Acclaimed Pastry Chef, Mindy Segal, Joins the Medical Cannabis Industry

By Kristin Kloc | December 09, 2015

A James Beard Award-winning chef has partnered with Illinois’ largest medical marijuana producer to create a co-branded line of edibles.

Mindy Segal will bring her considerable experience as an acclaimed pastry chef and author to Cresco Labs, Illinois’ most prolific cannabis cultivator and retailer.

In a press release, Segal comments,

“We’ve all heard the expression ‘it tastes like medicine’ but there’s no reason it has to. With my recipes and Cresco’s technology, we’re developing this line of products to be consistent every time and absolutely enjoyable to eat.”

The first release of products will consist of chocolate brittle bars, a variety of granola bites, and an infused hot chocolate drink.

Segal has shied away from the spotlight, preferring to focus on the innovation of her craft and giving back to the community. Charles Bachtell, Founder of Cresco Labs, agrees with this philosophy, saying,

“Having someone with Mindy’s name brand and credibility enter the cannabis industry says a lot about where this industry is headed.”

The new edibles will be available at licensed dispensaries in Illinois for approved medical marijuana patients. Plans are in motion for distribution in five other states.

mindy segal marijuana hot chocolate

photo credit: Hot Chocolate Chicago Facebook

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