Cannabis Tasting: Where Can You Go to Taste Test Cannabis?

By Julie Godard | July 12, 2016

Wine tasting used to be a pastime for the wealthy and limited to famous areas like Napa Valley, California, Sonoma, California, and Burgundy, France. During the past twenty years, however, wine tasting has gone mainstream, with mountain biking trips in southern Colorado, and Canadian and South American wineries sprouting up everywhere. The Willamette Valley of Oregon, Barcelona, and Cape Town South Africa are also great locations for wine tasting if you happen to be in the area. Wine may not be your thing, or wine and cannabis together might be more up your alley. So, where can you go for cannabis tasting? I don’t know about you, but I could certainly spend a day or two tasting different kinds of cannabis instead of just sniffing them at the dispensary and trying to determine which one will be the best.

What is the HerbaBuena Social Club?


HerbaBuena is a licensed collective, an apothecary, and a social club out of California that focuses on Demeter Certified Biodynamic cannabis – the first-ever alternative to USDA Organic Certification. The USDA certification does not apply to cannabis farmers, and allows for a more “holistic, ecological and ethical approach to farming, food and nutrition.” Herbabuena believes that since cannabis is a medicine, it should be protected from pesticides, herbicides, and petrochemicals and encourages sustainability in ecology, society, and the economy. All HerbaBuena cannabis is grown outdoors, as well. Herbabuena’s co-founders are Alicia Rose and Brant Hindman, and the organization will deliver to Marin, Sonoma, and Napa Valley, among other locations in California’s popular North Bay. The social club offers cannabis educational and tasting events to members only, which are hosted in different places each time. HerbaBuena is a recent example of a cannabis tasting organization, but Colorado Cannabis Tours and other organizations like it also allow cannabis sampling during tours of facilities. In San Francisco, cannabis-tasting parties are becoming the norm for many.

How Can I Partake in Cannabis & Wine Tasting?

All of the HerbaBuena Social Club’s events are held in the Bay Area of California, and require membership and a medical cannabis license in California for participation. Members can also host their own cannabis tasting events which feature “a specially curated selection of products” for sampling, discussion, and enjoyment of attendees. You can do a google search for cannabis tasting in your home state, or check out Royal Queen Seeds’ cannabis tasting guide if you’re a bit more serious about identifying the best cannabis out there. In order to go on a cannabis tasting tour or partake in a cannabis-tasting party, you will have to twenty-one, have a medical license to consume cannabis or live in a recreationally-legal cannabis state (Colorado, Washington, Oregon, or Alaska). You may have to fork over some serious cash – Colorado Cannabis Tours can run you upwards of $1200 per person, including transportation. I couldn’t find any charge for becoming a member of the HerbaBuena Social Club, but you must still pay for annual licensing in California to join.

Cannabis tasting is an excellent alternative to wine tasting today – if you don’t enjoy drinking or have a natural allergy to wine, it may be a fantastic way to pass a weekend or a weekday with someone you love. There are also many cannabis and wine tasting tours and experiences that pair two of my favorite things together – and don’t forget cannabis cooking as a great way to sample cannabis. As cannabis tasting becomes more popular and marijuana becomes legal in more and more states, expect the list of opportunities to continue growing exponentially.

Julie Godard

Julie is an advocate of cannabis, both in medical and recreational forms, as a way to expand our knowledge of medicine, culture, and the reality of our planet. She is an experienced freelance writer with a deep concern for social welfare and love of scientific discovery. Follow her on MassRoots, LinkedIn, or on her website,

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