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2015 Gift Guide for Stoners green-02

Are you looking to buy a gift for a 420-friendly person in your life? Are you trying to treat yourself to some new cannabis gear? Look no further than our 2015 Gift Guide! We’ve worked with a few of our favorite companies to compile a list of some awesome products that you can get this holiday season!

1: Blackout X PREM31R 3-in-1 Vaporizer


Deal: The PREM31R is $95 (a $75 discount!) + 2 Free Disposable Vaporizers + Free US Shipping

If you haven’t already, you need to pick up BlackoutX’s PREM31R 3-in-1 vaporizer. The 2015 version of the PREM31R offers a pure convection uni-body vaporizer that can handle big amounts of dry herbs, oils/liquids and wax, so basically everything you need. With three temperature settings (375 F / 410 F / 445 F) to get it just right, you can enjoy any of your cannabis products exactly the way you want them. Get yours HERE, no promo code needed!

2: Shine Papers


Promo Code: HOLIDAY

Deal: 10% off entire order

Shine Papers is the inventor of the world’s first ever 24 karat gold rolling paper. The brand quickly gained popularity and became the “go to” brand for those who celebrate all of life’s highs.
Not only do Shine Papers turn every head in the room, but the papers also burn extremely slow while also leaving behind a “gift” in the ashtray. Yup, the gold stays in the ashtray.
Shine Papers now offers a full line with 12 and 2 sheet packs, King size single sheet packs , 1/4 and king size pre-rolled cones, blunt wraps, accessories and its newest creation, the Tattooed Blunts. Use Promo code “HOLIDAY” at checkout for 10% off your entire order at!

3: BurnBox Monthly Subscription


Promo Code: XMASS

Deal: 10% off a 3-month BurnBox membership & anything in the shop is a monthly subscription box that introduces you to fun new smoking products and keeps you stocked up on useful smoking supplies. Celebrate each month with an awesome box full of surprises shipped discreetly to your door. Choose the subscription type that fits your burn – there’s the Keep it Rollin’ box ($20) for those who only roll up to smoke, the Classy Box ($25) for those that prefer pipes and using glass, and the combo Super BurnBox ($30) that brings you all of the above in glorious style. Brighten up the holidays with the gift of BurnBox! Use code “XMASS” HERE to enjoy 10% off a 3-month membership that begins in January.

4: Stax Rolling Tray & Grinder



Deal: Get a FREE grinder with any purchase over $50

The Stax Rolling Tray & Grinder are designed by smokers for smokers in mind.
The rolling tray has a 13 x 9” footprint which is most ideal for on the go and at home use.
Separated compartments for organization of your lighters, papers, tools and accessories.
With three Pre-Roll Ports on the top which also act as a Debowler Stand which is also included, makes this the smokers complete workstation. Made of medical grade fire retardant dishwasher safe plastic and and is PTFE Free. Comes in 4 different Prints and Colors.. Today you can get a Free three stage grinder with any purchase over $50.
Just use code “ MASSROOTS “ at checkout and we will automatically send you a FREE grinder!
Get yours HERE!

5: Genius Pipe


Promo Code: MassRoots30

Deal: 30% off any item until 1/1/16

Genius Pipes are true to their name – they come with a lifetime warranty, are extremely easy to clean, and above all are scientifically designed for a premium pipe smoking experience that you won’t find elsewhere. They’re extremely easy on the lungs and simple to use; they also come in a huge variety of colors and styles to match anyone’s preference. Or if you want, you can create a custom design and they’ll make it just for you or your loved one. Genius is the pipe for the modern smoker, not to mention they’re offering all MassRoots users an exclusive 30% off by using promo code “MassRoots30” on their website!

6: GotVape


Promo Code: MASS30

Deal: 30% off most items in the shop 

Discounts Sale excludes: Volcano Products (Volcano Classic, Digital Volcano, Mighty, Crafty, Plenty, Ascent by DaVinci), Alfa, PAX 2, and Space Case Grinders

Got Vape offers a huge selection of quality vaporizers including the Loki, Stype, and Exxus Dry. Check out their entire collection of vapes, mods, domeless nails and more on their website today! They want everyone in the Massroots community to have a Merry Holiday season and a vapetastic New Year! With over 1000 products inside the Got Vape collection, you will be able to find the perfect vaporizer stocking stuffer for yourself or your friends.

7: Transformer Tubes


Transformer Tubes were designed by a duo of college graduates with the intent of creating a fully customizable pipe that would last years – essentially, we wanted to create a pipe that maximized value. Transformer Tubes were born years before the two owners, Evan & Mike, even met. Evan, a natural & trained engineer, created the original Transformer Tube concept out of mason jars. Today, Transformer Tubes are made of polycarbonate plastic – a highly durable material that is used in bullet proof glass, jet windows, and even some water bottles. Featuring a glass downstem & bowl, the goal was to emulate smoking out of a glass pipe – without the price tag or risks.

8: Vapium All Weather Vaporizer


Promo Code: MSRTBUD

Deal: 20% off the Weekender kit until 12/25/15

Built for the backcountry or the slopes: Meet SUMMIT, the world’s first all weather, rugged vape.

Adventurers know that fundamentally intelligent gear is a must!

Tools need to work when you’re off the grid, and VAPIUM products do just that.
SUMMIT and SPRING are a result of exhaustive R&D to create an epic off grid experience. SUMMIT features customized temperature settings, vibration notification, medical grade materials paired with SPRING solar charger makes it essential gear for the backcountry, an unexpected road trip or an adventure in a new city. Vapium makes tools for those who are outdoor minded, nature focused and adventure obsessed. Their gear is rugged, reliable and refined.

Until December 25th, MassRoots buds receive 20% off the Weekender kit, only at

9: Integra Products – Humidification Packets


Promo Code: MRBoost25

Deal: 25% off entire purchase until 12/31/15

Whether you’re in the curing or storing stage, Integra Boost Humidification is the perfect companion for your cannabis! It absorbs or releases moisture, regulating humidity at either 55% or 62% inside any curing and storing containers. It prevents mold, extends freshness and preserves great tasting buds. Get yours now at 25% off your entire order. Just use code “MRBoost25” to get the deal on the website!

10: Lord Vaper Entire Shop


Promo Code: MASS15

Deal: 15% off entire purchase until 12/26/15 is a leader in high-quality custom vaporizers and vape pens for your favorite strains or wax concentrates. Home of the X Pen. New and regular customers get free goodies with their order because that’s just how we roll. As we continue to create ripper vape kits for your 420 and 710 needs, we strive to give you a value-added experience with non-combustion vaporizers and wax burners that are state-of-the-art and give you free domestic shipping or FedEx to get your package to you quick. Low International rates. We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, Amazon Payments and Bitcoin believe it or not. Do all your Christmas shopping here and get yourself something wicked like one of the X Pen series vapes, the Nectarizer, or Chief vaporizer. We’ll throw in a Dabajar or other surprise gift. Shop now.

11: Sploofy


Deal: $19.99 Sploofy + Free Shipping (no promo code needed)

Toke Indoors with Sploofy!
Enjoy each toke, with none of the smoke! Sploofy is a new device that allows you to enjoy a smoke-free environment wherever you go. Simply light up, exhale into the mouthpiece and let the advanced HEPA filter trap up to 99.97% of all air particles; producing pure, clean air from the other end. Sploofy’s filter cartridge lasts up to 300 uses and can conveniently be swapped out for a new one, with replacement cartridges available for half the price of a new device. Sploofy is revolutionizing the way smoking sessions are conducted; with a convenient, full-proof solution to toking indoors. Enjoy free shipping on all orders through Christmas here!

12: Flavor Jars


Promo Code: Santa

Deal: 25% off entire order until 12/25/15

Flavor jars are perfectly designed to house your herbs before using. All jars are lightweight and reusable with flavor infusers built into each lid. Just a few short hours in a flavor jar and your herb will have a ton flavor! Use promo code “Santa” HERE to get 25% off your entire order!

13: Toker Poker


Check out the latest Stoney invention brought to you from the mountains of Colorado! The Toker Poker® is the ultimate smoker’s tool. Finally, your poker, tamper, hemp wick and lighter are all in the same place. Whether you are rolling, dabbing, vaping or smoking a bowl you will always have your tool to poke, pack, and puff. Its ergonomic design provides the most basic, yet essential tools for any smoker. The Toker Poker only costs $7.95 and is an excellent stocking stuffer gift idea so make sure to load up before the holiday season!
So Simple. So Necessary. So Overdue.

14: Pass the Grass Board Game

The first ever weed smoking board game!

Rolling both dice and joints, players make their way around the board in a quest for the perfect buzz while completing hilarious challenges and satisfying their lust for
munchies. The way you win is to play quickly and orderly, and of course, be the last one rolling the dice. But if you play correctly, everyone’s a winner!
The board game is available directly through Amazon for $24.95. Visit for more information or follow Pass the Grass on Twitter @Passthegrass1 and Facebook at Pass the Grass.

15: VapeWorld Entire Website


Promo Code: VAPEMASS

Deal: 30% off entire order until 12/31/15

Discounts exlude: PAX, Firefly, Storz & Bickel (Mighty, Crafty, Volcano) and GoBoof 

Make a resolution to discover your perfect vaporizer!

VapeWorld is passionate about vaporizers. So, let them help you find the vaporizer that is just right for you. They carry only the best brands, and offer unsurpassed support and service.

They want to wish the MassRoots community a very Happy Holidays! To show their gratitude, they’ve put you all on their “Nice List” which means you’re going to get 30% off until the end of the year with promo code VAPEMASS. Whatever holidays you’re celebrating this year, celebrate with a new vaporizer from VapeWorld!

16: Roll-Uh-Bowl Portable Waterpipe


Roll-uh-bowl is the premiere go-anywhere, do anything portable waterpipe for the adventurer and outdoor enthusiast. The perfect gift for the active cannabis enthusiast in your life, the Roll-uh-bowl is an indestructible and foldable/portable medical grade silicone water pipe. Don’t wait! All orders over $34.99 get a free upgrade to priority shipping!

17: LighterBro 420 Multi-Tool

lighterbro christmas stocking2013 gift guide

Promo Code: HOLIDAY

Deal: 30% off entire order & free shipping

LighterBro® MultiTool is the ultimate stoner Swiss Army knife! Manufactured of 100% 420-alloy stainless steel, LighterBro holds both Bic & Clipper lighters & it’s functionality for blazing & dabbing is unmatched! With a blunt splitting razor knife, scissors engineered for trimming, a long poker/dabber that is also a micro screwdriver, flat top surface for carb-capping rigs on the go, always ready bottle opener & it even holds hemp wick! Pro and Micro LighterBro models give you even more & smaller tools, so give your loved ones a gift that keeps on giving long after the holidays & to help you spread the love, use Promo code “HOLIDAY” at checkout for 30% off your entire order, & free shipping! Only at

18: VaporNation PRIMA Vaporizer



Deal: 20% off entire site

This week VaporNation hooked us up with the new Prima Vaporizer by Vapir! Used for flower and extracts, the Prima makes the smoothest clouds! Its design is unique- eyecatching and extremely modern, something you don’t see in your everyday vaporizer. Pick one up today and take 20% off of your entire order when you use promo code “MASSROOTS” here on the website!

19: Myster Entire Website


Myster High-End Accessories has great gifts for the “Successful Stoner”!
Myster offers a full line of modern and sleek products – Including the STASHTRAY, a magnetic, All-in-one stainless-steel rolling tray. The FOGPEN, a multi-use portable vaporizer that looks like a luxury pen. The SHOTGUN, a variable temperature vaporizer designed for smooth flavor. The GLASS FOG CHAMBER, a glass concentrate attachment for pens and mods.
Myster elevates cannabis culture by designing cannabis accessories that look classy, feel good, and work well. Beyond innovative design, Myster is on a mission to reframe outdated stereotypes about being an enthusiast. Social stigmas have faded, people from all walks of life use marijuana medicinally and recreationally. Myster’s goal is to support the creative and motivated network of cannabis enthusiasts around the world and participate in this quick moving cultural revolution.

20: The MassRoots Shop



Deal: Free Shipping

We love spreading our MassRoots gear around the world! For a limited time, use promo code HOLIBLAZE to get free shipping on your entire purchase. We’ve got awesome gifts for any cannabis lover from apparel to custom MassRoots grinders! Check out our shop to see all the great gifts we have to offer!

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