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Simultaneously getting high and getting swole at the gym is not an option for most fitness

enthusiasts. Ricky Williams, retired NFL player, and Jim McAlpine, founder of 420 Games, plans

to change that practice by launching the world’s first weed-friendly gym.

“The stigma runs deep and people immediately go to the propaganda engrained in their brain

that says marijuana and athletics don’t mix. Well, that’s exactly why I started The 420 Games,

because I knew all of those people were wrong,” said McAlpine.

Power Plant Fitness


Williams, who was also the Heisman Trophy winner in 1998, is no stranger to the cannabis

community. He tested positive for the plant several times during his professional career, which

led to multiple suspensions. Now that he’s not playing in the NFL, Williams shifted his attention

to his secondary passion: marijuana. Called Power Plant Fitness, the workout facility will feature

a line of consumer edibles, designed to enhance one’s focus and concentration. There will also

be a vaping and outdoor smoking area for people who want to light up a joint before, during or

after their workout session. Smoking indoors in the city is currently prohibited. The duo plans to

open the gym in San Francisco by the end of the year.

The only thing stopping the two-man team from fulfilling their cannabis dreams is California

law. If passed, recreational marijuana could streamline the company’s objectives of becoming a

full-blown, weed-friendly fitness center (the measure is scheduled for voting on the November

8 ballot). This would allow more people to participate in the gym’s services. For now, the

business may have to register as a medical dispensary in order to sell marijuana products legally

to qualified consumers.

Benefits of Exercising with Cannabis

Source: santa-monica- 420-games- 20160326-pictures- 005-photo.html

Smoking weed and working out may not seem ideal for most people, but new studies have

revealed a plethora of benefits in the unlikely combination. A study from the American Journal

of Medicine showed that cannabis users have up to 16 percent less fasting insulin, compared to

non-consumers. Furthermore, participants who consume cannabis frequently also had smaller

waist circumferences. Based on the herb’s fat-burning and metabolism-increasing properties,

marijuana might help individuals reach their gym goals faster, as long as they don’t give into the

insatiable munchies.

Interestingly, people who indulge in cannabis on a regular basis might be getting a light, green

buzz after their workouts. The connection draws its origins from the THC storage process. The

human body stores THC in fat, where it is released during exercise, according to a report

published in Science Direct. During the process, the main psychoactive compound in the plant is

released back into the bloodstream. This phenomenon is known to increase THC levels in active

individuals by up to 15 percent after moderate exercise. It is important to consider that people

with high Body Mass Index (BMI) levels generate more THC during reintroduction.

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