over ice. The initial flavor is reminiscent of blue-raspberry candies, and is easy to drink. The flavor of the cannabis is only barely detectable in the aftertaste.

I noticed the soothing, pain-relieving body-relaxation effects within 25 minutes, and the calm cerebral effects were not far behind. It took about 50 minutes for me to fully feel it, but it could take up to 2 hours to feel the full effects for some users. It provided me with long lasting pain relief without limiting functionality or causing drowsiness, which is great for medicating at any time of day.

blue dream keef cola

Keef Cola Flo Energy Drink Review

Keef Cola Flo Energy Drink Review

There are more than 113,000 registered medical marijuana patients in Colorado, and not all of them smoke to medicate. Cannabis edibles and beverages are widely used throughout the medicinal community, and many dispensaries cannot keep the shelves stocked full enough to meet the needs of consumers. One such example comes from one of Colorado’s oldest producers — Keef Cola.

Only available in Colorado to registered medical marijuana patients, Keef Cola produces a line of five strain-specific medicinal cannabis beverages, and is the same company that makes the Oil Stix brand cannabis oil syringes and pens.

One of the Keef Cola beverages —Flo Energy Drink — contains caffeine, ginseng, taurine and guarana extract on top of the 50 mg of CO2 extracted cannabis in a 12 ounce, one-serving bottle.

Flo, the strain extracted for use in this crisp and refreshing beverage, is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain known to provide strong pain relief while leaving users feeling energized and clear-headed, and that is exactly how the Keef Cola Flo Energy drink made me feel.

The Flo Energy drink comes packaged in a style reminiscent of vintage soda bottles, and the brightly colored label clearly presents ingredients and nutritional information. I liked that it is made with agave nectar instead of sugar, which prevents the sweetness from being overwhelming.

I sampled it straight from the bottle and then poured it into a glass over ice. I preferred it over ice because the light grapefruit taste was more evident. The flavor of the cannabis is subtle, and only prominent in the aftertaste.

I started to feel uplifted and energized within about 20 minutes, but it took about 45 minutes to feel the full effects. It provided me with long lasting pain relief without limiting functionality which is great for medicating at any time of day.

keef cola flo energy

Infuzionz Strawberry Shortcake Bar 25 MG Review

Infuzionz Strawberry Shortcake Bar 25 MG Review

Eating cannabis in a variety of forms has been around for centuries, but the recent legalization of retail marijuana sales in Colorado and Washington in 2012 has sparked a huge market for new, tastier forms of edible marijuana treats. Do you have questions about marijuana edibles? Check out this Complete Guide to Marijuana Edibles to answer any questions.

Marijuana edibles crafted by the Denver area extraction company, Infuzionz, may be found exclusively at all 6 locations of  The Green Solution dispensaries in Colorado. In this review, you will learn details of the 25 mg Infuzionz Strawberry Shortcake Bar. The 25 mg version is only available to patients with a valid medical marijuana registry card. The same treat is available for recreational purposes on the retail side, but those will only contain 10 mg per serving. The Colorado campaign, “Start low, go slow,” indicates that novice users should ingest a maximum of 10 mg the first time.

25 mg THC Marijuana Dosage

This medicated treat is approximately 2 inches by 2 inches of sweet strawberry and vanilla cake. The first, thickest layer of this tiny treat is white cake. On top of the white cake, is a thin layer of pink strawberry and vanilla crumble. The most prominent flavors in this item are strawberry and vanilla, but the flavor of cannabis was also easily detected. The marijuana taste of this product was by no means overwhelming, but was definitely evident. Even if the product was out of the package, a person would be able to detect the scent and taste of cannabis.

The texture of this pre-packaged edible remained consistent with that of a fresh mini-cake, despite the unknown amount of time it spent in a package waiting to be sold. It was moist and flavorful. Although, the date this treat was made is not included on the package, there is an expiration date to prevent ingesting an expired item. There is also a batch number for tracking.

Infuzionz Edibles Package

The packaging of this product is clear, concise and simple, but is not designed to be child resistant. Therefore, under Colorado law, these items must be placed in a child-resistant container before the purchaser may exit the dispensary.

There is a lengthy warning on the back of the package which clearly states basic information such as, the item contains marijuana, “intoxicating effects may be delayed by two or more hours,” and that it is only intended for consumption by adults aged twenty-one years and older. The milligrams of marijuana contained in the item is listed in 3 places on the package making it very easy to identify how much THC is in each package.

The package indicated that this edible item was processed in a plant that also uses wheat, soy, nuts, dairy, gluten and eggs. The ingredients listed on the front of the package are as follows:

  • White cake mix
  • Flour
  • Butter
  • Gelatin mix
  • Pudding mix
  • Cream cheese
  • Powdered sugar
  • Whole eggs
  • Coconut oil
  • Heavy cream
  • Natural Flavoring
  • Hash oil

High School Student Accidentally Gives Teacher Pot Brownie

High School Student Accidentally Gives Teacher Pot Brownie

A student in Arnold, Maryland accidentally gave his teacher a weed brownie during school hours. The Broadneck High School student was sharing a marijuana infused brownie with his girlfriend while helping a teacher, when the teacher asked for a piece of the brownie. Afraid of revealing that the brownie was laced, the student gave the teacher a portion of the brownie without telling her.

By early afternoon the teacher knew something was off and made a trip to the school nurse. An ambulance took the teacher to a local hospital from which she was later released. Lieutenant T.J. Smith told a local news station,

“He kind of panicked and was scared to tell her that there was marijuana in the brownie.”

The student was later arrested on charges of marijuana distribution, second-degree assault, and reckless endangerment. Although authorities recognize that this was not an incident of ill intent, the illegality and negligence by the teen could mean some harsh penalties.

Broadneck High School

A letter to parents was released later that day, reading:

Hello parents,

I am writing you to let you know about an incident that occurred at school today. One of our teachers was given a brownie by a student and, soon thereafter, began to become disoriented. She was seen by the school nurse and told the nurse about eating the brownie. The nurse immediately summoned me and I sent an administrator to get the student so he could be questioned. The student admitted to giving the teacher the brownie and knowing it contained marijuana.

We are still investigating this matter and will provide more information if it is warranted. More immediately, however, I wanted you let you know of this matter so that if your child exhibits any unexplained symptoms, you would know about this issue and be able to relay it to any appropriate medical or other personnel.

Police are also continuing to investigate. Separate from their investigation, our school will take appropriate action in accordance with the Code of Student Conduct with regard to the student involved.

I urge you to talk with your child about this matter and encourage them to only consume food that they bring to school or that is purchased at our school.

Thank you, and have a good evening.

David Smith


Cheeba Chews Caramel Sativa Edible Review

Cheeba Chews Caramel Sativa Edible Review

When it comes to weed, I’ve always considered myself more of a traditional user sticking to bowls, bongs, and blunts. Items such as edibles were more of a luxury or entertainment method of consuming cannabinoids mainly because it meant we had to wait until someone’s parents went on a weekend trip and we had full use of a kitchen at our disposal. Edibles also meant that depending on which batch of the brownie you ate, one person was going to get super high and the other wasn’t going to feel any effects. The butter was never distributed evenly.

Since moving to Colorado, however, I’ve been exposed to all sorts of crazy concoctions within the edibles category. From cookies to cakes to candies, I could not ignore the lure. Some of the coolest products I’ve found here are candy based. It’s a sweet alternative to pop something sugary to get a nice buzz going as opposed to wheezing and having to worry about the neighbors. There are particular caveats that consumers should be aware of before purchasing and consuming.

For this particular review, I chose a popular product that has received several cannabis-cup accolades. They’re called, Cheeba Chews. Cheeba Chews are available in several different strains and flavors. I picked up one of their stronger offerings, a caramel sativa chew with 100mg of THC.

The caramel sativa Cheeba Chew came in a package approximately the size of a Milk Dud box, which is perfect for slipping into a pants’ pocket or storing it somewhere discreet. Most likely to match with the flavor, the box is a light, caramel color as well that opens to reveal one, large foiled nugget of a candy that resembles a soft, caramel chew.

Cheeba Chew Effects

I would not recommend eating the entire chew in one sitting. There are five, 20mg measurements on the side of the packaging that will help guide the consumer into divvying up the candy. I used a small, sharp paring knife for accuracy. I sliced off two, 20mg pieces from the chew and then rewrapped the rest of it with the foil it came with, stuck it back in it’s box, and put the entire thing into a Ziploc baggy. For later use, store it in a cool, dry place because it truly is the consistency of taffy and will probably melt.

Another tip to know before consuming any edible is that every person reacts differently to it. Other factors to take into consideration are: your height and weight, if you ate a regular meal beforehand, and if you had any other THC product prior to enjoying your edible.

I happen to be on the smaller side, but ate a full meal prior to consuming the edible to be safe. After digesting dinner, I knew a few friends were coming over to watch Dumb & Dumber Too, so I figured it would be an ideal opportunity to test what type of high I would get. I’d be watching a comedy in a feel-good environment without the thought of having to drive anywhere afterwards hanging over my head. Thus, any anxious thoughts were diminished at this point.

Ten minutes into the film, I popped the first 20mg cut and waited. The taste is much more pungent than it smells. Upon first chomp, a strong flavor, equal-parts caramel and weed, was released along with a waxy-film. Imagine you are eating a caramel-flavored tootsie roll with a tinge of weed. While enjoyable to eat, the flavor alone could tell the user it was potent.

Forty-minutes later, I was finally feeling the effects. This particular Cheeba Chew gave me a very strong body high. If you think you can party on it, trust me and save it for a movie night like I did. You are definitely couch-locked, but your mind is alert. For as lethargic as I was feeling, my thoughts were still sharp. It left me feeling subdued, but not in the happy sense, more of a state of calmness. It might be good for activities like writing a paper because not only will you be glued to your chair, but your mind will also be clear.

Cheeba Chews can take up to an hour and a half to kick-in and normally peak your high at around hour three. I did end up taking the second cut near the hour and fifteen mark. If you are a new user or on the smaller side like me, I highly suggest you refrain from doing this and let the chew play out on its own by taking only one, 20mg cut.

The second cut tasted more like caramel with a hint of mocha flavoring. The weed taste was less apparent in the second dose. My mind remained active and despite my body wanting to do nothing more than burrow into my couch, the munchies were calling and I found myself in the kitchen making a full-sized pizza for everyone. So, not all muscle movements are impaired. They will just feel like they might be. I was able to cook the pizza correctly and serve it.

I also should note that they completely dull pain. I have a really bad back from running and usually toss and turn all night. My back did not hurt at all and I got a great night’s sleep.

Around the two-hour mark, I was uncomfortably high. They might suppress pain, but they do not quell anxiety. The double dose was a bit much for my size. My thoughts were still clear, but they began to race a bit more than with the first dose. As for body effects, I felt as heavy as lead combined with the classic, “droopy-eye,” syndrome. It lasted for the full six hours.

In short, Cheeba Chews are a delicious, pain-relieving treat and great in small doses. My advice: Buy a pack, take a cut, and save the rest for a rainy day. You won’t be going anywhere for a while…Except for maybe the library.

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