Why You Need to Watch “Baked” the Web Series

By MassRoots Staff | February 28, 2016

Cooking with cannabis is much more than making just a brownie or crispy treat; it’s an epicurean experience.

Baked is a fun, lighthearted web series where our charming hosts Patsy Benson, an 84-year-old grandmother, and Chef Ricky, expert and instructor on cooking with cannabis, take cooking to the next level.

In homage to Julia Child’s Baking with Julia, Patsy and Ricky prepare beautiful meals, pairing foods with cannabis strains, and invite guests to the table to talk about the industry.

In the pilot episode, Patsy is ready to try marijuana for the first time, and Chef Ricky, connoisseur and creator of cannabis cuisine is the co-host for the show. Patsy has been around cannabis before. Some of her family and friends use it recreationally, some for medicinal purposes, and now she’s ready to give it a try. After picking up some ingredients at the local supermarket, Patsy and Ricky stop by a marijuana dispensary, talk to some of the budtenders who recommend a couple of strains, and come home to whip up a meal for their friends.

baked web series

Baked will host a variety of interesting guest on each show—artists, store owners, growers, politicians, consumers—who will engage with Patsy and Ricky to cook and to consume the meals they make, while enjoying lively conversation.

What Can I Expect from Baked?

  • A fun, entertaining cooking series that focuses not only on how to cook with cannabis, but the entire foodie experience.
  • High quality, professional video work.
  • Meet cannabis industry leaders and learn about great brands.
  • Learn what cooking with cannabis is really about.
  • To want to watch more!

Click here to watch the first episode of Baked the Web Series!

baked web series

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