I had neglected to refill my revelry bag with supplies prior to departing Denver for The Springs and in my haste I was left with no ways to consume the cannabis I would be purchasing in the near future. Luckily for me The Smoker’s Emporium across the street from my first stop provided me the opportunity to re-up on blunt wraps, crutches (filter tips) and eye drops.

The emporium had the requisite selection of Chinese glass, hookahs, heady pieces and e-cig batteries & attachments. Additionally, the emporium offers many sizes of the classic “ball & stem” crack pipe. Naturally this arose my curiosity and suspicions.

The shop manager assured me they were incense burners and not the tools of Schedule 1 drug users despite bongs, rigs and pipes lining his shelves and his pockets. My immediate reaction was to laugh loudly at his product description. They were clearly a convenience item being sold up at the register along with the cigarettes, lighters, blunts and one-hitters.

I asked if they sold a lot of incense burners?

“At least a box a day!” he proclaimed with a grin so smug that I had to consider leaving the store without making a purchase. But I needed those wraps so I let slide his trespasses and was on my way to buy some cannabis from Indispensary.

Indispensary is a dual location business serving the medical cannabis community in Colorado Springs. I visited the West Colorado Avenue location, which resides on a prime corner lot with lush foliage keeping the daytime traffic at bay and muffling the sounds of the cityscape.

I would be guaranteed member pricing today as a first time patient, which is a benefit also extended to me when I visit their second location some time in the future. Dane who came on board here at Indispensary after working in the garden for a competing dispensary in the area enjoys the daily interactions with patients more than cultivating commercially. He quickly let me know that they were having a sale and I could get an ounce of their bud for $100, non-members paying only $20 more.

lemon thai strain reviewA sample of the Purple Urkle from Indispensary.

Once the jars started opening I got hit with the funk; there was cheese and gas and fruit and earth fighting for space in my nasal cavity. In the end they were all winners, but I narrowed it down to Purple Urkle and Lemon Thai. The Lemon Thai was particularly pungent and hit me from all angles. Depending on the season both indoor and outdoor grown cannabis will be available.

A few novel ideas that I have not seen anywhere before are offered at Indispensary. The pre-roll 1 gram blunts were expertly pearled and came in a variety of strains. I’m pretty specific when it comes to how blunts are presented but these offered an authentic and aesthetically pleasing alternative to the role your own variety. It’s nice to have somebody else do the work sometimes.

The strain-specific kief similarly presented a new concept that I haven’t come across in the other dispensaries. The small jars were filled with highly potent delicacies sure to supercharge your next joint or bowl pack.

I walked out of Indispensary an ounce heavier than when I arrived and couldn’t have been happier about the weight gained.


Lemon Thai


Uncertain, but likely Thailand Sativa X Hawaiian.


Indispensary, 3044 West Colorado Avenue, Colorado Springs, CO 80904

lemon thai cannabis strain reviewLemon Thai cannabis from Indispensary.


Dusted with kief, these Lemon Thai flowers are so light and airy that they seem almost weightless. Possibly displaying it’s tropical roots, the green leaves are lighter in color (almost neon) and the hairs are bright orange.


Before breaking open the flowers, the scent (terpene) that reaches the nose first is largely pastoral with this sample of Lemon Thai. Once torn, however, I was greeted by one of the sweetest tropical scents of citrus (limonene), reminiscent more of grapefruit than lemon, pine (pinene) and fuel I’ve ever had the pleasure of smelling.

lemon thai strain review


Easy enough to break up with my fingers, I packed a glass spoon pipe and used a hemp wick to light it hoping to taste the citrusy sweetness. Signs that they were cured and flushed properly, the smoke was thick and quite smooth, and the flowers burned down to mostly white ash.


My skin began to tingle and my limbs felt lighter after inhaling Lemon Thai three times. Clear-headed and energizing in smaller quantities, this strain may spark your creative flow and promote uninterrupted concentration. Arguably one of the best wake-and-bake strains, many may be able to consume Lemon Thai before work for long-lasting relief from symptoms of conditions like depression, stress, anxiety or chronic-pain.

Because the effects of just a few hits of Lemon Thai are largely what most typically describe as being ‘sativa-like‘ without even the slightest raciness, it may also be a good option for someone suffering from post-traumatic-stress-disorder (PTSD) or the ultra-endurance athletes who use cannabis as a pre or post workout tool. Consuming more Lemon Thai may cause extreme lethargy.


  • Painting, writing, or making music
  • Taking your dog for a walk
  • Watching a movie

lemon thai cannabis strain review

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