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Gone are the days when living next to a weed farmer entailed mystery and danger. With

cannabis receiving mainstream status in the US, sharing the neighborhood with friendly

growers isn’t as daunting as it used to be.

Furthermore, you might be able to score some fresh cannabis leaves for organic teas and

smoothies. Cultivators usually discard the green trimmings; and with direct access to a growing

hub, you might be able to call dibs on huge bags of marijuana leaves before they end up in the


If living next to a registered cultivator sounds like an awesome arrangement, the next thing

you’ll have to do is find out if your neighbor is a weed farmer. Most growers deploy a handful of

sneaky tactics to keep their operations discreet and away from curious onlookers. But if you

know what to look out for, you should be able to spot (or sniff out) a marijuana growing house

with mind-blowing accuracy.

Top Signs to Look For

1. Heat build-up on the roof, large bird gatherings during cold weather

Growing systems generate a lot of heat from lights, vents and irrigation rigs. The heat naturally

escapes upwards to the roof, where it escapes. If it’s winter and snow isn’t building up on the

roof, there’s a possibility that someone is running a cannabis operation inside the house. It

would also be worth checking for birds, since they are naturally drawn to heat during the winter season.

2. Strong smells (fresh cannabis or air freshener)

This is a no-brainer. If you get a strong whiff of fresh buds every time you step into your car in

the morning, there’s a big chance that you’re living next to a weed farmer. Some growers

attempt to mask the smell with air freshener, which is smart, but also raises flags that there

could be something green brewing inside the home.

3. Unusual amounts of industrial growing equipment, such as heavy-duty lights, pots and


Industrial growing equipment is easy to spot. Coming across a combination of fertilizer, lights,

pots and bags of soil at your neighbor’s doorstep is the reassurance you need that someone is

growing luscious weed next door.

4. Bright lights Turned on 24/7

Cannabis requires around-the- clock exposure to lights. The giveaway here is that a whole

section of the house is lit up throughout the day and night. If it’s only one room, your neighbor

might just like sleeping with the lights on.

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