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By MassRoots Staff | November 21, 2014

2014 has been the year marijuana edibles have truly become mainstream. Chocolate bars, elixirs, candies, insert food name here.. and there’s a possibility it’s for sale in a medical marijuana dispensary somewhere. Edibles have had their up and downs since recreational legalization of marijuana in Colorado and Washington went into effect in each state. From the highly publicized New York Times Columnist going a little heavy on pot brownies to unfounded local media warnings of THC laced Halloween candy, (by the way no incidents were reported) marijuana edibles are presenting a sticky situation for regulators. Just last month the Colorado Department of Health came out with strong recommendations to nearly ban all edibles sales, only to back track shortly there after.

Regardless of the regulations surrounding marijuana edibles in dispensaries, for many, ingesting is the only to consume marijuana for medicinal or recreational purposes. This has sparked at home cooking cannabis movement of sorts, with several niche communities gaining large ‘cannabis-foodie’ followings.

While cooking with cannabis at home is a great way to medicate, it’s important to have an idea of the dosage of THC in your cannabutter. As noted in The Cannabist, Jessica Catalano experienced cannabis chef and author of “The Ganja Kitchen Revolution”, it all starts with the percentage of THC of strain (flower) you are cooking with. She notes that most strains test at around 10%, with strains testing at 15-20% being above average, and anything above 21% being considered exceptionally potent.

For every 1 gram of cannabis (in bud form) it has about 1,000mg of dry weight. If a strain has approximately 10% THC, ten percent of 1,000mg = 100mg. With that said, one gram of the cannabis used in this example would result in approximately 100mg of THC content.

While this is a handy cheat sheet to properly dose we realize not everyone remembers algebra, so we created an app to make it even easier. There’s 3 steps:

  • Enter the amount of cannabis
  • Enter the number of servings
  • Enter the approximate THC %

Based on the information you enter, we calculate the approximate THC in each serving, measured in milligrams, based on the equation above. It’s really that simple. For quick reference, here is our cannabutter recipe.

Weed Cookies

(We’ve used the app multiple times, with different strains and desired serving strengths. Every time we were very pleased with the results)

It is highly recommended for edibles beginners to start out at 5-10mg of THC per serving. A mantra gaining steam in Colorado is “Start Low, Go Slow”. Though gimmicky, if taken seriously, mishaps can be avoided. The onset and effects of ingesting marijuana is much different than traditional smoking methods, it’s important to wait a minimum of 45 minutes after initial ingestion before eating more.

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(Legal Stuff: In no way are we endorsing use of our application for illegal cannabis use. Use at your risk)

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