Valentine’s Day Ideas for Your Favorite Cannabis Enthusiast

Published on January 31, 2017, By Sponsored Post

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Are you dating someone who loves cannabis? Sometimes it can be hard to find the perfect gift for the smoker in your life, especially for a romantic holiday like Valentine’s Day. This year, have no fear. Use this hand-curated list to find the absolute best Valentine’s Day gift for the cannabis enthusiast in your life!

1. The Best Bhang This Year is in the Caribbean!

Bhang Travel Cruise Lines

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Bhang Travel Inc., the Cannabis Industry’s Premiere Travel and Event Agency, presents the Inaugural Bhang Caribbean Cruise! October 21st – 28th. 2 Days of Seminars with Experts & Enthusiasts in the Cannabis Industry, Bob Marley’s Birthplace in Jamaica, Cocktail Parties and more, all on board 2016’s Best Cruise Ship & Onboard Entertainment of the Year! Cabins are Limited and start at $984 per person. Click here to book now.

2. Crop King Seeds

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Everyone knows how challenging relationships can be, especially at this time of the year. If you are NOT like everyone else and you are looking for that special love that will grow, be loyal and always treat you right, Crop King Seeds has 30 ladies that will do just that. They won’t nag you. They’ll always keep your spirits high.

Are you ready to plant your seed this Valentine’s day?
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3. SilverStick One-Hitter

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Show them you care! The SilverStick one-hitter uses natural cotton filters to offer a healthier and cleaner smoking experience. Thanks to its simple yet innovative design, it reduces tar and catches embers without compromising the high. Its large bowl makes the SilverStick perfect for sharing, and its discrete profile makes it ideal for when you’re on-the-go.

They also offer beautifully handcrafted accessories designed for the one-hitter, like the compact all-in-one Leather Kit and their exotic wood dugouts. Get the high without sacrificing your lungs, try out a SilverStick!

4. Strava CBD Infused Speciality Coffees

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Complement your daily wellness routine with the healthiest cup of coffee you’ll ever drink.  Infused with organically grown CBD-Rich Hemp Oil, you’ll enjoy a fantastic cup of fresh roasted coffee, and receive vital antioxidants and powerful neuroprotectants to help your body wake up, focus, restore balance, and lower stress and anxiety – naturally.

Sträva’s carefully crafted specialty coffees are small batch roasted to perfection and precision infused with 30, 60, 120 or 240mg CBD per bag.

Spread the cannabis love:  Peace & Wellness coffees ship to all 50 states.

5. Tokyo Smoke: The Refined I Love You

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Tokyo Smoke creates and curates the best in cannabis products. Discover the perfect gift for the sophisticated smoker within the hand-picked selection of paraphernalia, apparel, art and more. With a focus on design, beauty, form and function, Tokyo Smoke goods are best in class. From global artisans to the latest technology and exclusive line of Tokyo Smoke products, shop for a gift that will truly impress.

6. Van der Pop: Best Stash for your Best Girl

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“What is that?” The Joint Card! The perfect Valentine’s gift for the girl you love who loves great style. Equipped with Van der Pop’s Signature grinder card, rolling papers and matches, this all-you-need greeting card includes everything but the flower. Perfect when you’re in a pinch.

7. Magic Flight

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The best partners, are those that compliment your ability to be yourself. With the uniqueness of the Muad-Dib and the sleek look and feel of the UFO, we know you’ll be impressed. Your on the go dab and water cooling system.

8. Cuddle Up With the Perfect Book

Seven Rights for Citizen Slackers by Dennis Boaz

The book presents a body of comprehensive rights to be used by government to fulfill the premise of the Declaration of Independence that governments are instituted to secure the rights of the people. The author explains the necessity for an open Article Five Convention to propose amendments to shore up democracy and secure other rights; including those to get private money out of public elections, abolish the Electoral College, and legalize marijuana. In its March 2017 issue, High Times reviews and recommends Seven Rights for Citizen Slackers, calling Boaz “an entertainingly irreverent idealist.” The book “relates anecdotes from an interesting life” (from the San Francisco marijuana smoke-in and from the representation of Gary Gilmore–from Norman Mailer, Geraldo Rivera, Tommy Lee Jones, and Dr. Jack Kevorkian).

9. You can goPuff that!

goPuff Delivery Service

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goPuff brings the convenience store right to your door, delivering thousands of items in under 30 minutes, ’till 4:20 am. goPuff sells everything from munchies, drinks, and ice cream, to alcohol, household essentials and even smoking supplies! We deliver in 15 cities nationwide – go to to see if we are delivering in your city or download our free app!

10. Chong’s Choice Herbalizer and Glass

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Vaporization has found a date for Valentine’s Day with the Tommy Chong Signature Series Herbalizer. Now you can control the intensity of your experience through precise extractions—from uplifting to intense—instantly.  And since we don’t want the Chong’s Choice Herbalizer to be alone this Valentine’s Day, we’ve set it up with our very own Herbalizer SteamRoller – 9 inches of beautiful, handblown glass.  Just for you, we’ve curated a special offer price of $499 for both these items, which would normally retail for a total of $648.95.  That’s a savings of $149.95!!  And you can buy a whole lot of conversation hearts with that . . .  Use the Massroots discount code: BEMINE to get this special offer price, just for Massroots subscribers.

Now THAT is amore.

This post was originally published on January 31, 2017, it was updated on March 16, 2017.



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