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Parents will do anything for their sick child to get better, even if it means searching for

unconventional forms of treatment outside of mainstream health care programs. The medical

marijuana industry is facilitating this trend, for parents who are on the hunt for a specific type

of cannabinoid: cannabidiol (CBD) in the form of oils and extracts.

The non-psychoactive compound of marijuana provides a plethora of benefits for patients

diagnosed with epilepsy, tumors, autism and Crohn’s disease. Since CBD-potent products can’t

get you high, kids can safely partake in the medicine without fear of debilitating side effects.

For adults, CBD has recently been found effective in reducing cigarrete cravings and skin


Honey Gold Cannabis Oil


CannaKids, a California-based organization that specializes in educating and connecting parents

with medicinal marijuana treatments, is currently pioneering the green movement that has

received plenty of attention from global media outlets, including CNN, BBC and Vice. The

cooperative’s objectives involve providing parents with alternatives to traditional treatments

offered by doctors, such as chemotherapy or prescription drugs (in most cases, CBD is used in

tandem with other medical procedures). They also serve as a voice for parents who are bullied

by groups against cannabis.

The organization offers their own CBD extract line, also known as Honey Gold Cannabis Oil.

With all of their products carefully lab tested (by Steep Hill Labs and SC Labs) and handled by

PhD scientists, parents can be sure that their kids only ingest the best and safest forms of the

organic medicine. During production, specialists test for pesticides and dangerous micro-

biologicals. This is a salient step in the process, due to recent issues with contaminated CBD

products from other manufacturers containing molds and unlisted, foreign ingredients.

Sophie Ryan

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Tracy Ryan, CEO and lead consultant of CannaKids, started the cooperative after dealing with

her own personal encounter with CBD. Her daughter, Sophie Ryan, was diagnosed with Optic

Pathway Glioma, a rare brain tumor that affects children with neurofibromatosis 1 (NF1). Over

75 percent of patients are younger than 10; and if left untreated, the complex disease can lead

to blindness. Doctors recommended chemotherapy for Sophie, which she endured for two

years, while taking CBD extracts.

“Historically with chemotherapy, you would have six months of shrinkage and then the glioma

never shrinks again,” said Ryan. “Sophie’s now had 22 of 23 months where we’ve seen

shrinkage. Every time [with chemo combined with cannabis oil], we kill the glioma over and

over and over again. Normally, these patients have these masses their entire lives.”

Ryan faced numerous challenges in acquiring cannabis oil from reliable sources. She initially

relied on Dr. Jeffrey Raber from Pasadena for a constant supply of CBD, until the lab was shut

down by local law enforcement groups. The incident was a wake-up call for Ryan, which led to

the inception of CannaKids in March 2015.

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