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By MassRoots Staff | January 07, 2015

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As some of you may know, the App Store recently changed their policies to prohibit social cannabis applications, including MassRoots. This limits consumer choice to dispensary locators and strain guides, preventing the 41.6% of the United States population who own iPhones — including voters who have legalized the medicinal and adult-use of cannabis — from downloading Apps that are central to this aspect of their lives.

As an industry, we believe that strong regulations are more effective than prohibitionist policies. We support App Store rules to ensure that cannabis-related applications are not used by minors, that the use of marijuana apps be restricted to the 23 states that have legalized the medicinal or adult-use of marijuana, and that such apps be in compliance with state regulations and the U.S. Department of Justice law enforcement priorities relating to those regulations.

However, the current App Store rules go much further and prohibit any cannabis-related application with dynamic or social content. This limits consumer choice to dispensary locators and strain guides, preventing the innovation that the App Store has spawned for countless other industries. In the cannabis sector, these innovations will allow patients to more effectively communicate, to have their medicine delivered directly to their homes, and will allow the industry to operate in a safer and more efficient manner.

The App Store’s program license agreement makes it clear that Apple bears no legal responsibility for the apps distributed through its platform. Apps such as Uber and Lyft are illegal in many localities in which they are available – however, like cannabis-related applications, there is strong demand for these services among Apple customers.

We are not asking for Apple to endorse cannabis-related applications or their content; we are simply requesting that Apple’s customers have the right to download marijuana Apps if they so choose.  Please stand with us to help bring cannabis applications back to the apps store. Please stand with the cannabis community and make your voice heard by signing the petition for cannabis-related applications to be allowed back in the app store at

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