Apple Changes Cannabis Policies; MassRoots Returns to App Store!

By MassRoots Staff | February 13, 2015

Over the past few weeks, cannabis consumers around the world united behind a common message: cannabis apps should be made available in the states that have voted to legalize its medicinal or adult use. Today, we’re excited to announce the App Store has changed its enforcement guidelines to permit cannabis social apps in the 23 states that have legalized medicinal cannabis. MassRoots is now available in the App Store!

This would not have been possible without the passionate support of the cannabis community. Specifically, we’d like to thank the National Cannabis Industry Association, ArcView Group, Whaxy, and The Cannabist for their critical support in this effort. And to the tens of thousands of users and advocates that signed our petition and took action, thank you.

Throughout this campaign, the MassRoots team never stopped using our iPhones, MacBooks, and iPads as a testament to Apple’s world-class products. We’d like to thank the App Store for embracing the cannabis community and continuing to set an example as a socially-progressive institution. We are excited to begin a new chapter with Apple in which we can work together to affect meaningful societal change.

A tremendous amount of responsibility has just been placed on MassRoots; we have a duty to show the world that cannabis consumption can be done in a safe and responsible manner in compliance with state laws and federal enforcement guidelines. We do not take this task lightly. Over the coming weeks, we will be implementing new features to strengthen our compliance even beyond what is currently required.

To our users, supporters, investors, advertisers, and Apple: thank you. We will not let you down.

MassRoots Staff

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