Hash Art and Spliffagami Contest in Denver

By Marie Veksler | November 21, 2014

The first smokable art contest in Denver, Colorado will be held at the 710 Social Club in February. Begin perfecting your skills now, so you are ready for the big day! There will be a category for sculptures formed from anything dab-able with accents permitted and encouraged, and a second category for spliffagami to debut twisting skill and creativity. What is a spliffagami? That is up to you. See the photos below for examples.

There is no charge to enter your art into the competition. Contest rules state that the most creative sculpture will be triumphant. The more intricate, creative and unique your art is, the more your chances of winning increase. Sculptures and spliffagami entries must be submitted and checked in at the venue on Thursday February 6. One winner will be selected from each category. The winning pieces will be smoked on Sunday February 8 during the awards ceremony, and those that do not win may be taken home.

All creations must be formed from one-hundred percent smokable materials including flowers, water press hash, kief, co2 oil, and all forms of butane hash oil. Flowers may only be used as accents for your artistic vision, and may only account for five percent of the total weight. There will be one winner in each category.

Check out the contest poster below, and look at the contest facebook page for full details before you plan your art.

make marijuana concentrates in to art sculptures

Examples of spliffagami:

cannabis art cannabis art

Examples of dab-art sculptures:

smokable art contest Denver cannabis concentrate

make marijuana concentrates in to art sculptures

make marijuana concentrates in to art sculptures

Humbolt Extracts dab art

photo credit: facebook, Humbolt Extracts, nugbrand, fbexternal, pinimg

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