Absolute Xtracts Honey Straws Review

By LA Lady | March 28, 2016

There are some negative marijuana experiences that make it to the news, some of which are truly tragic. The most sensational reports often involve the misuse of edibles by new users. Being and educated cannabis consumer is the best way to ensure a positive experience. Taking an extra moment to talk to your budtender or do a quick google search can be the difference between a great experience and a poor one.

Because of the negative experiences, the proper labeling of edibles has graduated from a consumer benefit to a regulatory issue and is being addressed by California state legislators. Luckily, there are companies who already have good practices. AbsoluteXtracts, California producers of fantastic vape products and also one of my new favorite oral sprays, makes a honey straw (not to be confused with honey oils) infused with cannabis oil. If you’re reading this and thinking this is yet another edible, it’s time to think again.

The AbsoluteXtracts Honey Straws are available in 10mg, 20mg and 40mg amounts of THC depending on your needs. The key is the products are all the same size but in different concentrations, so you won’t find yourself needing to eat multiple honey straws to achieve the desired effect (although my sweet tooth would have no problem with that). Based on personal experience, my edible dosing falls into this scale:

  • 10mg: Relaxing, functional, can do daily tasks and experience decent pain relief
  • 20mg: All of the above but stronger and with a definite muscle-relaxing quality. Physical activities probably not the best idea.
  • 30mg: Deep relaxation and altered state of mind.
  • 40mg: Time and space are fluid concepts. Stringing together a sentence takes effort.

Your personal experience will vary. Always start with the smallest dose if you’re unsure.

In terms of packaging, these straws are beyond discreet, so much so that they would pass as any other honey straw if you removed the label, which provides the strength and the ingredients: honey, cannabis concentrate, and coconut oil for better absorption. For my first test, I put the entire contents of the straw into a cup of hot tea. I used a green tea which is best brewed at a lower temperature (160 degrees) because I didn’t want to take a chance and “cook” the honey in boiling water. For my second test, I put it on a piece of toast with some cinnamon. Of course, sipping the honey right from the straw is always an option, especially for on-the-go use.

Comparing my two methods, the warmth of the tea definitely made for a speedier effect. It was almost as fast as a sublingual spray. I’m sure you could hold sips of tea in your mouth to speed up the absorption process. The steam from the tea definitely distributes the odor, and the honey separates from the cannabis concentrate and coconut oil and floats to the top like any other oil-and-water scenario. Those first few sips probably packed a punch! The scent was similar to cannabis teas as well as the flavor, but the honey acts as a great medium and balances out some of the sour flavors in cannabis. 

My cannabis-infused honey cinnamon toast was excellent! If you aren’t fond of the natural flavor of cannabis, this is a great way to go. It made me realize that I can use this in almost any application that I would use honey as a condiment, but I’d stay away from microwaving or baking with it. Extreme temperatures can change oils and sugars in unexpected ways. Eating this honey with toast had a time-release effect, making the experience last longer but was not quite as strong. If I was seeking prolonged relief, a 40mg straw mixed with a meal would be a great option.

Personally, this is a product that will appeal to both recreational users and medical patients alike. As an edible, it provides a streamlined experience; as much as I like edibles, I can’t (or shouldn’t) have cookies and candy regularly. There are plenty of great edibles out there for when I do want to splurge. The different strengths mean I can customize the experience. As a medical patient, I know exactly how much THC I’m consuming. Honey is versatile enough that I can consume it in different ways and further tailor my dosing.

I’ve found the 40mg straws are about $6 here in California, making them a great value, especially compared to 40mg cannabis oil capsules or other edibles of the same dose. The 10mg and 20mg sizes are anywhere from $2-$4 and also hold a great value compared to other products with a similar strength. The honey and the packaging make for a very shelf-stable product you can keep around for a while.

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