Back by Popular Demand: The Kind Pen Relaunches the EZ Pipe

By Sponsored Post | February 27, 2017

The Kind Pen EZ Pipe

Portability is top priority for individuals who like to indulge in cannabis on the go. From compact bongs to slim pipes, there are thousands of low-key smoking tools out there competing for that tiny space in your back pocket. One of the most popular devices that addresses almost all issues people have with lighting up in public is The Kind Pen’s EZ Pipe.

This unique burner pipe takes discreetness to a whole new level. To start, the unit is windproof and virtually smokeless. The EZ Pipe was a reigning fan favorite for some time, and now The Kind Pen is ready to relaunch the robust device!

Read on to learn more about the EZ Pipe and other portable vapes from the Long Branch, New Jersey-based company.

EZ Pipe Features

The Kind Pen EZ Pipe Features

The EZ Pipe is the ultimate solution to managing and smoking dry herbs out in the open. At first glance, it looks like your typical space-saving pipe. The chamber comes with a magnetic swivel top that locks the load in, so the green stuff doesn’t fall out of your pocket while walking around. This feature also lets you tilt the piece while lighting up, as it prevents residual burning and conserves your herb. A fold away mouthpiece maintains the compact design when you’re not using it.

Perhaps the most useful feature of the EZ Pipe is the lighter holder. A slot on the side of the piece holds just about any Bic or Cricket lighter you can find at your local gas station. The lighter fits securely next to the chamber, allowing you to burn the herb with one hand, in one fluid motion. A small hole on the side guides the flame into the closed bowl. There’s also a poker that helps you dislodge sticky herb inside the chamber and mouthpiece.

As mentioned earlier, The Kind Pen is relaunching the EZ Pipe, which is available at the company’s online store Priced under $10, you really can’t go wrong with adding this piece to your arsenal of smoking tools!

The Kind Pen Portable Vape Series

The Kind Pen Portable Vape

In addition to the EZ Pipe, the brand also offers a line of award-winning, portable vapes. For concentrates, the Dream vaporizer (received “Best Vaporizer” award from HighTimes Magazine in 2016) is a great choice. The unit features dual quartz rods, a coil-less chamber and three temperature settings: 350°F, 390°F and 430°F. If you prefer e-liquids and oils, check out CBDiscreet – a powerful vape with a wickless .8ML chamber. Lastly, for an all-in-one solution (dry herb, e-liquid and concentrates), nothing beats the V2 Vape Pen.

“Vaporizers represent the most health-conscious demographic of the cannabis loving community and may be the key to bringing cannabis into the mainstream of medicine. They truly are the THC delivery system of the modern age,” said Sasha from The Kind Pen.

For more information about the Kind Pen’s portable vaporizers, head over to their website. Stay updated with the latest Kind Pen products, news and promotions on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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