Behind the Grow: Charlotte’s Web Strain

By Tony Greenhand | August 12, 2015


The Charlotte’s Web strain of cannabis is named after an American girl, Charlotte Figi. She developed Dravet syndrome (also known as severe myoclonic epilepsy of infancy) as a baby. By age three, Figi was severely disabled and having 300 grand mal seizures a week despite treatment. Her parents learned about another child with Dravet Syndrome, who had been using a different type of medical marijuana since June 2011, and decided to try marijuana as a treatment to which they saw a vast and immediate improvement. She now follows a regular regimen that uses a solution of the high-CBD cannabis extract in olive oil applied both under her tongue and in her food. Her parents said in 2013 that her epilepsy had improved so much that she had only about four seizures per month, and she was able to engage in normal childhood activities. As their new supply of cannabis treatment ran out they knew they had to explore other options, which were found in the form of the Stanley brothers.

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The Stanley brothers are a group of growers based out of Colorado who have organized the Realm of Caring Foundation in an effort to help those who can not afford cannabis as a treatment. They were moved by the story of Charlotte and had just the plant she needed. It was a hybrid strain of medical cannabis and industrial hemp. Although this strain was rich in CBD, it was almost absent in THC, which made it an ideal candidate for helping Charlotte drastically reduce the numbers of her seizures. THC has been shown to have medical applications that come along with side effects that can be disorienting. CBD, a cannibinoid found in Charlottes web, is similar to THC in that it has many medical applications but is unique in that CBD does not generate mind altering side effects.

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As word spread of Charlotte’s condition and how cannabis helped her, legislation emerged in several states to help decriminalize CBD rich cannabis in efforts to help more people like Charlotte. Years later there have now been numerous states that have passed bills that allow their residents to grow CBD rich hemp and medical cannabis, although production of cannabis concentrates in most states remains illegal CBD oils in the same state can purchased and sold without alarm. Knowing that the classification of these beneficial plants falls in line with hemp and not medical cannabis, the Stanley Brothers are in the process of moving their production of CBD oils to South America and importing them into the states. The Charlotte’s web strain is not isolated to this operation and has become widely available across the United States in clone form.

Main Takeaways

  • The Charlotte’s Web strain is named after an American girl, Charlotte Figi.
  • The Charlotte’s Web strain was renamed by the Stanley brothers in Colorado. It was originally created by crossing a strain of medical cannabis with a strain of industrial hemp.
  • The Charlotte’s Web strain is a clone only strain
  • The Charlotte’s Web strain consistently tests below 0.3% THC

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