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Top 15 Weed Movies: There have been a lot of stoner flicks throughout the years, many of them great, many terrible, but only a few are worthy of classic status. We found about 15 worthy of our list. So, here they are: the 15 best stoner flicks. Sit back, light a blunt or two, and watch ’em all!

15. Your Highness

Top 15 Weed Movies 15 Your Highness

Your Highness is one of those “so-stupid-it’s-funny” films. Definitely only watch this one if you’re stoned…or if you want to see Jessica Alba in a bikini…or both!

14. Kid Cannabis

Top 15 Weed Movies 14 Kid Cannabis

Coming out in 2014, Kid Cannabis is the newest film on our list. A very stylized and original film, Kid Cannabis takes the stoner film in a different direction than most films on our list. It’s too early to say if this new style will catch on or not, so Kid Cannabis sits in our 14th spot.

13. Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

Top 15 Weed Movies 13 Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

“Whoooaaa…” Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure features no weed smoking and no explicit mentions of being high. But if you think that counts it out of this list, you’re way wrong dude. Bill and Ted are the quintessential cali stoners and this movie is a classic stoner masterpiece!

12. Cheech and Chong’s Next Movie

Top 15 Weed Movies 12 Cheech and Chong's Next Movie

Some say Next Movie is Cheech and Chong’s best work, some say it’s Up in Smoke but one thing’s for sure: both deserve to be on this list!

11. The Big Lebowski

Top 15 Weed Movies 11 The Big Lebowski

If you’ve seen The Big Lebowski you’re probably pretty pissed it isn’t ranked higher. The Big Lebowski is defnitely one of the best overall films on this list, but it’s not really a full-on stoner movie. Really, it’s just a damn good flick. However, Jeff Bridges’s character of “The Dude” has become a symbol in stoner culture so it makes the list.

10. Dazed and Confused

Top 15 Weed Movies 10 Dazed and Confused

Dazed and Confused is one of those films that can make you nostalgic for a time during which you weren’t even alive. It’s the last day of school in 1976 and everyone is at the party. 2 hours in and it’s still just as entertaining as the opening shot of a Pontiac GTO pulling up with “Sweet Emotion” blasting.

9. Easy Rider

Top 15 Weed Movies 9 Easy Rider

Easy Rider should be on any list of all time great movies. One of the most influential films of all time, it birthed careers for Jack Nicholson, Dennis Hopper, and Peter Fonda. So why isn’t it number 1 on our list? Well, like The Big Lebowski, it’s not really a weed movie. In fact, there’s probably just as much coke and acid in the film as marijuana. Really, it’s just a counter-culture classic. However, there is at least one famous weed smoking scene in the film and that is enough to justify putting this all time great film on our list!

8. How High

Top 15 Weed Movies 8 How High

“Got Weed?” “Got Blunt?” This film solidified Redman and Method Man in pop culture and is an absolute must-watch amongst stoners. A sequel and even a few albums came out of it. As well as an acting career for Method Man. (Check out The Wire)

7. Reefer Madness

Top 15 Weed Movies 7 Reefer Madness

Released in 1936 as propaganda to influence teenagers against picking up the green stuff, Reefer Madness has evolved over the years into a cult classic comedy. Wildly inaccurate and biased, it really is a catastrophe of ignorance worth a few laughs.

6. Half Baked

Top 15 Weed Movies 6 Half Baked

Simultaneously stupid and brilliant, Half Baked is synonymous with stoner culture. This film helped to escalate the fame of Dave Chapelle, eventually landing him his own show.

5. Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle

Top 15 Weed Movies 5 Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle

Is it a stoner comedy or genius advertising scheme by White Castle? Eh, probably the first one. Packed full of hilarious and ridiculous stoner moments, Harold and Kumar earned cult classic status with their first film.

4. Cheech and Chong’s Up in Smoke

Top 15 Weed Movies 4 Cheech and Chong's Up in Smoke

Cheech and Chong’s first film is also their best. The movie that introduced them and their stoney humor to the world, Up in Smoke is our number 4 weed movie.

3. Pineapple Express

Top 15 Weed Movies 3 Pineapple Express

Seth Rogen, James Franco, & co. have made some great weed movies but none of them come close to Pineapple Express. A drug dealer and reluctant customer get mixed into a police-gangster conspiracy and hilarity ensues. The group may pass up Pineapple Express one day but for now, it’s our number 3 stoner classic.

2. Friday

Top 15 Weed Movies 2 Friday

Is there any character funnier than Chris Tucker’s “Smokey”? The answer is no. Beginning as a parody of the hood classic Boyz n The HoodFriday has become a legend in its own right – possibly even more so than its influence. Two guys from Compton get high and do their best to avoid a drug dealer with a perm named “Big Worm”. Hilarious, honest, and genius, Friday definitely deserves to make this list.

1. Grandma’s Boy

Top 15 Weed Movies 1 Grandma's Boy

No it’s not as old as Up in Smoke, as acclaimed as Friday, or as popular as Pineapple Express, but Grandma’s Boy is the textbook definition of what a weed/stoner movie should be: video games, hot girls, over-the-top-stupid drug dealers, an African tribesman with a good sense of humor, a monkey driving a car, lames as villains, grandmas hitting the blunt, and most importantly, lots and lots of weed. This film is 10 years old and still as fresh and funny as it was the day it came out. Without a doubt, Grandma’s Boy is our number 1 weed movie of all time.

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