Gigawax: The Musician’s Dab Pen

By Sponsored Post | January 25, 2016

Cannabis and music go hand in hand, from jazz musicians smoking joints outside the club, to the references and connections found in rap music and the culture surrounding it. Some artists focus their material around the various forms of marijuana and use the high to spark creativity. Gigawax is a company that got its start in music and has since created the ultimate discreet vaporizer for cannabis extracts. Their drive to improve their product goes along with their desire to give back to communities like the creation of the GigaWax Music Foundation whos goal is to getting instruments to kids who can’t afford them.

Music and Cannabis

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Cannabis has been used as a creative tool and cultural staple throughout multiple genres of music for many years. Some famous artists that are recognized for their deep love of cannabis include the likes of Willie Nelson, Snoop Dogg, Bob Marley, B-Real, Redman, Method Man, and Wiz Khalifa. Some groups like the Wu-Tang Clan, Cypress Hill, and Slightly Stoopid have also become iconic acts in the cannabis community because of both their use and passion for the plant.. Due to the sheer ease of consumption at concerts, enjoying a dab from a pen while watching a show  has remained a normalcy inside of most venues. Everyone’s heard that music sounds better when you’re high, and with the added performance production, live music can be even more enjoyable after a quick dab.

Musical Roots

The company behind the G4:20-C vaporizer started as a remix company between three DJs back in 2009. In 2014, one of the partners tried cannabis concentrates for the first time on a ski trip and immediately fell in love. After trying out several brands of pens and having very little luck with any of them, he decided to create his own. The EZ-Apply coil was tested for its durability over eight months, and then a prototype of the G4:20-C was created. On July 29, 2015 at 4:20PM, Gigawax Vaporizers and the G4:20-C were launched.

The Gigawax G4:20-C

The Gigawax vaporizer is the answer to those that are forced to dab in secrecy. Its design that heavily resembles the average electronic cigarette allows for the maximum amount of discreteness and flavor while on the go. Although the components of the G4:20-C are made in China, the final product is made locally in the United States. Thanks to the clean vaporization from the quartz atomizer, the flavor provided by this product rivals the nail of a dab rig. Besides representing the flavor well, every hit is a full cloud of vapor that will impress anyone that has been disappointed with dab pens in the past.

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