UK Law Enforcement Makes Another Cultivation Bust

By MassRoots Staff | May 24, 2015

The UK government has a long, generally negative view when it comes to cannabis. A pair of recent raids in the Sandwell borough of England’s West Midlands clearly illustrate those views still exist.

In a raid that took place Wednesday, May 21, 2015, Sandwell police officers cut through the shutters of a warehouse in Tipton where they found ten separate illegal cannabis grows.

Authorities later determined that the warehouse, termed a “large cannabis factory,” contained roughly 1,000 plants. Two men found at the site, ages 33 and 36, were taken into custody on suspicion of illegally growing cannabis.


The Tipton arrests came after another police raid against cannabis growers only a week earlier in the town of Smethwick.

During the Smethwick raid by the Sandwell Police anti-drug team, police seized nearly 1,000 plants as well as hydroponic growing equipment from five room facility.

Photo Credit: Birmingham Mail

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