AbsoluteXtracts Vape Cartridge Review: Blue Jay Way

By LA Lady | February 25, 2016

I’m starting to see more high-cannabidiol (CBD) products in the vape cartridge market, which is great: vaping from a disposable cartridge is a discreet, simple method of consuming cannabis medication and the effects are almost instantaneous. AbsoluteXtracts produces a variety of potent cartridges from well-known strains, and Blue Jay Way rounds out the collection as a higher CBD content option.

Blue Jay Way is a strain known for being CBD-rich, meaning it contains more of the non-psychoactive cannabinoid CBD than it does psychoactive THC. Depending on the ratio, higher CBD content can buffer, decrease or even obliterate the psychoactive effects produced by THC, leaving high-CBD strain users without the cerebral euphoria most commonly described as the “high.”

With a CBD to THC ratio of approximately 2:1, the AbsoluteXtracts Blue Jay Way vape cartridge is great for pain relief, inflammation and gastrointestinal issues or conditions like Crohn’s. It has almost no psychoactive effects, which is a good fit for patients seeking daytime or on-the-job relief. This Blue Jay Way cannabis oil concentrate produces a pleasant, berry mixed with wood smoke aroma, and makes for a very smooth vape; no coughing with this cartridge!

absolutextracts vape cartridge review blue jay way

After taking a hiatus from the dance studio, I saved Blue Jay Way for the day following my first workout after weeks of vacationing (and holidaying, and eating…). Sure enough, everything hurt: cramps, sciatic pain and muscle soreness. There was no chance I was going to sleep with that much pain, so Blue Jay Way seemed like the perfect opportunity to test its pain relief and sleep-inducing qualities. The pain went away within minutes, and the sleeping effect can best be described as the munchies, but for sleep: getting comfortable and going to sleep seems like the best idea you’ve ever had. It was interesting to experience that but without any sort of high.

There are two things to keep in mind when using this product, and one is the dosage. Since it has negligible psychoactive effects, I could have easily puffed on this for hours, although I probably would have fallen asleep before I was able to consume too much. In small amounts, this could be taken during the day. In large amounts, it has a tranquilizing effect. Try a couple of puffs and then wait a few minutes. I noticed relief after two or three hits, and then had more as needed.

The other reason to not overuse is the price. Blue Jay Way is $60 to $70 for a half gram, making it twice as much as their other cartridges. This is completely reasonable for a high-CBD product, but is a significant investment nonetheless. For me, having a reliable CBD-rich cartridge is priceless when I need immediate relief.

AbsoluteXtracts has plans to release an AC/DC cartridge, so keep an eye out for that product if you’re a fan of the strain.


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