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Trailer Park Boys is a Canadian TV show about 3 dimwitted petty criminals and their misadventures.

It’s crude, offensive, and absolutely genius.

Everyone can learn a lesson or two from Ricky, Bubbles, and Julian – especially stoners.

Check out our list of some things every stoner can learn from TPB.

1: Know your limits


Nothing wrong with getting completely stoned every once in a while but smoking more than you can handle can make for a pretty bad time. Make sure you know your limits before you end up like Ricky.


2: Be creative


There’s gonna be times when you can’t roll a blunt or hit a bong but you still want to get high. A little creativity can go a long way here. I wouldn’t recommend putting weed in your car engine but hey, whatever works!

3: Weed can make anything fun


Sometimes in life you have to do things you don’t want to do (playing with model trains for example). Smoke a bit of the green stuff and you’ll be fine.

4: Priorities


There’s plenty of time to celebrate, do homework, clean your room, do laundry, etc;

Always remember what’s most important!

5: Weed can help just about any situation


Whether you’ve been frozen for 12 hours….


or you just got electrocuted, weed can help fix just about anything.

But then again….

6: Getting high isn’t ALWAYS the best choice:


Sometimes smoking some weed seems like a good choice but actually isn’t. This is especially true when trying to jump a giant cheeseburger on a bicycle. Use your best judgement…

7. The munchies are real


It happens to the best of us, just make sure to replace all of your roommates’ food ASAP!

8: Everyone could use a little weed


Especially the cops.

9: Smoke, then decide


Making big life decisions can be stressful. Smoke a joint and you might see things more clearly.

10: Haters gonna hate


There’s absolutely nothing wrong with smoking a 6 gram joint, don’t listen to your detractors. They’re just jealous they don’t have your lungs of steel. 3 joints is nothin’ for a true stoner!


11: There’s always a reason


Cancer. Fibromyalgia. Crohn’s Disease. ADD/ADHD. Trouble sleeping. Anxiety. Trouble eating. Boredom. Social smoking. Or just doing some tests, there’s always a reason to take a smoke break.

And finally…

12. Everyone does it



Thanks for reading, hopefully you learned a thing or two.


Stay blazin’

Huge thanks to The Trailer Park Boys for lighting up our lives on a daily basis!

Sources: Showcase & Swearnet

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