Cannabis vs Alcohol at Weddings

By Chelsea Maher | June 17, 2017

Have you ever been to a wedding without alcohol? Chances are, unless there was some amazing food or a really great band, you probably found yourself wishing for a stiff drink at some point during the event.

This is not uncommon. Weddings can get a bit boring, especially if you’re not close to the couple who’s getting married, which is one of the many reasons alcohol is so often served at weddings. After all, it’s the best way to make sure everyone has a great time. Right?

Well… no. No, it’s not. It turns out there’s an alternative to serving alcohol at your wedding: serving cannabis.

Why Hate on Alcohol


We’re not. We’re just saying, having an open bar, or any kind of bar at your wedding, can sometimes be a very negative experience. Some guests may take unlimited access to alcohol and the promise of a designated driver or nearby hotel room a little too far. Before you know it your cousin has nabbed and chugged half a bottle of vodka, knocked over a buffet table, mooned your grandmother, and run off with one of the bridesmaids.

Not exactly the classiest thing to do but hey, open bar means drink all you want, right?

Why Cannabis May be a Better Choice for Your Wedding

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Yes, drinking is fun but, as most of us know all too well, it can have a plethora of downsides: pounding headaches, lowered inhibitions, and, in severe cases, alcohol poisoning.

Cannabis, on the other hand, doesn’t have any of these downsides. It lightens the mood and provide guests with a fun way to party, without risking anyone feeling like crap the next day.

If you’re still not sure about why and how cannabis can be a better option for your wedding than alcohol, consider the following:

  • Unlike alcohol, cannabis isn’t going to make your guests do things they (and you) will regret the next day
  • Cannabis is cheaper than alcohol. Like, way cheaper.
  • Just a little bit of cannabis can help take away the nerves if your guests are feeling nervous about conquering the dance floor or you’re anxious about talking to people you haven’t seen in years. It would take at least a couple drinks to accomplish this and by then you may be too drunk to do anything!
  • With cannabis, you tend to become more aware of your surroundings, instead of less aware as you would when drinking. It also tends to make music sound better, food taste better, and often evokes a warm, loving feeling that’s perfect for weddings.
  • Cannabis is perfect for Jewish weddings because it’s totally Kosher, whereas some alcohols, like wine, gin, and vodka, are not.
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Cannabis is an excellent alternative for those looking to have a super chill wedding without the risk and expense that comes with alcohol. That said, it’s your day. Do what you want.

Just note that mixing the two can make the effects of each feel stronger. If you choose to offer both, consider asking guests to make a choice between alcohol and cannabis in their RSVP and providing colored wristbands so bartenders and budtenders can tell who is supposed to have what.

Chelsea Maher

Chelsea's been a lifeguard, nanny, dog walker, swim team coach, journalist, and marketer, but she currently works full-time as a copywriter and freelance blogger. She's also passionate about cannabis legalization in all forms, both recreationally and medicinally. In her spare time, she's an avid skier, mountain bike enthusiast, and hiker.

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