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We’re not the only one’s celebrating the holidaze today, gang. Today, there have been some major brands fully getting into the spirit of the season. Some come as no surprise (looking at you Denny’s) but others might raise an eyebrow or two.

So without further ado, I give you the headiest brands in America:

1. Denny’s

America’s quintessential diner really hit a “Grand Slam” with this one.  The wordplay is downright phenomenal. Plus, I never thought to use the word “stewed” when talking Mary Jane.  Later tonight, when you’re good and properly stewed, be sure to stop by your neighborhood Denny’s for some Country Fried Steak and a Maple Bacon Smoothie. Send your cardiologist an “I’m Sorry” note tomorrow.  

2. Carl’s Jr.

Look at this glorious pretzel muffin. Just look.  It’s like some sort of succulent jaguar emerging from the rainforest mist. Also, pretzels for breakfast?! I didn’t know you could do that. Leave it to Carl’s Jr. to twist up something this groundbreaking.

3. Spotify

Check this one out in its full glory on Spotify’s Twitter feed, because it moves and changes colors. Whoa.  Leave it to Spotify to speak a fundamental truth on this momentous day, because music and marijuana really do go together as well as being stewed at Denny’s and a Maple Bacon Shake.

Might I suggest streaming Snoop Dogg’s “Peaches and Cream” or Marvin Gaye’s “Is that Enough” on your Spotify today? Perhaps Anderson Paak’s Malibu album might whet your whistle.  Or, if you want to feel like you’re burning down in the 60’s put on The Millenium’s Begin, because today, your ears deserve as many treats as your taste buds.

4. Comedy Central

For a second I thought this Tweet was from TGI Friday’s. Nope. Just Comedy Central. Which in my book makes it even more hilarious.   Props to them for their scheduling today: Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, followed by Dazed and Confused, followed by Pineapple Express, going into a South Park mini-marathon and topping it off with a brand new Broad City. I’ll be in front of the TV if you need me.  

5. Burger King

If you’re anything like me, you keep chicken fries on hand at all times. Every situation can be improved with chicken fries. Glad to see Burger King has caught on to the countless emails I’ve sent them about stashing these delicious nugget spears all over the dang place.

Just don’t forget where you hid them. That would be disastrous.

6. Chipotle

Reading that crazy ass Chipotle font alone is enough to get you feeling silly.  Boy, do I love this restaurant, from the smokey hot sauce flavor to those crazy stories on the bags.  Have you ever had a meal that was so good it brought tears to your eyes? Like you were seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time, but it was in your mouth? Well, this guy has. And it started and ended at Chipotle. Don’t be afraid to indulge in a little bit of the other kind of green, either. Yeah, I’m talkin’ guacamole, baby. Pile that stuff sky hiiiighhh.  

7. Ben and Jerry’s

My keybrrd’s brok bcus mi fingrs ar stcky frm eting 1 0f theez earlir. Stp reding n g0 gt 1 RGHT NOW.

8. Totino’s

First off, take a minute to appreciate that Totino’s Twitter account is called “Pete Zaroll.”  That’s comic genius beyond anything I could ever right. Real respect real. Second off, slide some these guys in the oven and try to be as quiet as possible like your parents are upstairs, but then give into the urge and yell “I LOVE TOTINO’S PIZZA ROLLS!!” as loud as possible. Like that commercial, remember? And then finally, watch this absurd sketch Tim and Eric did promoting these little pockets of cheesey wonder.  PIZZA FREAKS UNITE.  

9. Qdoba

Qdoba hit it hard and early on 4/20, by posting this on 4/19.  Respect for being prepared. What that most likely means is that the Qdoba intern that runs their Twitter account wanted to get it out of the way so that he could sufficiently ripped today. That’s called earning your college credits. Mahalo.

If I lived close enough to a Qdoba I would absolutely plot out a burrito progressive today starting at Chipotle and ending here. Then deal with the monstrous repercussions tomorrow.  But dang it, it’s worth it for the Queso.

10. MTV 2

Another great video on MTV 2’s Twitter page. It involves cool colors, sparkles, and magical donuts.  Seriously, ain’t much better than chowing down on a fiyah Bavarian Crème donut while watching music videos.

Bring back your old format MTV!  I miss watching Peter Gabriel’s “Sledgehammer” while stewin’ down on some monster J’s.

11. Everybody Wants Some!!

So technically not a brand, but this one is dear to my heart because I loved this film. Dubbed the spiritual sequel to Dazed and Confused, this movie is downright hilarious and incorporates the right amount of heady philosophy.

Dynamite soundtrack too.  Check it out at a theater near you.

12. Complex Sneakers

Brilliant.  Perspicacious. Words aren’t enough.

My next choice in footwear will indeed bear the name Complex.

13. EntirelyPets.Com



So that about does it, some very cool business doing some very cool things on a very cool holiday.  Is it just me or does this feel like it could be the most inclusive, widely accepted 4/20 to date? Stay stewed out there today, playas.

14. Apple

Apple didn’t make any notable tweets today in reference to 4/20, but a MassRoots employee quickly learned that Apple was celebrating the holiday when he called the company. He was put on hold, and much to his delight, his ears were graced with the musical stylings of Bob Marley until the Apple representative took him off hold.

And hit us up in the comments if you found any more hilarious tweets. Preferably of high dogs.

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