California Survey Identifies Moms as Daily Cannabis Consumers

By Michael Cheng | July 12, 2017

Legal cannabis is breaking into mainstream markets, erasing traditional views surrounding the background and profile of frequent consumers. From lawyers and parents to chefs and senior citizens, it’s virtually impossible to tell who uses cannabis habitually without witnessing it firsthand. This is the conclusion Eaze, a California-based medical cannabis delivery service, arrived at in its recently released survey.

According to the startup, today’s typical cannabis consumers are moms, college degree holders (51 percent) and full-time workers (91 percent).

Shocking? Yes, but there’s more.

It seems people are making less trips to the wine section of the grocery store and making more visits to legal cannabis dispensaries (or having cannabis products delivered using Eaze). Results from the survey highlights 87 percent (4 out of 5) of respondents are consuming less alcohol, citing an increase in cannabis use as the reason for the change in preference. Interestingly, 13 percent (1 out of 10) of survey participants completely replaced alcohol with cannabis.


So there you have it. The alcohol industry’s worst fear is finally coming to fruition with no relief in sight. With cannabis becoming more accessible, as regulations surrounding cultivation, consumption and distribution continue to spread, it is likely this trend is just getting started.

For parents, the survey points out that cannabis consumption isn’t an isolated habit. Sixty-three percent of respondents who are parents admitted to daily use, suggesting the practice is well integrated with their busy lifestyle. Furthermore, roughly 39 percent live with three or more people, compared to 26 percent individuals living alone.

“It’s not surprising to think that parents are using cannabis every day,” said Sheena Shiravi, an Eaze spokesperson, during an interview with Refinery29.

“Think about how often a mom reaches for glass of wine or takes Tylenol or pain killer for a headache or back pain.”


When it comes to methods of consumption, only nine percent of parents prefer not to smoke or vape cannabis. The top two options include rolling flowers into joints and grinding small loads into water pipes. This suggests that the presence of curious kids in the household does not affect cannabis flower consumption. Women, who make up “the fastest growing consumer segments in cannabis,” also follow similar cannabis consumption preferences.

However, it is important to highlight that while women prefer consuming cannabis flowers, they aren’t scared to explore their options. Using purchasing data from the delivery platform, Eaze researchers found that early adopters of up and coming cannabis products (topicals, rubs and oils) are women. The female demographic is using cannabis to ease a wide range of symptoms, including anxiety, PMS and nausea.

“They [women] use lower-dose edibles or CBD products (CBD does not have psychoactive effects) 42% more than men do. They’re also using it to replace potentially more harmful habits, like a form of harm reduction,” explained Shiravi.



Michael Cheng

Michael is a legal editor with publications for Blackberry, and R Magazine. He specializes in tech startups, cannabis gadgets and fitness wearables. He enjoys spending time outdoors, being a productive father and partaking in a nightly toke after the end of a long day.

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