Dr. Dabber Aurora Vaporizer Pen Review

By Tyler Curtis | April 28, 2016

In the past few years, the market has been flooded with vaporizers for cannabis concentrates that all offer the same features. In game changing fashion, however, Dr. Dabber has developed a product that extends beyond the edge of the envelope.

The Aurora Vaporizer Pen from Dr. Dabber is a sleek, slim magnetic dab pen equipped with three calibrated heat settings, and each pen comes with three different atomizers. Also included with the purchase of Dr. Dabber Aurora is a silicone storage container, a dab loading tool, keychain, and a charger for the unit. The heat and atomizer variations provide an optimal experience for those who enjoy low-temperature dabbing.

dr dabber aurora review

The most distinguishable feature of the Aurora is its magnetic parts, which make loading and charging the device a breeze. To load more concentrates, just pull the magnetic cap and base apart — no twisting necessary. The magnets do the work when you’re ready to recharge the Aurora too, as you just have to connect the battery to the charger before plugging it into the power outlet. Typically the threading of a portable vape pen battery gets sticky with residual oil, but you can evade this problem indefinitely with the magnetic design of the Dr. Dabber Aurora. Although it’s easy to pull apart, the connection is just as tight as threaded units.

Using the Aura allows the consumer to taste the cannabis terpenes, like myrcene and limonene, rather than just combustion. The ceramic and quartz atomizers also allow the flavor of the terpenes to shine through. Switching from one heat setting to another is also easy with the Aurora, as a simple click of the button three times will fluctuate between the different settings. In my opinion, there’s no better way to experience the full flavor of the terps than by vaporizing at the lowest temperature with the ceramic donut atomizer.

One of the most important aspects to using a vaporizer pen for concentrates is how well it hits once it’s loaded. The Dr. Dabber Aurora gets a round of applause from me in this regard. These days, people are chasing clouds and dabbing as much as possible, and Dr. Dabber has stepped to the plate to give the market what it’s asking for. Even on the lower settings, every puff on the Aurora from Dr. Dabber is sure to be a satisfying one.

Photos courtesy of Dr. Dabber.

Tyler Curtis

Tyler Curtis

Tyler is a cannabis writer from New Jersey that has formed a career around a passion for educating people about the medicinal value of cannabis resins. After a few years of strictly covering music, his focus shifted to the untold stories and pieces of information concerning the controversial plant. Now, Tyler hopes to use his words and retained knowledge to further encourage the world to accept cannabis as an essential resource instead of a burden.

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