When is THC or CBD Appropriate for Treatment?

By Michael Cheng | September 19, 2016

Medical Marijuana Cultivation – Shango Premium Cannabis

There are over 80 cannabinoids in cannabis- each with its own special ability to provide relief for patients suffering from everyday ailments and crippling diseases. Out of all the marijuana compounds in the plant, delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) are the most well-known components that individuals rely on for natural, safe medical treatment.

Weed enthusiasts favor THC mainly for its psychoactive effects (it gets you high) and its ability to defuse stressful situations almost instantly. Athletes love CBD for its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. But from a medicinal perspective, both cannabinoids offer a plethora of benefits that greatly supersedes its recreational value.

Read on to learn about the difference between THC and CBD, and how to select strains based on their medicinal profile. Shango recommends partaking in high quality cannabis products for thorough healing and comfort during the treatment process.

Chronic Pain, PTSD and Asthma

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THC addresses problems with the human body by activating cannabinoid receptors in the brain that are responsible for memory, coordination and pleasure. This phenomenon is closely associated with medical marijuana treatments for chronic pain and PTSD. When addressing the latter disorder, the cannabinoid helps patients detach their personal emotions from painful memories.

Moreover, the green compound is useful in the fight against asthma attacks. Uncovered in 1975, scientists have proven that smoking marijuana can improve breathing in asthmatic patients. For individuals suffering from insomnia and anxiety-related issues due to lack of sleep, THC could function as a reliable sleep aid. It promotes deep sleep, which can boost the quality of rest and reduce nighttime interruptions.

Interesting fact: Scientists believe that wild cannabis herbs produce THC to ward off curious herbivores. But some animals, like reindeers, have evolved to tolerate (and enjoy) high-inducing plants, including mushrooms.

For a discreet approach to cannabis dosing, individuals may try Shango’s line of edibles and topicals.

Seizures, Nausea and Depression Disorders

Medical Marijuana – Shango Premium Cannabis

Scientists have barely scratched the surface, when it comes to unlocking the full potential of CBD treatments. The non-psychoactive compound (it does not activate the same pathways as THC) helps deliver a balanced high by regulating the plant’s mind-altering effects. Demand for CBD-potent strains increased prolifically after mainstream media drew attention to sickly children using CBD concentrates to alleviate symptoms associated with seizure disorders.

Today, the compound is being recommended to patients suffering from nausea and vomiting (common side effects of cancer treatments and synthetic medicines). It can also be used to reduce acne and muscle inflammation. Because it promotes clarity and natural energy, some patients seek out high CBD strains, such as Sour Tsunami and Harlequin, to combat depression or severe anxiety.

“Thanks to the many growers who are now focusing on CBD-rich strains for their medicinal benefits rather than seeking a high from sticky THC-covered strains, CBD-rich strains are making a comeback,” said Zach Reichard from Medical Jane.

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