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2016 cannabis gift guide

2016 Cannabis Gift Guide: The holidays are upon us and ’tis the season for giving green. If you’re looking to treat your 4/20-friendly loved ones, or yourself, with some new cannabis products, then we’ve got you covered. The MassRoots’ 2016 Holiday Gift Guide is here to help find just the perfect gift for every type of stoner in your life.

We’ve compiled the top 20 products of the season that’ll arrive just in time to celebrate and holiblaze!

1. Dr Dabber Aurora Vape Pen

15% off entire order with promo code MASSROOTS

The award-winning Dr. Dabber Aurora is a variable voltage, magnetic vaporizer pen designed with the user in mind. The only vaporizer with fully magnetic connections that make for a seamless user experience. Three carefully calibrated heat settings allows you freedom to experiment, and a sleek, discreet satin finish keeps things low key. The Aurora is the next generation of vaporizer pen, pairing innovative features with Dr. Dabber’s signature award-winning ‘low heat’ technology seen across the entire line of vape pens. Not all oils & waxes are the same, so three unique atomizers are included to expand your range. Get the Aurora Full Rx Bundle that includes a magnetic glass globe attachment with dual-quartz rod atomizer and use promo code MASSROOTS for 15% off your order!

2. 420 Science

10% off entire order with promo code MASSROOTS

Find the perfect gift for the cannabis enthusiasts in your life at – Their curated selection of remarkably functional and thoughtfully designed gear makes it easy to find exactly the right piece at the right price.

Check out their Holiday Gift Guide for all things 420. Use discount code MASSROOTS for 10% off your entire order. If you’re feeling lucky and looking to score some free gear make sure to enter the 420 Science + MassRoots giveaway here.

3. Green Garden Gold Hemp Oil Supplement Tinctures

15% off entire order with promo code massroots

Green Garden Gold’s Hemp Oil Supplement Tinctures are our favorite way to get CBD! We love the versatility that you can either vape them, or take them orally. The company uses a full spectrum oil, so you are not only getting CBD, but everything in the plant including terpenes, phytochemicals, and all the other good stuff! These oils come in a myriad of different flavors, and many strengths – we like the Platinum 1000mg and the Gold 500mg because they are extremely effective. With all the different options, Green Garden Gold makes a great Holiday Gift or stocking stuffer for everyone on your list!

4.  Smoke Odor Candles & Sprays

Smoke Odor Candles are Just Awesome! They work like magic Exterminating Smoke Odors and stinky pet smells too! I love how they burn for such a long time filling my apartment with wonderful fragrances and eliminating my unwanted odors.  My local smoke shop hooks me up with all the latest fragrances at totally affordable prices.  It is hard to decide on a fragrance, they all smell so good.  When I don’t feel like heading out to shop I just order them online instead.  Ordering them without a scent test first can be risky but I have never been disappointed when the package arrives!  I literally burn them every day.  It says 70 hours burn time on the candle label, but I swear they go even longer….

Click Here to Enter to Win 1 of 31 VIP Smoke Odor Exterminator Gift Sets in December.

5. Grow Glass Wood Pipes and Dank Glass

20% off entire order & free shipping with promo code MASSGROW

At Grow, our mission is to provide high quality, affordable products at a patient-friendly price. We combine old school style with modern techniques- bringing you the best glass, hybrid and wood pipes & accessories! Our flagship product, the #DailyDriver, is your classic 12” water pipe with a modern twist. Don’t believe us? Check out all of our 5 Star reviews! Grow Glass is made in the USA and has partnered with One Tree Planted, planting a tree for each product sold.

6. Transformer Tubes Build-a-Bong

15% off entire order with promo code MASSFAM

Transformer Tubes are like Legos® meets bongs, with a twist! A literal build-a-bong, Transformer Tubes features over 60 different modules that can screw together to create the perfectly customized piece! Easy to clean, transport, customize, and utilize – Transformer Tubes can do it all.

7. Toker Poker

20% off entire order with promo code MASSROOTS20

Get the hottest gift item of the season – the legendary Toker Poker! Finally your poker/dabber, tamper, hemp wick and lighter are all in the same place. This 420 multi-tool has everything you need to vape, dab, roll and toke. Its ergonomic design provides the most basic, yet essential tools for any smoker. Glow in the Dark, Chrome and other Limited Editions now available online.

8. The Kind Pen Dream Vaporizer

30% off entire order with promo code holiday30

The Kind Pen – Dream
Awarded “Best Vaporizer” 2016 Hightimes Medical Cannabis Cup
Buttonless 1500Ah Battery – Adjustable Airflow
Dual Quartz and Ceramic Disk attachments included

9. NugTools All-in-One Smoking Tool

Free shipping (no promo code needed)

The Nuggy comes equipped with 10 stainless steel spring-locking tools, making any type of toking a breeze. Craft the perfect joint, take dabs in the dark, load your vape on the go, scrape your bowl clean, and do it all with one device. Oh yeah, did we mention it also has a built-in two position-locking Roach Clip that automatically balances in an upright position. We can keep going.. Buy yourself and a buddy the Nuggy and get free shipping at now!

10. Integra BOOST Humidity Packets

30% off entire order with promo code BoostedXmas

They might not have lights on them but we have the freshest trees around thanks to Integra Boost! We love the crisp scent of holiday trees, and with Integra Boost your product will stay smelling, looking and tasting fresh for longer! They use patent pending technology to release or absorb moisture in an enclosed environment, ensuring your stash maintains its color, flavor and aroma for longer. Get yours today and see the difference for yourself!

11. Kannakart Stoner Store

10% off entire order with promo code MassRoots

Why not just sit back in your favorite chair and relax? You want that special pipe for your friend Sammy? That great odorless purse for Aunt Sue? Well, Kannakart gives you endless choices without draggin’ around from store to store. So sit back and chill Kannakart has a dope selection of everything you want for those special stoners in your life

12. Sträva Coffee

20% off your first purchase with promo code MASSROOTS_2016

Complement your daily routine with a coffee experience like no other.  Brew up Peace & Wellness, Sträva’s line of carefully crafted specialty coffees, small batch roasted and perfectly infused with organically grown CBD-Rich Hemp Oil.  Treat yourself to a cup, and then share with family and friends…

Brew up “Focus” for an alert and productive morning; or brew up “Restore” with 4x the CBD to nourish and help restore balance.  After dinner, top off your meal with “Escape,” a decaffeinated coffee with 2x the CBD to help relax, unwind and escape your stress and worry.  You’ll sleep like a baby!

Spread “Peace & Wellness” this Holiday Season.  Ships to all 50 states.

13. LEVO Oil Infusion

Pre-order now and get LEVO for $139.99 ($40 off)

Have you ever struggled to make cannabutter and oil at home? Did you spend hours watching a double broiler or slow cooker? Did it end in oily hands after filtering with a cheesecloth or strainer? Perhaps instead you’ve spent a pretty penny on pre-made products. Meet your kitchen’s new best friend, LEVO. High quality infusion at home, all at the touch of a button.

14. Black Rock OG Safety Case

20% off entire order with promo code MASSROOTS20

The Safety Case is the most versatile smell proof stash box available today. Inspired by travel and influenced by adventure, the Safety Case can be configured with a range of custom components to suit your preferences. With dedicated spaces for all your vaping and smoking essentials concealed in a pocket-sized travel case, the Safety Case keeps your stash on the low.

15. 420 GoodyBox

$5 off with promo code MassRoots

The 420 Goody Box subscription box is totally what you need in your life. Packed with a potful of smoking products, novelties and munchies, it’s a discovery box handcrafted for those that live the smokin’ lifestyle. You get cool new products and supplies and the latest goodies making the rounds all delivered straight to your door. This holiday season spoil yourself and your loved one’s with the 420 Goody Box. With boxes starting at just $10/month it’ll be the best surprise present you’ve ever gifted!

16. iRollie Rolling Tray

10% off entire order with promo code msrtslove

iRollie has created the world’s first rolling tray phone case with a patented funnel for pouring our scraps! Never roll up on a car manual again, and save some time, nug, and money with these dope phone cases. They were a featured sPOTlight product by High Times Magazine, found in the Cannabis Cup VIP Package & created cases for Def Jam Records. They have some custom Afroman, himself, cases coming down the funnel, as well as their Peace & Love, and Mandala graphic cases! Founded and owned by two 21-year-old entrepreneurs/college students, iRollie embodies the new age of cannabis innovation.

Their lifestyle shop has the active stoner covered with coolers & stash fanny packs with speakers, flameless lighters, & a coffee pipe mug!

17. Kushy Punch Medicated Gummies

Safe from harsh chemicals, Potent, Portable, All-Natural, and crafted by professional confectionery chefs, for superb quality and taste. Our line of medicated gummies come in 6 Different varieties and potencies: Sativa, Hybrid, Indica, Recover (THC+CBD), CBD, and TKO. All our candy is made with the terpenes inside to give you the depth of experience you’re looking for.

18. Alpaca Grinder

30% off all orders in December (no promo code needed)

Alpaca grinds and dispenses herbs in seconds. Go from flower to packed bowl instantly. Patented design with 3 grams of herb storage for on-the-go grinding. Lifetime warranty and Made in the USA. Alpaca is faster, easier & less messy than other grinders. Save time and herbs with Alpaca Grinder.

19. BYBA – Bring Your Bong Anywhere

20% off entire order with promo code BYBAHOLIDAY

BYBA (Bring Your Bong Anywhere) is an aluminum add-on which turns any bottle into a bong or water pipe in less than 5 seconds. No cutting or burning holes needed. Just insert the hoses and screw it on the bottle. Indestructible, universal, portable and discrete. Designed by stoners for stoners.

20. Dope Turtle Stash Jars

20% off with promo code MASSROOTS

Dope Turtle products are designed for the modern herbal enthusiast. Subtle, sleek, sophisticated; keep your business, your business. Thick, industrial threads combined with a best in class gel seal keeps smells in and contaminants out.

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