AbsoluteXtracts Sativa Spray Review

By LA Lady | March 01, 2016

Years ago, I was searching for different ways to consume cannabis besides smoking it. Tinctures in the form of sublingual drops or sprays seemed like a great way to go, but there were very few on the market. They were also notoriously weak and inconsistent. I never knew how much to take since the general “1-2 sprays/droppers” was never enough. Even when I doubled or tripled the dose, the sensation was mild at best, making it a poor choice in terms of value.

We’ve come a long way since then, and advances in the manufacturing of concentrates helped create much stronger and more consistent products. I have a few cannabis oil tinctures that I use regularly in lieu of vaporizing, but none of them are a strong or fast acting as AbsoluteXtracts sativa spray. As with every other product I’ve tried, the directions suggest an initial dosage of 1-2 sprays. Based on previous experience and my known tolerances, I typically double the doses for sprays and tinctures.

Knowing that AbsoluteXtracts makes potent products and for the purpose of this review, I followed the single-dose recommendation of 1-2 sprays.

I’m glad I did, because two sprays was enough to give me a moderate high. It was surprising to see such a small amount of product could have such an effect. Since this was promising, I tried the product again several times and I’ve come up with a scale to help describe my dosing:

  • 1-2 sprays: a mild-to-moderate high appropriate for day use
  • 3-4 sprays: very comfortable. strong pain relief and relaxation
  • 5 sprays: slightly too much/starting to see noises

Some of the inconsistencies with tinctures can be the application, and “shake before using” cannot be stressed enough. Whether it’s oil or alcohol or another substance, there’s enough going on inside a cannabis tincture that requires regular mixing. The ingredients are different enough that they will separate over a relatively short period of time. You can’t always witness this as manufacturers put their tinctures in dark bottles to protect the product from light, but it does happen and it can make two sprays seem like five and vice versa.

absolutextracts cannabis spray review

While this spray is labeled as a sativa product, oral consumption of cannabis has a very different effect on the body compared to smoking or vaping, and I definitely had more of a body high that I would normally associate with an indica product. Unlike oil and alcohol tincture drops, the AbsoluteXtracts concentrated spray allows me to hold the product under my tongue comfortably for a few minutes — perhaps because it’s made with coconut oil. This can be unpleasant with a mouthful of alcohol when using weaker products. Although I expected to taste strong cannabis flavors with such a concentrated product, it was very mild. I didn’t feel the need for a “chaser” of water or juice like I have with similar products.

Putting its sativa heritage to the test, I went for a hike by my house. I’ve been reading more about cannabis and fitness goals and wanted to give it a try. Thanks to the sublingual application, I started feeling the effects of two sprays within 15 minutes. The most difficult part of the hike is a steep hill that’s a few miles long and I often have to give myself a pep talk to keep going. Not this time! While I was definitely still winded, I was able to power through some of the heaviness in my limbs and had a much better attitude as a result.

One of my favorite uses for tinctures is as an after-dinner dose. The last thing I want to do after, for example, Thanksgiving dinner is eat something, and vaping around guests isn’t always an option. Cannabis is known to relieve symptoms for those suffering from various gastrointestinal conditions and it certainly helps mine. This spray was as fast-acting as any drugstore remedy but with the added benefit of cannabis for relaxation.

AbsoluteXtracts makes an indica spray as well as a “sleepy time” spray. My local dispensary sells them for $50 each. The amount of doses will depend on how much you take, so the value is relative in this situation. However, at my personal dose of 2-3 sprays each time and with the effects lasting a few hours, this is a great value for me. I’ve come to really respect the AbsoluteXtracts brand for its consistency, potency and transparency by providing testing results and I hope to see them at more dispensaries in my area.

LA Lady

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