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Weed Games: Everybody loves a good game – whether it be a cornhole competition at a summer BBQ, or a few rounds poker in Vegas.

Given the right situation, and the right kind of bud, games can be even more fun with marijuana. Not only does cannabis spark our creativity, it also has the potential to bring out our competitiveness, which is the perfect recipe for enjoying some game time.

No matter if you’re hanging out with friends or lighting up alone, check out these cannabis-themed games, toys, and activities to enjoy while you partake.

Cannabis-Themed Games

Attend the 420 Games

weed games 420 games

Number one on our list is the 420 Games: an event that takes place throughout the year in select cities around the country. This event really is one of a kind. It focuses on “destigmatizing millions of responsible, positive cannabis users through athletic achievement.”

In every city, each event consists of a 4.20 mile fun run, a beer garden courtesy of Lagunitas Brewery, music, and educational speeches on cannabis. Participants can run, walk, skate, or ride the distance, whatever their choice!

Stoned Hangman

weed games hangman

This is the perfect game if you and a friend are sitting around taking bong rips. Similar to regular Hangman, each player gets to choose whether they want to make three guesses or try to solve the puzzle. But be careful: an incorrect guess at the solution ends your turn and requires you to smoke as penance. Don’t be fooled though; it may look like regular old hangman but solving these puzzles is not easy!

Stoned Mario

weed games mario

If you were a fan of the old Mario games for Nintendo, you’ll love this variation where Mario is completely and utterly wasted. Sluggishly make your way through the levels and deter your enemies by blowing a plume of smoke in their faces. The game’s damsel in distress has been arrested and jailed for growing pot, and it’s up to you to help Mario focus long enough to save her!

Smokin’ Dice Game

weed games smokin dice

If you’re looking for a simple smoking game to enjoy with friends, this game will provide hours of fun without breaking the bank. Take a puff, laugh as hard as you can, or take two tokes; just roll these dank dice and follow the directions! Get them now, on sale from the Hippie Shop, for $6.99.

Stonerware Chess Set

weed games chess

Are you a cannabis enthusiast who is also a chess genius? If so, this is the perfect chess set for you. Each piece is weed-themed, from bongs and pipes right down to the tiny marijuana leaf pawns. The best news? It’s available on Amazon Prime for only $44.99.

Stoner City

weed games stoner city

If you’re a fan of strategy-based board games, Stoner City is a monopoly-esque game that lets you be the head of your own budding weed business. The only problem is that it’s a bit of a collectible, with used versions selling on Amazon for upwards of $120.

THC The Game

weed games thc the game

Remember playing Candyland for hours with your friends when you were a kid? Now you can enjoy the adult version for $12.99 with THC The Game. Wind your way through Mouth Smokemore, the Cannabis Forrest, Bong Meadows, and MJ Thicket on your way to victory.

Weed Shop: The Game

weed games weed shop

Available for iPhone and Android users alike, Weed Shop lets you run your own digital medical marijuana dispensary in California. Prefer a more hands-on approach? With Weed Shop Wake N’ Bake, you make your own edibles, and Weed Shop Weed Garden helps you grow imaginary bud in your very own grow house!

Cannabis-Themed Activities

If games aren’t really your thing, but you’re looking for something to do while stoned, these sweet activities may be just what you’re looking for!

Pot Leaf Pool Cue

weed games pool cue

Starting at around $25 from a number of Amazon sellers, this pool cue is the perfect way to show your enthusiasm for the bud. It also makes a great gift for the combination weed lover/pool shark in your life!

Hemp Hacky Sack

weed games hemp hacky sack

Why stay inside when you can enjoy cannabis in the great outdoors? Take your joint or pipe into the back yard and kick around this awesome hemp hacky sack with your friends. It’s available on Amazon for the low price of $7.90.

Stoner’s Coloring Book

weed games stoners coloring book

This adult coloring book is perfect for creative geniuses who like to color in the lines. It features 36 trippy designs from 9 different artists. You can buy it directly from their website and use the promo code “STONED” for 10% off!

Official High Times Pot Smoker’s Activity Book

weed games high times activity book

This book literally has it all, including coloring, puzzles, games, crosswords, and “weedoku.” It even offers some excellent tips for hosting your own marijuana party, because why not? Get the paperback version on Amazon for $13.66.

Bonus Surprise

weed games foria

Are you and your partner looking for a new way to spice up your sexy times? Maybe you’ve experimented with topicals before and want to take it to the next level. Or perhaps you just like to try new ways to use cannabis.

Whatever the reasoning, Foria may be just the thing to tickle your fancy. Made from a mixture of pharmaceutical-grade cannabis oil and coconut oil, Foria is a marijuana lube (yep, that’s right) that promises any couple an unforgettable sexual experience. At the time of writing, you can find it in Colorado, California, and Washington state only, but hopefully that will change soon!

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about these cannabis-oriented games and activities as much as we enjoyed writing about them. Whether your plan is to use these items to entertain your friends, throw a weed party, or give as gifts, remember to have fun and smoke responsibly!

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