United States Marijuana Use: Map & Statistics By State

By MassRoots Staff | November 06, 2014

As of this week, the number of states in America where marijuana is legal for recreational use has doubled, the District of Columbia also legalized, without dispensaries, and even the U.S. territory of Guam joined the legalization movement. Which states report having the largest population of residents aged eighteen to twenty-five who have used marijuana in the last month? Which state has the highest percentage of people who have ever tried pot at least once? The maps below, from Live Science, will show you that and more using information collected from the results of the 2013 National Survey on Drug Use and Health.

The map below shows what percentage of people in each state report having ever tried cannabis at some time in their life. The survey included people between the ages of eighteen and sixty years old. Vermont is home to the largest population percentage of people who have used cannabis at least once with a hefty 67.1 percent. People in Utah are the least likely to have tried marijuana with only 38 percent. About fifty percent of people in the United States report having used the plant at least once.


People between the ages of eighteen and twenty five report the highest for marijuana use. The map below shows what percentage of people in that age range reports having used cannabis at least once in the last month. States in the Northeast and Northwest corners of the country, Colorado, Montana and Hawaii all rank in the highest percentage range of 23.09-33.18 percent. That percentage range means that in some states, up to 33 percent of the population used marijuana in the last thirty days. The lower range of 8.31-14.42 percent is concentrated in the northern mid-west part of the country and the south. North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Utah, Louisiana, and Alabama are among the states reporting the lowest percentages.


Today, many Americans have used marijuana, and many more will try it for the first time in the coming years as marijuana law reform sweeps across the nation. If the number of people using marijuana increases, the number of people who grow their own will probably also increase. The map below shows which states report having people who cultivate their own cannabis. The highest percentage range is 1.5-4.1 percent. California, Nevada, Vermont and Maine are among the states with the most Americans who grow their own. Alaska reported the highest with 4.1 percent of the population. The lowest range is 0.2-0.4 percent. States reporting that range include Illinois, Louisiana, and Nebraska.


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